FO v7 For PES 2019 PS4

0 File Opzioni v.7 Per PES 2019 PS4

Italian Serie B Preview Download Serie BKT For PES2020

Versione unica, sia per chi ha le precedenti che per chi non le ha.

Questo File Opzioni è creato su e PER PS4. Non è importabile su XBox One e PC.

PES 2020 Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A & B Option File v1.0 For PS4 and PC


Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A & B OF V1 For PES 20 PS4 / PC

by Ketchup Gamers and PES Amplified

– Players with real names (A & B)
– Managers with real names (A & B)
– Real Rivals (A & B)
– Stadiums corrected (A & B)
– Promoted teams from Serie C (Logos, Kits*, managers names, stadiums names)

Download KetchupGamers and PESamplified Brasileiro Option File For PES2020

New York Cosmos Legends Patch For PES 2019 PS4


PS4 Patch New York Cosmos Legends (NPSL) For PES 19

Download PES2019 New York Cosmos Legends Patch PS4

Modded by Buckshot and based on the 2018 version by Toshiro, this patch contains the player and kits in 1024 for the legends from New York Cosmos team that competed in National Premier Soccer League (2013-2017).

PES 2019 Regionalna Liga Patch by barca4evac For PS4


PES 19 Regionalna Liga Option File by barca4evac For PS4

Download PES2019 Regionalna Liga by barca4evac PS4

Features: 14 best clubs from former Yugoslavia in a league format.

The 14 clubs will replace some weaker Bundesliga clubs and are Red Star, Partizan, Radnički, Hajduk, Dinamo, Rijeka, Osijek, Sarajevo, Željezničar, Zrinjski, Maribor, Olimpija, Budućnost, and Vardar.

PES 2019 Brasilerao Option File Update 19.07 by Thiago PESEditor


Brasileirão OF PES 19 Updated 19 July by Thiago For PS4

Download PES2019 Brasilerao Option File V19.07 by Thiago PES Editor

This option file adds Campeonato Brasileiro Série A in PES 2019 PS4 with latest kits and transfers, compatible with DLC 6.0 and Emerson Pereira V7 OF, included inside.

PES 2019 Legends OF by Vinny Xtreme Patchmaker For PS4


PES 19 Legends Option File V1 by Vinny Xtreme For PS4

Download PES2019 Legends Option File by Vinny Xtreme Patchmaker For PS4

– Mais de 100 times ALL STARS
– Mais de 4000 jogadores
– Kits e Logos em HD (Alta Qualidade), para grande parte do OF.
– Seleções que entraram na história e campeões do mundo
– Equipes europeias, brasileiros e latino americanas ALL STARS
– Seleções ALL STARS
– Times Brasileiros que fizeram história
– Ligas Europeias originais do jogo atualizadas (A segunda divisão da Inglaterra sem os kits)
– Seleções originais do jogo atualizadas com kits e escalações.

PES 2019 World Cup 1998 Patch For PS4 by Georgi Todorov


1998 France World Cup Patch PES 19 PS4 by Georgi Todorov

Download PES2019 PS4 WC 98 Full Patch

This patch can be also imported in PC and includes manager photos, stadiums, players, kits, all national teams that played the France WC ’98 and tactical lineups.

PES 2019 World Cup 1990 Option File by Zsolt72


Italia ’90 World Cup Patch For PS4 (and PC) by Zsolt72

Download PES2019 WC 1990 OF by Zsolt72

– All 24 national teams of Italy 1990
– 100 % created players
– 100 % authentic kits, added some 3rd kits created by me (Zsolt72)
– Added manager photos, stadiums, tactical lines ups and tacticsS
– Added captain and kicker of teams
– Added Kicker Sonderheft WM 1990

PES 2019 Option File 2019 Final by RVGRAPHA For PS4


PES 2019 PS4 OF Complete Summer 2019 by RVGRAPHA

Download PES2019 Ultimo Option File by RVGRAPHA

This is the last and most complete OF for PES19 PS4 (can be imported in PC too, see this) and waiting for the PES2020 release.

Includes: latest 2019-2020 kits for teams like
*Dortmund kits 19-20
*Bayern Munich kits 19-20
*Barcelona 19-20
*Real Madrid kits 19-20
*Athletic Club kits 19-20
*Inter mashup 19
*Juventus kits 19-20
*AC Milan hHome 19-20 and many more + video for installation instructions

PES 2019 Copa Mundial de Fútbol de 1978 OF For PS4 by Zsolt72


PES 2019 PS4 Classic Option File World Cup 1978 by Zsolt72

Download PES2019 OF For Argentina 1978 FIFA World Cup

– 16 participants selected
– 100% authentic jerseys, some teams are third
– 100% edited player faces
– Photos of federal captains added
– Contemporary stadiums added to it
– National flags added
– Contemporary tactical lineup and tactics added
– Contemporary 1978 Kicker WM 78 Special Edition from My Collection Added to PDF
– Banners added