PES 2019 Option File Only For PTE Patch 6.0 by PES Indonesia


Option File Only For PTE 6.0 by PES Indonesia – 05 Sep Update

Download Option File September For PES2019 PTE 6.0 by PES indonesia

PES 2019 PTE Patch 6.1 Unofficial by Del Choc For Season 19/20


PES 19 PTE Patch V6.1 by Del Choc Next Season 2019-20

Download PTE Patch 6.1 For PES2019 PC


– 2019 Summer Transfers (Until 16 August) – Formations edited too (for most clubs).
– New faces added for some players + Optional Facepacks (links below)
– Season 2019/2020 New Kits added (Kits A for Konami clubs and Kits B for PTE Edited clubs)
– New Stats for some players (like PES 2019 or PES 2020 or FIFA 19).
– Updated/new Managers and correct clubs linked to Stadiums Pack by MJTS.
– New MiniFace Pack Vol 4 to fix fake faces in Formations.
– New Graphic Menu of PES 2020 (Scoreboard, Menus, Replay..)
– Imported New Gameplay of PES 2020 for PES 2019 (Optional).
– New Logos and Badge for Serie a for new season 2019/2020.

PTE Patch 2019 Update 7 by Ziyech


PTE Patch Update 7 For PES 2019 PC Season 2019-2020

Download PES19 PTE Patch Update V7 by ziyech.2304

– Patch/Option File fully compatible with lastest Datapack
– New Bootpack and Glovepack exclusively for PTE Patch (includes Bootpack V12 and Glovepack V8 with Legends relinked)
– Updated Ligue 1 and others
– Updated latest transfers until 8/14/2019 (only players in PTE Database)

PES 2019 License All Teams Mod V8.1 by predator002


PES 2019 License All Teams – V8.1 – Last Updated 12.07.2019

Download PES19 License Teams Patch

Features When Installed:
– All teams will have license option enabled
– To allow packs like chant pack work correctly.​
– All national teams will have anthem option enabled
– To allow packs like national anthem pack work correctly.​
– All teams from real leagues will have correct emblems (Including Old Boys in ML)
– All real tournaments will have correct logos
Changelog 8.1: Added the new club logos for several clubs and Serie A.

PES 2019 Smoke Patch 19 Update 19.1.0


Smoke Patch 19 Update V19.1.0 For PES 2019 PC

Download SmokePatch19 Update 19.1.0

This new update also includes fixes from older updates plus:

– updated transfers to 1 August
– updated leagues for new season
– updated many kits and minifaces pack
– added many new players and new classic team

PES 2019 ICMP Patch 2.0 and OF 6.2


ICMP Patch 2.0 + OF 6.2 by Nined, Albiceleste1994, Adrian2780

Download PES2019 ICMP Patch 2.0 For PC

PES 2019 SMoke 19.0.3 Update Transfer 19-07-2019


PES 19 SMoke 19.0.3 Update Transfer 19-07 By Reza Sarabi

Download Smoke 19.0.3 OF Updated

PES 2019 Tuga Vicio Patch v5.0 and Addons v1.1 by Estica


PES 19 Tuga Vicio Patch 5.0 + Update Addons 1.1 For 2019-20

Download PES2019 Tuga Vicio Patch v5.0 Updated 1.1

– real names for all players
– real names and logo for all teams
– new teams added
– added new selections
– added new classic teams

PES 2019 AZTK Patch CONCACAF Gold Cup


PES AZTK Patch Concachampions y Copa Oro PES 2019 PC

Download PES2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup AZTK Patch 2019

This is compatible with Evoswitcher 5.2 Patch 2019 v4.0 For PES 2019 PC


VirtuaRED Patch 2019 4.0 For PES 2019 Released 06.07

Download Patch 2019 4.0 Update For PES2019 PC

– AIO, doesn’t need previous versions
– Compatible with data pack 6.00
– Added Mexican League (Liga Mx) 100%
– Added Copa América 2019 100%
– Updated the new name for Coppa Italia: TIM Cup
– Real name for all the coaches in the game
– Real kits for all the J1 League teams
– Updated squads for all the national teams in Copa America Brasil 2019
– Updated logos for competitions: Serie A TIM, TIM Cup
– Updated kits for: Brasil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia
– Added 59 new faces (updated: 30)