PES 2019 Data Pack 6.00 and Patch 1.06.00 Released 30.05


The latest update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has been released today, as DP 6.00 and PES2019 Patch 1.06.00 to include various face players, corner flag and commentary fix, while making online matches available for non PS4 Plus users in LITE version.

Download PES19 Update File 05.30.2019

PES 2019 Data Pack 5.01 and Patch 1.05.01 Details


PES 2019 DP 5.01 and PES 2019 Patch 1.05.01 Released 18.04

The latest update has the following feature:

– Fixed an issue with incorrect logos that were displayed on the kits of some teams.

Details PES19 DLC 5.01

Latest news today on Konami site includes also:

– Introducing ‘Featured Players’ from key fixtures!
– CO-OP Challenge!
– Russian Premier Liga Goals of the Month!

Enjoy your Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 game at its best!

PES 2019 Data Pack 6.0 and Patch 1.06.00 Update On 18 April 2019


After DLC 5.0 release, a new update will come out to fix incorrect logos displayed on the uniforms of some team clubs.

Details PES2019 Update 1.06


The update is currently being prepared, scheduled to be released on 04.18.2019.

PES 2019 Data Pack 5.0 and Patch 1.05.00 Released 04 April 2019


The latest update file for PES 2019 Data Pack 5.00 and PES 2019 Patch 1.05.00 has been released today, 04/04/2019 across all platform and includes:

– updated face models, strips and balls
– updated CFA Super League promotions and relegations
– changed the power gauge displayed when performing advanced shots and through balls to yellow and for manual shots and passes to orange.

Here are some previews of new player faces, latest ball and teams updates included:

Diaby Face Fraser Face
Kutuky Face Morita Face

PES 2019 Data Pack 4.02 and Patch 1.04.02 Details


PES19 DLC 4.0.2 and PES19 Patch 1.04.02 From 28 February

A new update for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 has been released on 02/28/2019: Data Pack 4.02 and Patch File 1.04.02 that fixes an issue that can cause game to freeze during half or full time in online versus user matches.

Update PES 2019 Patch 1.04.02

Maintenance work on pes servers was completed at 8:33 on 02/28/2019 (UTC).

The best and most exciting players from your favorite top-tier clubs now appear in-game with a new design under the ‘Featured Player’ category!
Many stats for Partner Club Featured Players are set higher than the standard version of the same player as a way of highlighting their top performance on the weekend. They may even come equipped with additional skills that will allow adept users to take full advantage of their technical flair.

PES 2019 DP 4.0 Details – Released 7 February 2019


PES 2019 Data Pack 4.0 Details Release 7 February 2019

Preview PES 2019 DP 4.0

– new legend players (Nakata, Park Ji Sung, Francesco Totti, Arsenal and Milan Legends)
– Celtic Park and Ibrox Stadium
– 40 team kits updated or added (Arsenal F.C., Liverpool F.C. and Thailand NT, others).
– New season data update (Thai League)
– latest NIKE, Joma, adidas, PUMA and UMBRO boot models
+ 80 player faces updated from around the world
– new player portraits photos

PES 2019 Data Pack 3.01 and Patch 1.03.01


PES 2019 Patch 1.03.01 and PES 2019 Data Pack 3.01

* released on 31 January 2019 features:

– Other Updates
– We have removed several sounds from the game temporarily due to unforeseen circumstances . These sounds will be returned to the game’s once all relevant issues have been resolved.

Details PES19 Data Pack 3.01

PES 2019 Data Pack 3.0 Release 6th December (Details)


The New Update For PES 2019 Data Pack 3.0 – Details:

Download PES2019 DP 3.0

(what we know so far)

Set for 6th December 2018 release, the new DLC brings 2 new stadiums – De Kuip (Stadion Feijenoord) and Estádio Palestra Itália (Palmeiras home), new boots, ball, kits and +50 player face updates.

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PES 2019 Data Pack 2.0 Full Details Release (25.10)


The new DP for PES19 by Konami will be released on 25.10 as PES 2019 Data Pack 2.0. New features will include Thai League, Chinese Super League, eFootball Pro Arena, Monaco’s home stadium, improvements in keeper, COM gameplay and more issues fixed.

Check some PES2019 DP 2.0 details revealed @officialpes:

+100 player face updates (preview some of the best from English League – Wijnaldum, Alonso, Jorginho, DeAndre Yedlin, Guendouzi):

PES 2019 Data Pack Faces Updated

Chinese Super League team list:

CSL in PES 2019 DataPack 2

DP 2.0 gameplay improvements include goalkeeper AI improved on 1v1 situations, fixed defender issued, accuracy on headers and chip shots, COM opponend play less long passes and from the wing, enhanecd understadind of player positions and logic shooting:

Goalkeepers Fix in DP2 PES20219 COM Opponents Fix PES2019

What do you think about the new PES 2019 Data Pack 2 update?