PES 2018 Smoke Patch Update 18.3.6


The PES2018 SmokePatch18 v3 update 18.3.6 was released 10 Apr. 2021.

* Changelog in SP18 update 18.3.6:
– reimported all tactics from the new database due to a previous script error showing the same tactics for all teams.
– corrected legend status.

* the new update includes changes from the previous updates 18.3.3 + 18.3.4 +18.3.5:
– fixed a problem with some kits (reconverted the newly updated kits)
– fixed boots not showing for ~200 players
– fixed youth system (caused duplicated players in football life modes)
– reconverted and fixed mini-face pack (causing a crash when selecting some players in the formation)
– fixed players registered position (according to latest Konami update)

PES2018 Smoke Patch Update 18.3.6

Smoke Patch 18 Update 18.1.5 For PES 2018 PC


Smoke Patch 18 Update Version 18.1.5 For PC Released 19.12

– updated many kits from sp20 and activated CL kits.
– updated the balls from sp20
– updated flags and emblems
– fixed duplicated team in ACL
– fixed reported bugs
– includes fixes from previous updates
– this update needs full patch SP18.1.0 or newer

Download Smoke Patch 18.1.5 For PES2018

Smoke Patch 18 Update 18.1.4 For PES 2018 PC


Smoke Patch 18 Update V18.1.4 For PES 18 PC Released 14.10

Download SP 18.1.4

– updated many kits (kits to be used in SP20 so far)
– fixed players stats (fixed errors in conversion stats and skills)
– updated many graphics (flags, new faces, …)
– updated rosters (completed many missed transfers)
– fixed reported problems (errors in edit mode and other reports)
– includes fixes from previous updates
– this update needs at least full patch SP18.1.0 or newer

PES Smoke Patch 18 Update 18.1.3 For PC


PES Smoke Patch 2018 Update 18.1.3 For PC

Download SP V18.1.3 Updated For PC

– fixed players stats
– updated more players stats
– updated more graphics
– updated more kits
– fixed many reported issues.
– fixed league structure (ML bug)
– fixed create players problem in edit mode
– includes fixes from previous updates
– this update needs at least full patch SP18.1.0 or newer
– starting new ML is recommended (for correct stats and other features)

PES 2018 Smoke Patch Update 18.1.1 For PC


Smoke Patch 2018 Update 18.1.1 For PC Released 12.09

Download PES2018 Smoke Patch V18.1.1

The update 18.1.1 adds fix for kits failing to load that caused graphic bugs.

PES 2018 Smoke Patch 18.1 AIO For PC


Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Smoke Patch Full V18.1.0 For PC

– re-converted all faces for compatibility.
– update leagues (19/20)
– updated summer transfers
– updated minifaces
– updated graphics
– converted kits from SP19.1
– many other fixes and enhancements.

Download SmokePatch18 v.18.1.0

SmokePatch18 Update 18.0.2


Smoke Patch 18 Update V18.0.2 Released May 24, 2019

Download SP18 update 18.0.2

This adds more classic faces and corrects some boots models, adds some corrections reported, errors when trying to access online is corrected, so is saving the edit file crash is resolved, assigns the correct CL balls and adds some updates; now you can start Master League or BAL without having classic players in the youth and free agents.

SmokePatch18 Update 18.0.1


Smoke Patch 18 Update V18.0.1 Released 11.05 2019

Download SmokePatch18 18.0.1

Features: adds some corrections, errors when trying to access online is corrected, so is saving the edit file crash is resolved, assigned the correct CL balls, added some new and also includes the fixes from older updates.

SmokePatch18 Version 18.0.0


SmokePatch18 V18.0.0 Released 10.05 For PES 2018 PC

Download SmokePatch18 Version 18.0.0

General Features:

– includes all DP files
– real names for all players
– real names and logo for all teams
– add new teams
– add new national teams
– add new leagues
– add new classic teams
– real kits for all teams
– correct home stadium names
– add a lot of real faces
– add a lot of mini-faces
– add real balls
– add real ad-boards for stadiums
– add 100 boots and 30 gloves
– many others…

PES 2018 Option File For PTE 5.1 Update 23-11 By Sofyan Andri


PES 2018 Final Update OF For PTE Patch 5.1 #23-11-2018

Download PTE Update November 2018

Features :
– Update Squad
– Update Formation