PES 2017 Online Manual For PC and Smart Phones


PES 2017 Online Manual For PC’s and Smart Phones

Download PES2017 Online Manual

Browse this Online Manual made for PC’s and SmartPhones – Click Here.

PES 2017 Is Now Available In USA


PES 2017 Is Now Available In America Today 13 September

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US version is now released. Two more days to wait for world wide. Did you pre-order?

Winning Eleven 2017 / PES 2017 Mandarin Chinese Trailer


PES 2017 / Winning Eleven 2017 Mandarin Chinese Trailer

最新作『PES 2017(Winning Eleven2017)』將于9月15日正式发卖,保留原有的日/英语音的同时,

PES 2017 Top Speedsters Revealed by officialpes


PES2017 Top Speedsters Revealed by ‏@officialpes

Download PES2017 Top Speed Sters Revealed by Konami Official

Selection of the top speedsters in PES 17 #statsmatter.

30 Argentinean Clubs in PES 2017 New Trailer


30 Argentinean Clubs in PES 2017 New Trailer Released

Here is the latest official trailer featuring 30 teams from Argentina. Don’t forget, if you’re enjoying the PES2017 demo, you can pre-order now for some cool bonus items. Enjoy!

PES 2017 Skills Tutorial by maremas


PES 2017 All Skills Tutorial by maremas

Preview Tutorial

Auto feints option must be set to “OFF”! Weaker/stronger foot icon: If a player is right-footed trick only works if you flick the stick in certain direction, and if a player is left-footed then you must flick stick in the opposite direction.

PES 2017 Demo Download – Details, Teams and Links


The PES 2017 Demo Is Now Released For PS4 and Xbox One

Download PES2017 Xbox1 Demo Download PES2017 PS4 Demo

Control Reality in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and experience these new features:

– Real Touch: Players control the ball in unique ways based on where and how you control them
– Goalkeepers: Keepers see a great jump in their quality, through added motions and animations
– Natural Player Movement: Hundreds of new animations have been added to bring the players to life
– Adaptive AI: For the first time in a football game, the AI will learn how you play and adapt accordingly.
– Authentic Visuals: Player models, lighting, crowds, pitch and stadiums totally revamped.

PES 2017 All Skills and Tricks Tutorial by WeedensProd


PES 2017 All New Skills and Tricks by Weedens.Productions :

Watch PES2017 All Skills Tricks Tutorial by Weedens

To be able to perform the tricks, it’s important to turn off “auto feint” in Edit Personal Data. When a special Player Skill is required, you can check if the player has it or not in Lineup/Edit Position > Player Info > Skills/Playing Styles.

The commands showed in this video are relevant to the right direction: Fake Rabona, Riquelme’s Nutmeg, Flick, Bergkamp Flick, Sombrero, Rainbow Flick, Hocus Pocus, Elastico To Diagonal Take, Elastico, Elastico Reverse, Roulette, One-Foot Roulette, Mcgeady Spin, Scotch Move, Draw and Open, L-Feint, Drag Back Dummy, Double Touch, Inside Double Touch, Ronaldo Chop, Neymar’s Signature Move, Fancy Fake Shot, Cruyff Turn, Body Feint, Step Over, Nutmeg/Run Around, Dummy Burst and Knock On.

PES 2017 Licenses and Stadiums Full List Revealed


PES 2017 Licenses and Stadiums Full List Officially Revealed

Preview PES2017 Licences List

Click here to see them ALL.

The stadiums within the game varies by console. The other stadiums will be updated accordingly from the end of August.

PES 2017 November Data Pack Details Revealed


PES 2017 November DataPack Details Revealed by Konami

Download PES2017 DLC 1.0 Details