Giveaway Winner On 22.10.2016


PES 2017 – Giveaway Winner On 22th.10.2016

Hi. When we had our giveaway on 19th, the winner was selected as you can see here. We waited 3 full days (72h) for him to contact us on facebook, forum or mail, but we didn’t receive anything.

Yesterday, after 48h we announced on our official FB page that he must contact us in 24h. Maybe he doesn’t want it. Or… it’s like lottery, if you play, lottery will not call you that you won, you must check the ticket and numbers to see if you won and go to their office.

Time has passed so now we are selecting a new winner, fair, from the same participants. from here. Check the video below:

We have a winner, from Egypt! Later Update: he received the game, same day. Giveaway Winner On 19th.10.2016


We have a Winner For Our PES 2017 Giveaway :

From a nice country… contact us… and for the others… see you next time!

PES 2017 – Giveaway On 19th October ’16

466 Giveaway On 19th October 2016

Hi! We are giving for free a PES 2017 Steam CD key Global to one lucky user.


Update: because some of the users don’t know how to play, and to make it easy, the giveway will end on 19th, in the morning. There are 24h already for this to run, so plenty of time for our regular users to join. The good thing? Winner gets it early! Tomorrow.

Update 2 : We have a giveway winner… here he is

How To: Leave a comment in this post with 1 name 1 number.

PES 2017 R3 Live Update Fix Online


Question: Even if I press R3 in team select and turn it off, it is on again the next time I start the game?

Here is another fix from superleeds1:

Answer: If you don’t want play online, run the Settings.exe in main game folder as administrator, click on Online tab and set the UDP Port to 0. Remember the value you change to add it back to play online.

PES2017 Fix Online

Barcelona Legends in PES 2017 myClub


FC Barcelona Legends Make Their Appearance in myClub!

You have until 6th October. Enjoy! Here: Barcelona Legends Trailer.

Winning Eleven 2017 BETA For iOS and Android


Winning Eleven 2017 BETA For iOS and Android

Full-scale action soccer for the smartphone!
Please join us in the closed β test of Winning Eleven 2017!
Enter the following information, please press the “Register” button.
As soon as registration reception is complete, check the confirmation e-mail.


PES 2017 Connection Checker Tool


PES 2017 Connection Checker For PC, PS4 and PS3

Customers can download a connection checker tool that will assess whether the network setup you have is suitable for playing thsi game on your system or PC. This easy-to-operate program is available free of charge and can be downloaded on to your PC. Please follow the instructions on this page on how to use it.

Instructions on how to use the Connection Checker:

Using this program requires a preparatory step in that you would need to check whether you can browse websites using your system.
(1) Please read the Terms of Service in the “Download” section of this page. Once you have fully read and accepted the terms as stated, click on “Agree” and then start the software download.

PES 2017 River Plate Trailer


PES 2017 – Club Atlético River Plate Trailer Released! 15.09

RiverPlate is one of the most respected clubs in South America and now teams up with KONAMI and PES 2017.

PES 2017 FC Barcelona Legends Trailer


PES 2017 – FC Barcelona Legends Trailer Released 15.09

It’s time to Control Reality in PES2017. Watch the newest trailer focusing on Barcelona Legends that will be available in the game.

PES 2017 PC Demo Released – Download Link Available!


PES 2017 PC Demo Steam Version – Download Link Available!

Download PES2017 PC Demo


Open and click: Download Demo. If you can’t download directly, or you have low speed use this mirror or arabloads link. PC users are happy :) Thanks To Konami.

Ready To Play Demo PES17