PES 2017 Crowd Disabler by Boris


PES 2017 Crowd Disabler Patch by Boris

Download PES2017 Crowd Disabler Patch Tool by Boris

PES 2017 Realism Graphic Mod by gabe.paul.logan


PES 2017 Realism Graphic Mod by gabe.paul.logan

Download PES2017 No Cursor Patch by GPL

– No Ball Cursor

– No Free Kick Line

I have scored my first ever PES 2017 freekick right away with this mod :)

PES 2017 Best SweetFX by bLiNd88


PES 2017 New Best Sweet FX by bLiNd88

Download PES2017 SweetFX by bLiNd88 Preview SweetFX inGame

How To Remove Lag In PES 2017? Fix by Bruno Wygno


PES 2017 Lag Remover Patch Fix by Facemaker Bruno Wygno

Download Lag Remover PES2017

PES works great and is optimized even in less powerfull PCs, but sometimes a lag remove patch can help even more. How To Remove Lag In PES17? Use PatchFix by  Bruno Wygno:

PES 2017 No Replay by Tran Ngoc


PES 2017 No Replay Patch by Tran Ngoc

No Replay Preview

PES 2017 Fake 3D Pitch Ad Removal by DrDoooMuk


PES 2017 Fake 3D Pitch Ads Removal by DrDoooMuk


Ingame With Ad Preview

With patch installed, removes ad:

Preview No Ad

PES 2017 Real Names and ID Players and Teams by buhalo88


PES 2017 Real Names and ID Players and Teams by buhalo88

Update PES2017 Names

I must say ! I did did not check the latest version of the game, so if there are any errors, please tell. The patch practically all the correct names of the players and the teams and their ID. All the players smaller than ID 200,000 and taken from previous versions of the game. If the player did not have a normal ID (ID < 200000 ) , the value is assigned automatically. List of references to the players , which have not yet found the real name , presented in id_unk.txt file.

PES 2017 Original Graphic For PES 2017 Demo by MR.LAK


PES 2017 Original Graphic For PES 2017 Demo by MR.LAK

Download Graphic Preview Teams

PES 2017 Demo/FullGame InMortal FX MOD 0.1 4KTurf


PES 2017 Demo and FullGame FX MOD 4KTurf 0.1 by InMortal

Download InMortal FX MOD 4KTurf Corner Preview

First mod for pes 2017 Demo. Features: 4K New Turf and Better Lines.

MyPES 2017 Patch v0.1 (English Premier League)


MyPES 2017 Patch 0.1 (Premier League) by

Preview Menu Download MyPES 2017 Patch v0.1 EPL

Изменения в 0.1:
– Реальные названия для всех команд АПЛ и Реала
– Реальные названия для всех лиг
– Реальные логотипы для всех команд, лиг и кубков
– Реальные формы для всех команд АПЛ
– Реальные формы для мадридского Реала
– Дополнительные и еврокубковые формы для команд АПЛ