Faces pes 2012 ps2 v3


Le troisième groupe de visages Pro 2012 ps2

Ce sujet un grand groupe de tous confrontés les sens du terme

Artificielle est Rfie

Ce sujet quelques photos essayé de PES 6

Soit PES 2012 beaucoup mieux

J’exhorte images

lien de telechargement, pass : otmanos


PES 2012 PS3 BLES01407 Option file – Bundesliga & Championship by Paul2478


PES 2012 PS3 BLES01407 Option file – Bundesliga & Championship by Paul2478

It contains:

* All unlicensed teams corrected
* National teams player names corrected with duplicates removed
* All NT kits fixed
* 18 Championship Teams
* Full Bundesliga
* Fake/Retired players used to create current players
* 20 Created Stadiums
* Lots of Fixes to players, Face Builds/Scans, Boot updates, Accesories updated

The Championship teams to be included will be:

* Birmingham City
* Blackpool
* Brighton & Hove Albion
* Bristol City
* Burnley
* Cardiff City
* Crystal Palace
* Derby County
* Hull City
* Ipswich Town
* Leeds Utd
* Leicester City
* Middlesbrough
* Millwall
* Nottingham Forest
* Reading
* Southampton
* West Ham

Plus Anderlecht & Anzhi Makhachkala added to the Other European Teams

Created Stadiums
* Stamford Bridge
* Emirates Stadium
* Goodison Park
* Constant Vanden Stockstadion
* Imetech Arena
* White Hart Lane
* Etihad Stadium
* Estadio Axa
* Craven Cottage
* Anfield
* St Andrews
* Liberty Stadium
* Cardiff City Stadium
* Elland Road
* St James Park
* Villa Park
* Olympiastadium
* San Paolo
* Bailey Lane (Fictional small English ground)
* Trevor St Stadium (Fictional larger English ground)

If you haven’t used my file before have a look at the links in my sig to see what to expect.

PES 2012 PS3 BLES01407 Option file

JackWhoBra, Vixon, Spaniardo, Red Town, Mighty Mag, Husher, Shabadoo, Edgar12, 99doogs, hywelkidd, chaves, ozil, ¢Ħλ®₤ỉξ-[14], SantiArgento, Vendonado, viggan, MoeoM, Jaymez Hetfield, van Leuween, Rapid Vienna, Abstrso, Dale Toon, Rocksteadyeddie, sadman2705, Bi-One, Cammey,chung1972, mano008, makiavelo, chilli81, peda69, mrgametight, djpelel1, ali_star4, Yildirimugur, bamahammer, Homer S, MeatGravyMeat, Arshavin10, SCR Fan, Luukzwaan, flash11, lokytrew, peixe02, Kempie49, garde, el flaco, rlaird, Boru100, Tury95, Mike1Zero, GC II Messi, mr. yes, czrvenaeagle, cluberer, cristiano92, adam13, LordOdo, wwefan, Nemisiskidd, raditzx, luci2k1, greatcross, ERG1008, jozo, umbroboy, killer46, ruieddie, schalu, wipsnadepoo, ikui, d0t_v, quasim, culipol, skcela2, manchezter, ivanlp11, ogaitnasind99, guiterrez18, funnyman
pesstatsdatabase, pesfaces.co.uk and everyone who has given feedback.

Download Links:
v1.0 http://www.4shared.com/rar/L20_63AU/…on_file_v.html
v1.1 http://www.4shared.com/rar/VQADxmI1/…on_file_v.html
v1.2 http://www.4shared.com/rar/pwdsPvpk/…on_File_v.html
v1.3 http://www.4shared.com/rar/OCmXUhxR/…on_file_v.html
Compatible with Data Pack 2.00
v1.4 http://www.4shared.com/rar/d1YRbgVp/…on_file_v.html
Compatible with Data Pack 3.00
v1.5 http://www.4shared.com/rar/xjauI0y2/…on_File_v.html
v1.6 http://www.4shared.com/rar/pKt_RSv4/…on_File_v.html
v1.7 http://www.4shared.com/rar/biCKAOaZ/…on_File_v.html
v1.8 http://www.4shared.com/rar/KLRadTc9/…on_File_v.html
v1.9 http://www.4shared.com/rar/Y9R7nMtp/…on_File_v.html

Each new update contains only the new files


PES 2012 PS3 US Option File v5 – Spain’s 2nd Division & Bundesliga [BLUS30805][USA] by Pategato


PES 2012 PS3 US Option File v5 – Spain’s 2nd Division & Bundesliga [BLUS30805][USA]

pategato’s PES 2012 Option File
Works ONLY with the US version of PES 2012
V1 (NOV. 5/2011) INCLUDES:

Premier League:

18 teams complete with real name, emblems and kits + 2 fully licensed: Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs.

Liga ZON-Sagres:

13 teams complete with real name, emblems and kits + 3 fully licensed: FC Porto, Benfica and Sporting Lisbon.

Ligue 1:

Fully licensed.

Serie A:

Correct league emblem and name. All teams licensed.


Fully licensed.

Liga BBVA:

Fully licensed.

Other European clubs:

Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich moved to Bundesliga. Replaced by APOEL and BATE Borisov. All the other teams fully licensed.

Other South American clubs:

Boca Juniors and River Plate fully licensed.


16 teams complete with real name, players, emblems and kits + 2 fully licensed: Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen. Some work needed on faces.

Liga Adelante (Spain 2nd Div.):

For a more realistic Master League experience: 18 teams complete with real name, players and kits. Due to lack of emblem slots, all teams have a generic emblem.
( Thanks Konami )

Teams included:

Celta de Vigo
Deportivo de La Coruña
Gimnastic de Tarragona
Las Palmas
Real Murcia
Recreativo de Huelva
Real Valladolid

Copa Libertadores:

All teams fully licensed. Rosters accurate as per 2010-2011 tournament.

National Teams:

All fake players’ names corrected, duplicate players removed, fully edited kits in all teams.

Classic National Teams:

All fake names corrected and fully edited kits.
In order to play with these teams, you MUST purchase them first in the EXTRA CONTENT section. 100 gp each.

Extra Champions League teams:

APOEL and BATE Borisov, with real name, players, emblems and kits.
These teams are located in the Other European Teams section.


All fake stadiums renamed. All CLUBS in game have their home ground renamed with their official stadium.

Leagues and Cups:

All leagues and Cups with real names and emblems. Real balls available in the game assigned to all of them.

Constructive feedback is welcome.


Charlie 14, JackWhoBra, Rafiki1313, Galfano, fcpappin, sporting89.
Special thanks to peru82, for help with the Liga Adelante; and Xuravet23, whose file can be found HERE.


V2 (NOV. 20/2011) INCLUDES:

All the features of V1, plus:

Updated Bundesliga:

Nationalities, weights, heights, revised for all players. Few faces fixed.

Updated Liga Adelante:

General stats adjustment.

Updated National Teams:

Updated 2012/2013 uniforms for: Uruguay, Ivory Coast, Switzerland, South Africa, Cameroon, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Peru, Algeria, Denmark, Egypt and USA. You need to unlock all the “Physique” items in the “Extra Content” section for the updated African uniforms. (100 gp each)
Some rosters of South American teams updated according to WC Qualification matches recently played: Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia.


Umbroboy, Charlie 14.
Special thanks to wmurra for help with Bundesliga and South American squads.
And all the people credited in V1.

V3 (DEC. 3/2011) INCLUDES:

All the features of V1 and V2, plus:

Updated Liga Adelante:

Even more stats adjustment, for a better Master League experience.

Updated National Teams:

Updated 2012-2013 uniforms for Austria, Kuwait and Qatar.
Fixed Honduras kits.
Duplicate players completely removed now.

Other updates:

Many new faces for several players.


Charlie 14.
And all the people credited on V1 and V2.

V4 (DEC. 28/2011)

All the features of V1, V2 and V3 plus:

Data Pack 2.0 (Dec. 27 – 2011):

Option file updated for full compatibility with the latest DLC. To get the latest data pack, go to “Extra Content” section in the menu, and download the new “Data Pack 2.0”. If you don’t have the latest Data Pack, the V4 option file won’t work for you.

Updated Premier League:

Arsenal’s new official emblem added.
Revised Manchester City home kit.

Updated Liga ZON-Sagres:

Revised Vitoria de Setubal away and GK kits.

Updated Bundesliga:

Few missing players added.

Updated National teams:

New updated 2012-2013 uniforms for:
Peru, Poland, Wales, Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, Togo, Senegal, South Africa, Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Egypt.

Other updates:

Many boots realocated. Several new faces created.


Umbroboy, Sporting89.
And all the people credited on V1, V2 and V3.


V5 (MAR. 12/2012)

All the features of V1, V2, V3 and V4 plus:

Data Pack 3.0 (Mar. 6 – 2012) :

Option file updated for full compatibility with the latest DLC. To get the latest data pack, go to the “Extra Content” section in the main menu, and download the new “Data Pack 3.0”. If you don’t have the latest Data pack, the V5 option file won’t work for you.

Updated Premier League:

All winter transfers added (DLC).

Updated Ligue 1:

All winter transfers added (DLC).

Updated Serie A:

All winter transfers added (DLC).

Updated Eredivisie:

All winter transfers added (DLC).

Updated Liga BBVA:

All winter transfers added (DLC).

Updated Liga ZON-Sagres:

All winter transfers added (DLC).

Updated Other European teams:

All winter transfers added (DLC).

Updated Other South American teams:

All winter transfers added (DLC).

Updated Bundesliga:

All squad damage due to DLC, has been fixed.
Most Winter transfers done, many new players created, revised squad numbers and game plan.

Updated Liga Adelante:

All squad damage due to DLC, has been fixed.
Most Winter transfers done. Revised game plan.

Updated Extra Champions League teams:

APOEL and BATE Borisov squad damage due to DLC, has been fixed.

Updated National teams:

All squad damage due to DLC, has been fixed.
75+ new kits according to Friendly matches recently played.

Other Updates:

Many boots realocated.


Umbroboy, Charlie14, BetonStyle, Ikui, and yours truly.
And all the people credited on V1, V2, V3 and V4.


For those of you, who have any of the previous versions: V1, V2, V3 or V4, download the “UPDATE PACK V5”, choose the proper version, and replace the files.


For those of you, who are new to my option file, download the “FULL OF V5”.


PS3 – Pes 2012 SporToto Süper Final (DEMO) by *gkan*


PS3 – Pes 2012 SporToto Süper Final (DEMO) by *gkan*

– New Teams: Galatasaray SK, Fenerbahçe SK , Beşiktaş JK, Trabzonspor
– Update Squads
– New Balls: SporToto Official Match Ball
– New Boots: Adidas adipower Predator, Adidas adizero F50 miCoach, Nike Total90 Laser III Elite, Nike Tiempo IV Elite, Puma King Finale SL,
– Add more than 40 Faces .
– New Kits: Galatasaray SK, Fenerbahçe SK , Beşiktaş JK, Trabzonspor
+ New Scoreboard

PS3 – Pes 2012 SporToto Süper Final (DEMO) by *gkan* links :


Console Versions Patches by smeagol75


UltimateZlib by Barcafan:
Many thanks for him, it´s so useful he was so great , he was the one who helped me with this Console Problem

-Ps3_Xbox between Pc Kit, font and number converter tool 1.0 By Smeagol 75
Instructions inside.

-new menus for modded and normal xex by smeagol75

-Turf Converter 1.0 by Smeagol75.

-FixHeaders 2.0 (Fixed saving error) By Smeagol75 (see 1.0 for inf)

-Ps3&Xbox 360 (Zlib tool by juce & speka) by Smeagol75
(fully console Functionally, You Must use original one for Pc Files)

-Ball Pack v5 (Dlc 2.0 compatible) ported by Starvin (Credits Skills_rooney and Ron)

-Bootpack (Dlc 2.0 compatible) ported by starvin boots by gboy ,ron,DK Hernandez,Sad.Kulnie

-smeagol75´s xbox menu icons to use with non jtag xbox by evertonsteve

-Peter Cech face converted by evertonsteve UnkNown Author.


Fix headers v1.0 by smeagol75
Download Zlibtool By Juce & Speka
Note comprimir.exe is Zlib and descomprimir.exe is unzlib will create all files in main folder unzlibled in Descomprimidos folder and zlibled in Comprimidos folder.
copy fixcab.exe and fix_all.bat to main folder of the tool and to Descomprimidos folder.
If you could not unzlib a Xbox file:
press fix_all or in the command line fixcab “name of file”.
after unzlib again.
do your hexeedit save and press Comprimir.exe
go to comprimidos folder and press fix_all or in the command line fixcab “name of file”.
if press fix_all will fix all *.bin file
Now you have a zlibled file in xbox format…

Tattoo pack by insomniac25 ported by evertonsteve:

-No Blur V2 by Tunizizou ported By Smeagol75

– adboards pes2012 wecn style by smeagol75 (New Season) Credits WECN

– europa league logo tv(Cuatro tv) By nec ported by smeagol75

– Champions league tv logo by_Nec ported by smeagol75 (Tvehd)

– supercup logo canal + hd tv by txak ported by smeagol75 xbox

– Full Relink V2 all 100% team relinked and fixed bugs and some new kits
Credits to all Kitmakes: Txak, JosemiGol, Pesedit, Dark Nero, Tottimas, etc etc

-Hd nets By Mhut

– Hd turfs 4 all stadiums By Hany3, Mhut, Jenkey1002 ported By Smeagol75

-PES2012 – HD Turfs for all ingame edit stadiums by Jenkey1002 ported By Smeagol75

-PES2012 – HD bump turf texture by Jenkey1002 ported by smeagol75
– estica icons ported by starvin

– Bootpack by DkHernandez ported by Starvin

-updated boot pack by starving Credits: dk herendaz,ron,Gboy, Sad.Kulnie, Reifous06

– extraboots by starvin

– Txak new style ball previews ported by starvin

– Extended ball pack ported by starving Credits: skills rooney ,dino

-ball pack updated by starving Credits: skills rooney ,dino

– Hd Gloves by HenriikeTW ported by starving

-Face pack vol 1 ported by starving (Credits inside)

– messi face by cigman ported by starvin

-Whiter Pitchmarking by IrfanSt ported by starvin

-Gol T V3 By Txak (ported By_Smeagol 75)
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?0no1i27pc544rnd

-Supporters Banners Patch By Txak (Ported By Smeagol 75) I did it my way to listen to Spanish Coach commentary and Generic Banners Are in Spanish and It´s done By Mhut. I want to make future version, with Real Names, and Goalnet Style for all teams…
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7rd183uguy8wu1u

– Emblems By Ovit (Ported By Smeagol 75)
I´ll Make a little tuto how to fix the inserting logos with GGS, But if You insert in this file Same Size or smaller ones I Supouse it works like Previous years…
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?2mpd7teehdnnnxg

-Xbox Datapack 1.00 (Dt0f.img)

PS3 Facepack Scan vol.1 (PES2012) by Cap


PS3 Facepack Scan vol.1 (PES2012) by Cap

filesonic pes-patch.com download fileserve pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download

Alex Sandro, Danilo, Fernando, Maicon, Quaresma,
Elias, Izmailov, Seba Ribas, Witsel, Nolito e Maxi Pereira




FIX includes:

– Added New Teams: Lech Poznan, Borussia Dortmund, Legia Warsaw…
– New kits of Poland
– Kits for all teams of EURO 2012!!!
– New, fantastic faces
– Chants

filesonic pes-patch.com download fileserve pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download

[PS3] Www.ProGamerZ.Gr Beta Patch (ΒLES 01408)


[PS3] Www.ProGamerZ.Gr Beta Patch (ΒLES 01408)

Full English Premier League (Kits, emblems, rosters, stats).

  • Full Greek Superleague (Kits, emblems, rosters, stats).
  • 2 teams in Football League (Larisa, Panserraikos).
  • Full German Bundesliga (Kits, emblems, rosters, stats).
  • 1 Cypriot team (APOEL).
  • ΗD emblems for Premier League, Bundesliga, Superleague.
  • Corrected in some national teams.
  • Corrected names in some players.
  • Logos at leagues and cups.
  • Stadiums for the whole Superleague with banners and adboards.
  • The followng foreign Stadiums: Villa Park, Veltins Arena, Stadio Angelo Massimino, Estadio Azteca, Maracana Stadium, Estadio Defensores del Chaco, Toyota Stadium, Stade Mohamed V, Etihad Stadium (Manchester City), Stamford Bridge, Mestalla Stadium, G.S.P. , BayArena, Emirates Stadium.
  • A big pack with over 450+ scanned faces for Greek and Other clubs!
  • Chants for Superleague and for Larisa,Panserraikos and APOEL


Project Leaders
TheSlayer, Dinoc, .::kostas::.

Οption File Makers
Δημήτρης, .::kostas::., chris_aris, Τίμος

.::kostas::., Mitsaras4


Graphics and Sound Editing
.::kostas::., Antonic, Pyrros

Antonic, Mitsaras4, Çhяìstös, Anorthosisfc, Pyrros

Notification: Patch is based over the Greek version of PES 2012. (ΒLES 01408)
For instructions and further help visit our gaming community!

filesonic pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download filejungle pes-patch.com download



GAMEPLAY UPDATE pes 2012 UK BLESCODE 01406 by Chimps-with-quiffs


New update for 1.02 PS3 : [Full]

filesonic pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download filejungle pes-patch.com download

– All premier league teams edited and tested specifically for 1.02 Konami update.

– Top teams in Italy, Spain, France and Holland also updated.

– Players unrealistically rated either improved or decreased so that the game is much more balanced.

– The game should now be more challanging and more fluid and smooth, yet slightly slower.

– Further updates to follow with more teams re-edited for 1.02.

ADISS PATCH V.1.0 (PS3) RELEASED 21.10.2011!!!



Patch including:
-All leagues full licensed: BPL, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Serie A, Primera Division, Liga Zon Sagres
-High Quality Kits
-New Faces
-Nowe stadiums
-Logos HD
-Actually team line-ups

All Rights Reserved to AdissJuve

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

1.After unpacking, you must copy the PS3 folder (inside the SAVEDATA and then files) on the flash drive in its original form. Insert stick to the PS3.
2.In the PS3 menu, enter the game tab-> Data saved games (PS3) something like
and click on your pendrive.
3.When we enter into it, show us a lot of files and turn them click on the triangle-> copy, and so all in turn.


P.S. Patch was made ​​from scratch and with great accuracy So I hope that everyone will like it. Kits are obviously in great quality. In my opinion my patch is really good :D