[PS2-PES2011] Phato presents: the Ultimate 2010/2011 Option File


A videoclip showing some of all the features you will find into my option file [thanks to LOAY]

– All players’ names in lower case
– Corrected all players’ fake names
– All duplicate players eliminated/overwritten
– All PES Shop’s classic players overwritten with players still in activity
– All ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE 2010/2011 kits and logos
– All LA LIGA 2010/2011 kits and logos
– U.S.C. Palermo 2010/2011 kits and logos
– Added all missing CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2010/2011 teams (Hapoel Tel Aviv F.C., FC Schalke 04, MŠK Žilina, FK Partizan and Bursaspor)
– Added CSKA Moskva, Al-Ahly Sports Club and Kashima Antlers
– All national teams edited, kits and logos
– Added 90s/00s CLASSIC NATIONAL TEAMS (*)
– All 2010/2011 transfers done
– All missing players added (**)
– Created tons of youngsters, even those of Brazil and Argentina U-20s and those of England, France, Germany, Italy and Netherlands U-21s
– Assigned special hairstyles + preset faces to a lot of players
– Updated Special Hairstyles of some players (Pato, Tevez, Emanuelson, L. Suarez…)
– Added commentary names
– Revised all shirt names
– Added some goal celebrations
– All nationality changes made
– Boots edited
– Boots and accessories assigned to all ingame players, even ML/BAL players!!
– Revised teams’ names, flags, rosters, starting lineups, strategies, etc.
– Re-assigned stadiums for home matches to all club teams
– Revised stadiums, cups and leagues’ names
– Unlocked everything in PES Shop

(*) When you start a new Master League / Become A Legend, be sure to SWITCH ON the CLASSIC PLAYERS / HIDDEN PLAYERS option; I’ve put all classic players in the “Edited National” slots: this way, you will not found any classic player in your ML or in BAL mode (maintaining, however, all PES Shop players).
(**) All missing players’ stats (+ growth curves) have been taken from Konami’s Official Updates and PSD. No random stats in my option file!


Kratos82, Dany300, error_1205, pc_house, JoeH, maciekfox, Loay.
PES Stats Database; mISSter Stats of PES Stats; WePes-Upgrade; WEloveWE.com; CustomYourPes; PES-Edition.es; Getty Images; Wikipedia; Google images.
Thanks to D4v0r and Compulsion



-> FRENCH/GERMAN versions


[PS2] PES 2011 PSD Stats + 7 full leagues by cale1991


[PS2] PES 2011 PSD Stats + 7 full leagues by cale1991

The Patch consists of the following leagues (playable in Exhibition Mode or ML) with promoted/relegated teams as well (currently having some difficulties with Copa Libertadores as it has some crash issues or the game not running):

English Premier League –> 100% kits, 80% emblems (read down), 100% promoted/relegated teams update, 100% PSD Stats –> Fully Completed
Spanish La Liga –> 100% kits, 80% emblems (read down), 100% promoted/relegated teams update, 100% PSD Stats –> Fully Completed
German Bundesliga –> 100% kits, 100% emblems, 100% promoted/relegated teams 60% PSD Stats
Italian Serie A –>100% kits, 95% emblems, 100% promoted/relegated teams update, 100% PSD Stats –> Fully Completed
French Ligue 1 –> 100% kits, 100% emblems, 100% promoted/relegated teams update, 100% PSD Stats –> Fully Completed
Dutch Eredivisie –> 100% kits, 100% emblems
Portuguese Liga Zon Sagres –> 100% kits, 100% emblems
Copa Libertadores –> read up
Dinamo & Hajduk –> 100% kits, 100% emblems, 100% PSD Stats
(what can i say except, I’m Croatian)
And all 32 World Cup teams.

And also 80% of the National Teams are currently up-to-date with current kits and formations and with a 80% correct squad roster.

For the BETA version i haven’t bothered with the transfers, but in the Final version they’ll be 100% complete, the current version consists of the January Winter Roster.

I won’t put much effort into aesthetics as i don’t see them necessary and they don’t improve general gameplay, but if someone exclusively wants to do them i won’t be against it.

Currently this is just a BETA version and you can expect a full version by the end of the coming month.

P.S. –> as i have created 7 leagues, there isn’t enough space for all of the emblems so i had to remove a few from the game and those are:

– Sunderland
– Newcastle
– Stoke
– Bolton

– Malaga
– Real Sociedad
– Levante
– Osasuna

– Palermo

If you have any wishes in regard to changing the missing emblems feel free to express you opinion.

Current Version:

BETA v3 75% Completed

[PS2] PES 2011 – PPT Héroes patch v1 by suipa



38 classic teams! Team List::

Erediviese -> 18 Selecciones clásicas
-Argentina 78
-Argentina 86
-Brazil 70
-Brazil 02
-Colombia 94
-England 66
-England 96
-Francia 84-86
-Francia 98
-Germany 72-76
-Germany 86-90
-Italia 82
-Italia 94
-Holanda 74-78
-Holanda 88
-Portugal 00-04
-Spain 58-66
-Uruguay 30-54

Otras Ligas B -> 16 Equipos clásicos
-Boca 98-03
-River 75-81
-Independiente 72-86
-Racing 66-67
-San lorenzo 68
-Barcelona 04-06
-Real Madrid 00-04
-Milan 00-04
-Juventus 96-03
-Inter 62-67
-Liverpool 04-05
-Arsenal 03-04
-Chelsea 04-08
-Manchester 98-99
-Napoli 88-89
-Ney York Cosmos (Pele, Beckenbauer, etc)

Otras Ligas C -> 2 Equipos clásicos
-Ajax 94-95
-Valencia 99-01

Update all Nationals and teams.
Classics teams completes, with stats, kits, formation.
New ‘escudos’ for classics.
Boca & Santos in Otras Ligas A.

Sorry for my bad english! :S

-Muchos equipos repiten jugadores, caso Seedorf en Milan 00-04 y Madrid 00-04. Solo se ha hecho una versión de un mismo jugador para esta versión.
-Los jugadores clasicos se diferencias de sus homónimos actuales con pequeñeses, para en la máster no confundirlos (Ej: Riquelme y R. Riquelme)

Thanks to
-Kratos 82
-History of Football TEAM
-D4vor and compulssion.

European version multi 4 – ROOT ID: BESLES-556382011OPT Español
.npo/.p2m/.md/.sps/.xps/.cbs/.max/.pws/BIN-CUE/Uluanchef format

Pass: pesparatodos.foroargentina.net

Thanks to ML7!!

This is te 1st version, with a OF and a s_text (Not yet finish)

©Suipa 2011 – PES Para Todos

Greetings from Argentina!

Solution for corupted option file PSP Pes 2011 DATA.BIN [by ktos_xp]


Solution for corupted option file.Option file must be the same as pes 2011 usles-xxxxxxxx version.

by ktos_xp

File downloads:

1. Extract FreeCheat to the root of your memory card
2. Extract SED to /PSP/GAME/
3. Follow instructions on readme to install freecheat.
4. Back up your corrupted save game to computer.
5. Start the game and start to create a new saved game. Before you actually save the new game to the memory stick you should press the note key which will bring up the freecheat console. We need to tell freecheat to go into dump memory mode so when you save the new game it creates the files we need. On the freecheat console go to Mem Manager -> SAVEDATE Manager -> Operate Mode -> Dump. Now hit X to back out to where you can confirm to save the game. Save the game to the memory card.
6. Now exit the game and enable USB to browse your memory stick and go to /FreeCheat/SAVEDATA/ and you will see 2 files. I have:
ULJM-05500.key and ULJM-05500_0.sav
You only need to rename the ULJM-05500.key file to ULJM05500.bin removing the “-” and renaming extention to .bin. Copy this file into /PSP/GAME/SED/gamekey directory on the memory stick.
7. Backup the new save game that you created from /PSP/SAVEDATA/ to your computer for later.
8. Copy your corrupted save game from computer back to /PSP/SAVEDATA/
9. Run SED and it will load a list of save games you have. Press /\ (Triangle) on your corrupted save game and press O on the top option. Then select “Yes” and hit O again to decrypt your corrupted save game to a .bin file on the root of the card. Mine is called: ULJM005500.bin
10. Now copy your new saved game you backed up on the computer back to the /PSP/SAVEDATA/ directory. The directory of the saved game should match the name of the .bin file you just created. If it doesnt rename the .bin file to match it.
11. Load up SED again and find the new saved game and Press /\ (Triangle) to bring up the options and select the 2nd one down from the top and press O and select “Yes” and press O again. This will encrypt the .bin file you just created into the new saved game which is the old corrupted saved game info!
12. Now just start up the game and load your old save game that use to be corrupted!
I’d imagine this would work for any game that is having issues because of new firmware.

(PS2 PES2011) TPS xtreme 11 PATCH


PS2 PES2011 TPS xtreme 11 PATCH

TPS xtreme 11 PATCH, the patch 100% Italian’s most comprehensive web!


* Added many new teams, including the missing Champions League many of Europe, 10 German, 12 Serie B (for a complete all-Italian master).
* Under-21 instead of the traditional national
* Created many missing players
* PES Stats Database maintained by the values of Lazio, Udinese and Napoli to make them stronger and thus close to reality
* All player names in lower case without loss of call (exclusive TPS)
* Two teams in several leagues in C
* Transfers, training and numbers of mesh-date for all teams in the game
* Boca, River and moved Internacional Libertadores (exclusive TPS)
* Teams Libertadores Champions and unlocked mode friendly
* Teams Libertadores added in the menu change (exclusive TPS)
* Updated some transfers Libertadores (Camoranesi, Ronaldinho, etc. – exclusive TPS)
* 6 Multiscoreboard HD (RAI, Mediaset, SKY, European League, Champions League, Libertadores, generic) selectable choice
* HD Logos for all teams and competitions
* HD Kit with patches of competitions for all teams licensed game
* New uniforms and adidas Diadora for referees
* New adidas shoes, nike and puma
* New banners
* All the bags used in major competitions.
* Relink included new songs and more important for all teams
* ALL the club (excluding 12 of Serie B) and major national fully licensed
* Kit editable modified (including fonts), never to feel the lack of licenses (exclusive TPS)
* New Wallpapers

CITAZIONE File the game already patched (download and apply all)

* NEW * File Options 03/03/11 (Multiformat – choose whichever you prefer)

[PSP] OF for German and French version by __HENRY__


PES 2011 PSP Option File for german and french version by __HENRY__

ONLY FOR 5.00 m33-6

[PSP] Malf1985s Ultimate PSP PES 2011 Option File


[PSP PES 2011] Malf1985s Ultimate PSP PES 2011 Option File

Basically if it needed edited, it’s been edited. Whats been edited?

* All club and national kits
* All Club emblems
* All Team names
* All English premier league transfers
* All major european transfers
* All fake national team players renamed
* All duplicate national team players renamed to real players with the same nationality.

Download Link:

Or if you’re on custom 5.50 Firmware:

[PES 2011 PS2] Bomba Patch Titan 2011 by Equipe Titan


pes 2011 Bomba Patch Titan 2011

Até que Fim, como dizem alguns o Bomba Patch mais esperado do Ano de 2011.
O jogo é Atualizado até dia 15/02/11
Esse foi o primeiro patch da equipe sem o Caciano, agradeço a ele, pois ele que me encinou a editar.
O Jogo está com muitas novidades, como todo mundo sabe, era para ser com a narração de Luciano do Valle, mas não ia dar tempo e estavam faltando falas, então fiz uma enquete com todas as narrações disponível e o povão escolheu a Clássica e Pai de todas as narrações do WE10, a do Galvão Bueno

O jogo foi feito com muito carinho pelos integrantes da Equipe Titan :

Pedro Henrique
Brunno Soares
Dado Games

Além do pessoal que ajudou
Caciano, Bruno Carvalho, Wesley Carvalho, Miquéias e Rafael Sabin
Me desculpe se esqueçi de alguem

Bomba Patch Titan 2011 :

Atualizado até dia 15 de Fevereiro de 2010
Com todos os times da Série A e B do Brasileirão 2011
Escudos do Placar com as 3 iniciais do Time
Gritos e Faixas de Torcidas Atualizadas
Placar exclusivo em HD da Equipe Titan
Master Liga Travando
Novas placas de publicidade
Fotos e Musicas Atualizadas com as Melhores
Novos Uniformes 2011
Novas Chuteiras
Novas Bolas
Mais de 35 novos times
Seleções Clássicas Atualizadas
Nova Seleção mundial (Com os Melhores de Todos os Tempos)
E Seleções SUB-20 da Argentina e Brasil.

Algumas atualizações :

Ronaldinho, Botinelli e Thiago N. – flamengo
Rivaldo, Rodholpo, Wilian josé – São Paulo
Ronaldo e Roberto Carlos Fora do Corinthains
Entre muitas outras…

Antes de Jogar, Atualize seu Memory Card para o Jogo ficar Atualizado !

Download :

[PES2011 PS2] OF by SoB10 & lambofgod v.1.5. – UCL + LIGA ZON SAGRES


:::::::::: Conteúdo da OF v.1.5. by SoB10 & lambofgod::::::::::

– Barclays Premier League (kits in-game para equipas não licenciadas / 100%)
– Ligue 1 (100%)
– Serie A (kit in-game para Palermo / 100%)
– Liga Zon Sagres (kits in-game / stats correctas / 100%)
– Liga BBVA (kits in-game para equipas não licenciadas / 100%)
– Outras Ligas A (adicionados ACD Retorta, SC Mirandela, SC Esmoriz, CD Feirense, AZ, Ajax, Twente, PSV, Zilina / stats e kits in-game correctos para todos 100%)
– Outras Ligas B (adicionado Partizan / kit correcto / 100%)
– Outras Ligas C (substituído Feyenoord por Bayern Munich e AEK Athens por Schalke 04 / kits in-game e stats correctas para todos / 100%)

– Corrigido Ribery (estava como Artur) e Nilson (estava como Nislon)
– Jogadores em falta (Dzeko, Nuno. A. Coelho, Hilderbrand, Tales Souza, Maicon, Franco Jara, Moreira, Fábio Faria)
– Faces o mais próximo da realidade para os jogadores da Zon Sagres e jogadores criados
– Transferencias de Inverno até à data de 19/01/2011

– Adicionados Bayern Munich e Schalke a Outras Liga C (substituindo o AEK Athens e o Feyenoord).
– Faces
– Kits
– Quando começam um Rumo ao Estrelato, fazem um jogo de Captação entre o Babilonya e o Salsaire e nós trocamos o Babilonya pelo FC Porto Sub-19 e o Salsaire pelo Sporting Sub-19, em ambas equipas nacionalidades, idades e jogadores correctos, kits correctos (são os mesmos que do FC Porto e do Sporting feitos in-game da LZS)

:::::::::: Download da OF v.1.5. by SoB10 & lambofgod::::::::::

Versão Alemã

Versão Espanhola

Versão Inglesa

BIN/CUE Para todas as versões