[PS2] All Stars OF Ver 2.0 BETA PES2009 by sekularac


I’m glad that I can introduce All Stars 2.0 BETA version OF. So, what’s new in it:

– player stats from pesstatsdatabase
– English Premiership with promoted teams added + some new kits(Arsenal away)
– instead of League 1, I put 20 classic club teams from 1.1 version
– Serie A with Bari and Parma added in place of Lecce and Reggina(credit to Phato)
– in place of Eredivisie I’ve put 8 classic National teams (CCCP, Yugoslavia, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Uruguay, Poland and Hungary).Also I put there 4 french and 6 german teams.
– made some major transfers

Enjoy and let me know how do you like it, or which mistakes should I repair.

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[PS2] Captain Tsubasa PES2009 patch v2 [Spanish version] by t_marietti


Here it is a spanish version 2 of the Captain Tsubasa patch for PES2009 PS2, despite it is not at 100% it has more things than the previous patches I released for PES5 & PES6.


– Mix of Premiership, Ligue1, Eredivisie and some german teams in teh place of the Ligue1, so original Premiership and Eredivisie are free to be completely edited.

– In Premiership, I have created 20 School Teams of the 3er School Championship (Newteam, Toho, mambo). In Eredivisie I haver created teams of the Road to 2002 series (Sao Paulo, Hamburgo Jr, Catalunya B), some of then not as the original, it’s true xD.

– The professional teams, as Barcelona, Valencia, etc have players form the series, for example Rivaul is a Barcelona player, Santana a Valencia player, Naturezza a Real Madrid player, etc.

– There are a lot of important players in the national teams (Schneider in Germany, etc).

– Created supporter flags, kits and emblems for almost every new teams.

– Changed the menu images by Tsubasa menu images, with a lot of them.

– Changed the original soundtrack by a Tsubasa Series Music Mix, including musics of the 3 TV series.

– Most of the player faces and some of the stadiums have now “anime-looking”.

– 3 Adidas balls created (or adapted) for the patch.

[PS2] PES2009 Option File 10-july-09 by FrancescFabregas


FOR PES2009 *PS2* in formats .MAX and .BIN/CUE

Kits fixed (preimer league, spanish league, nations)
-c.ronaldo,kak`a,raul albiol,negredo,garay,benzema–>R.Madrid
diego milito,motta,kerlon(retuned from load)–>Inter-Milan
diego,felipe melo,cannavaro–>Juventus
thiago silva,Onyewu–>AC Milan
david Suazo,Saviola–>Benfica
barry, Tevez, R.Santa-cruz, given–>Manchester city
a.valencia, z.tosic, owen, oberta n–>Manchester united
zhirkov,sturridge,quaresma(loa n)–>Chelsea
jo, saha–>Everton
keane–>Thottenham Hotspurs
de la red, codina–>Getafe

and more…

-All the logos and the emblems fixed
-Kits fixed (EPL&LA LIGA teams,nations)
-Bundeslige teams added (stuttgart,wolfsburg)
-Faces fixed (Kaka,Benayoun)
-99,999 PES Points

BY -SZ-/SHAWNZANCO/FrancescFabregas
if some1 needs help Email: [email protected]

here are the links:
format ***.MAX in ZIP
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format ***.BIN/CUE in ZIP
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please read the “ReadMe” for more info..!

[OF PS2] PES 2009 Konami_Rules 3.0.7 – Winter Transfers ’09, CL, U21/U23 & more BULI


Credits: kenlee_wd326_vX_3 O, wiki.answers.com, PES2009_OF com os times brasileiros, PES09-UpGrade_0.9, UMLOF_PES2009_V2.5, Diabolik77, ppr-11, Jestat, The Halifax Forum.

– MAXDRIVE and XPORT formats (zipped) – ALL LANGUAGES Download link (19-06-2009):

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– v. 3.0 NEW!: ALL ’09 winter transfers!
– v. 3.0.5 NEW!: PFC CSKA Moskva, SC Braga and FC Metalist Kharkiv for complete UEFA Cup 2008/’09 round of 16 (in Others A/B/C slot);
– v. 3.0.7 NEW!: Brazil, Italy, Spain, Egypt, South Africa and USA squads updated to Confederations Cup 2009. New Italy Puma shirt kit from Confederations Cup 2009.

– 10 club teams from BUNDESLIGA 2008/’09 (club teams in UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup included)!
featuring FC Bayern München, Werder Bremen, VfB Stuttgart, Hertha BSC Berlin, VfL Wolfsburg, Hamburger SV, FC Schalke 04, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, BVB Borussia Dortmund and TGS 1899 Hoffenheim (Others A/B/C slots);
– All teams from UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2008/’09, featuring AaB Aalborg, FC BATE Borisov and Anorthosis Famagusta FC (Others A/B/C slots);

– U21/U23 National teams instead of classic national teams; U21/U23 national teams kits featured; *
PA: You need to activate classic players in Master League configurations;
– All “classic” players substituted by players in activity; *

– All kits and logos from ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE 2008/’09;
– All kits and logos from LIGA ESPAÑOLA 2008/’09;
– Kits and logos from from BUNDESLIGA 2008/’09;
– Kits and logos revisited for all national teams;
– Arsenal FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC youth team kit templates in “Become a Legend” starting match;
– National teams squads/lineups updated;
– Shirts numbers corrected;
– No more fake and duplicated players;
– Players names to lower case;
– Stadium names corrected with additional informations;
– Cups and tournaments names corrected;
– PES Shop with 99999 credits and unlocked items;


– Kits, lineup, faces, shoes improvement;
– “Bug” fixing;

[PS2] All Stars OF Ver 1.1 PES2009 by sekularac


This is sekularac’s work with classic teams, containing 19 classic club teams: AC Milan classic, Juventus classic, Inter classic, Valencia classic, Ajax classic, Arsenal classic, Real Madrid classic, Barcelona classic, Roma classic, Lazio classic, Fiorentina classic, Parma classic, Ol. Marseille classic, Liverpool classic, Man. Utd. classic, Leeds Utd. classic, Red Star Belgrade classic, Bayern classic, Benfica classic. This teams are placed instead of some english and spanish clubs. Players stats are partly created by myself. There is no duplicating players (Zidane is only in Juve classic, Figo only in Real classic…).

Version 1.1 is available!
Improved All stars option file is available now. Made some small changes and added CHELSEA CLASSIC.


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[PS2 OF] Phato’s PES2009 OF (incl full Bundesliga 08/09 + all transfers)


Okay guys, it’s time for a good PS2 option file! This one was compiled by me picking up the best from option files that have been circulated since today. The final result is a quite good option file, wich includes full Bundesliga and is quite updated (both national and club teams). ( * note by Phato )

This is what I’ve done:
– base option file: mine
– players names in lowercase (uppercase for teams names)
– all transfers done (as far as I know…)
– large update for players faces, accessories, boots and so on – even for ML default players/ML youth players/BAL players
– added special hairstyles
– added some commentary names / revised some shirt names
– revised classic players*
– new teams added: all Bundesliga 08/09 teams (over Eredivisie), Lech Poznan, CSKA Moscow, AZ, Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV, AS Bari, Parma
– revised many team names, rosters, starting lineups, strategies, etc.
– added missing players here and there
– revised stadium, cup, league names

*when a new Master League is started, remember to set OFF the CLASSIC PLAYERS/HIDDEN PLAYERS option

jono/smoki, JoeH, XCristiano1992, konami_rules, Chrispele, Jestat
pesstatsdatabase, wepes upgrade, the Halifax Forum

– Max Drive (ENG-ITA-ESP-POR)
– Max Drive (DEU-FRA)
– X-Port (DEU-FRA)

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[PS2] Scoreboard TVs Brasileiras PES2009 by Garcez


4 tvs brasileiras, Band, ESPN, Globo e Esporte Interativo.

OBS, fiz o patch com as siglas dos Times para o Weplay Torcidas Future 2009 porém quem precisar de outras siglas são bem simples de fazer

1- Abra o arquivo unknow_558.bin com o GGS e exporte como .png a sigla de um time (ARS do Arsenal ars.png por exemplo).
2- Abra a sigla com o photoshop.
3- De um zoom na imagem em 300% para facilitar a centralização da sigla.
4- Apague ARS e digite uma nova sigla usando a fonte Arial + negrito tamanho entre 14 e 15 cor branca. (CAP = Atlético Paranaense)
5- Centralize a sigla.
6- Agora vá em salvar como e salve como cap.png.
7- Pronto é só importar a sigla com o GGS.

OBS: Quando abrir a imagem no photoshop não mude o tipo de imagem de index para rgd, edite em index mesmo senão quando importar a nova sigla vai zoar com as outras.

[PS2] Scoreboard TVs Brasileiras PES2009 by Garcez

[PS2] Scoreboard TVs Brasileiras PES2009 by Garcez

659> Liga Italiana
656> Liga internacional
662> Eredivisie (liga Holandesa)
667> Champions League

661> Liga Francesa (Brasileirão) (-marca d’agua)
660> Bundesliga (liga Alemã-sem uso) Em jogo amistoso no modo Aleatório aparece algumas vezes (-marca d’agua)
664> Copa do Mundo
663> Copa

Esporte Interativo
657> Liga inglesa
670> Campeonato internacional (sem uso) Em jogo amistoso no modo Aleatório aparece algumas vezes
666> Master Liga-D2

665> Master Liga-D1
658> Liga Espanhola
655> Exhibition (Amistoso)
668> Copa UEFA (-marca d’agua)
669> World Tour (-marca d’agua)

Pode ser aplicado diretamente na ISO do jogo, aplique o patch usando o DKZ Studio.

PES Patch PES Patch

Winning Eleven PS2 Mix Patch v2 by s03_h4nd1


Second version of my patch, i was suprised that many people download the previous version more than i expected before so i decide to make the second version of my patch. Menu totally change , add new kit layer from kenlee patch, and added new song. (by s03_h4nd1)

1.League Emblem
2.new boots
3.new menu background
4.score board for all mode from nhukieu PES 2008 scoreboard (just convert it to WE 2009, cause i’m not so good in hex editing)
add new skysport scoreboard made by me for italian league
5.replace 4 stadium with Emirates Stadium, Stamford Bridge , Allianz Arena, and Vicente Calderon
6.new ball
7.some new face
8.new position style
9.new skin
10.new UEFA champions league adboards for every stadium
11.new kit model since the kits layer has added (example: Arsenal FC kits looks better than before)
12.unlock some master league player with real faces..