Beta De Super Campeones Para PES 2009 PC


Que tal amigos hoy el equipo de Pes Sudamerican Patch le tenemos listo y los parches de pes 2015 captain tsubasa los colegios como Nakatsu, Toho, Musashi, Hanawa, Shimada… Entre otros. Equipos europeos Barcelona y Juventus con plantillas captain Tsubasa, Hamburgo juvenil. Tambien contamos con Alemania y Brasil con la formación de la serie. Tailandia solo esta listo la equipacion. En fin amigos de a poco ire avanzando para mas selecciones y equipos europeos.


PES 2009 Infinity Patch By Strongz


Infinity Patch 2019 For PES 09 Released 19-January-2019

Download PES2009 Infinity Patch

Features :
– Updated All Leagues and Teams 2019
– Last January 2019 Transfers
– New Faces From PES 2019
– PES19 Games Play, Scoreboard, Replay Logo, Graphic and Adboards
– New Kits For All Clubs and Many More.

PES 2009 Option File New Transfers Released 20.02 By Beingames4u


New OF 18-2019 For Game Without Patches For PES 2009

Download Option File New Transfers Update 20 February

Features :
Last Transfers For New Season 2018-19
Fix Many Game Problems
New Settings Make Matches More Realistic
Original Clubs’s Plans
Players Number Updated
And More

PES 2009 Ultra Patch New Season Released 31-1-2018 By Micano4u


PES 2009 New Season’s Patch 2018-2019 By Micano4u

OF Preview

Features :
Last Transfers To 31-1
New Season’s Kits For All Teams 2018
New Faces 2018 For 90% Of Players
PES 2018 New Graphic For The Patch
Add New 19 Stadium
PES 2018 Scoreboard
Add New 9 Balls

PES 2009 Patch 2017/18


PES 2009 Patch Season 2017/18

Download PES6 Patch Update For Season 2017-18

[PES 2009] PES LORD V2.0 SEASON 13/14


[PES 2009] PES LORD V2.0 SEASON 13/14

[PES 9] PES LORD V2.0 SEASON 13-14

– Full Summer Tranfers
– About 50 new faces [email protected] @Ghost Rider
– Fix Kits
– New Graphics
– UCL New TEAM List
– New Adboard
– New UCL Replay
– All New Sound Themes
– Languages: English
– Speacial THANKS to: Lucas Sales; Muhammad Nabil; Ghost Rider; …
– Based on: PES Lord 2012/2013 V2.1

Patch Season 2012-2013 The galactic PES 2009 PC


Currently the best made ​​for Patch Pes 2009, which contains, faces, hairs, kits, soccer balls, major upgrades, all completasso the 2012-2013 season, patch easy to install just extract it and run the autorun!

Made by the new team galactic:

team galactic

Credits :

Editors: Jhonni De Souza, Douglas, Juninho, Vinicius Lima, Estevo Costa ,Cleudir Jr, Tiago Falcão,Pedro!
Faces, Hairs: Jhonni, Douglas Vinicius, Cleudir, Juninho.
Shields: Juninho
Kits: Vinicius Lima, Tiago Falcão
Of: Cleudir Jr, Jhonni
Menu: Jhonni, Juninho
Stages: Douglas Holland
Ballpack: Costa Estevo
Bootpack: Estevo Costa, Pedro
Playlist: Jhonni
Team Logo: Marcos Vinicius

PART 1 :
PART 2 :
PART 3 :
PART 4 :
PART 5 :
PART 6 :
PART 7 :
PART 8 :
PART 9 :

[PES 2009] Total Soccer UEFA Euro 2012


[PES 2009] Total Soccer UEFA Euro 2012

NOTE: You need installed Total Soccer FINAL Version before this patch,
because this is update for Total Soccer FINAL Version.

More Pictures on Official Facebook fan page.


– Correct adboards with official sponsor brandings
– Balls for season 2011-12
– Boots for season 2011-12 (Adidas,Nike…)
– Updated faces and hairstyles for many players
– Updated kits for all national teams for UEFA EURO 2012
– Updated EURO 2012 squad players’ stats
– Current squads and formations for teams from EURO 2012 including Qualifying Phase
– EURO 2012 graphics during a match
– Original names and logos for all teams
– New music in the main menu
– New intro when entering the game
– Menu adapted UEFA Euro 2012 motives
– Option to choose between gameplay (Default gameplay and Total Soccer gameplay)
– Correct adboards with official sponsor brandings
– Chants for: Croatia, Czech, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, Serbia, Spain + Chants for Biggest teams in Europe.

The atmosphere of the game

Imported chants for bigger teams, atmosphere on stadium is now more realistic, fan flags are updating so it’s another good segment that improves the atmosphere.


Normal Gameplay is default gameplay (updated stats)

Total Soccer Gameplay

Improved players moving with ball and withouth it, updated stats for players, strength-balanced team, Fixed (updated) goalkeepers now defending shots from 20-30 meters, increased balance goalies, many shots from a distance now not been rejected, fixed jump for defence players, acceleration is increased, now players more moving, passing is better, game now look more realistic. Now is so harder give a goal and result end of game not more (4-5) now result is real.


Total Soccer is patch who using Stadium Changer.

PES 2009 Total Soccer Patch FINAL Version


PES 2009 Total Soccer Patch FINAL Version

Improvements to patch brings:

**** New Menu
**** New Balls
**** New kits for season 2011-12
**** New Music in the game
**** New 100 emblems % accurate for all teams
**** Collection biggest scoreboard in bonus +
**** New leagues and cups
**** Video when entering the game
**** New jerseys for referees
**** Inserted Uefa Champions League and Uefa Europa League in Master League and Become A Legend
**** A lot of new faces
**** Stadiums
**** Inserted Euro in Master League and Become A Legend.

Two types of gameplay:
First Normal Gameplay
Noraml Gameplay= Default Gameplay
Total Soccer gameplay FINAL Version
High level of reality game.


**** Kits
**** Teams
**** Transfers
**** New Adboards
**** New Faces
**** New Gameplay (FInal Version)
**** Added Scoreboards
**** 56 Stadiums (GDB)

PES 2009 Total Soccer Patch FINAL Version Download :

More information on Facebook fan page.

[PES 2009] Total Soccer 2011/12


[PES 2009] Total Soccer 2011/12

Total Soccer Patch Winter 2011-12 Improvements to patch brings:

**** New Menu New Balls ****
**** New kits for season 2011-12 
**** New 100 emblems % accurate for all teams 
**** Collection biggest scoreboard in bonus + 
**** New leagues and cups 
**** Video when entering the game 
**** New jerseys for referees 
**** Uefa Champions League, and Uefa Europa League in Master League and Become A Legend 
**** A lot of new faces **** 
**** New stadiums 
**** Scoreboard are in Bonus + folder, list: B92 * Eurosport *** **** Sky Sky Italia **** **** Sport television Uefa **** Scoreboard **** Uefa Champions League Uefa Europa League **** **** Canal + 
**** Euro 2012 in Master League and Become A Legend. 

GAMEPLAY ============= 

Two types of gameplay 

Normal Gameplay ———————- Normal is the default gameplay gameplay that is the one that came with the Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 second 

Total Soccer Gameplay ——— Total Soccer gameplay improves the movement of players. Reduced the strength of debris, the acceleration of players, short and long dog, increased speed of defensive players, so it’s harder to run, nike increased capacity, enhanced defense to all players, reinforced head and jump shot, strengthened by turning the ball over the summer , reduced versatility players. recommend you to play with Total Soccer Gameplay.

More pictures