PES 2021 MatchUP – New Game Mode + Option File Editor


PES 2021 MatchUP – New Game Mode + Option File Editor by [email protected]

MatchUP is basically a never before done attempt at generating a valid game save file with the conditions that you specify.

Ever since I have played PES I have always dreamt of having a game that had the gameplay of PES but with the features of a management game.
Each year I thought that konami would put some of our most requested features in ML. But sadly it has never happened.
And now after seeing their current plans I doubt ML will ever get the attention it deserves.
For all of us, gameplay in PES has always been the best. It was always the features department that Konami have been lacking.

PES 2021 Starting Year Tool by Devil Cold52


PES 2021 Starting Year Tool by Devil Cold52.

This tool is setting the first year of the season ML/BL, the tool only works with eFootball PES 2021 Season Update game.

Compatibility: game version

PES 2021 Starting Year Tool

eFootball2022 LOD and NoCrowd Tool by digitalfoxx (


eFootball2022 LOD&NoCrowd Tool by digitalfoxx:

eFootball2022 LOD&NoCrowd Tool by digitalfoxx

You can extract it to the location where the efootball.exe file is located and run it.

1. LOD (10% ~ 200%) – The min and max for the in-game resolution ratio can be changed. (default 50% ~ 100%)
(Above 100%, I couldn’t see a difference in the pixel change. :)

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2. NoCrowd (Like the picture below)

NoCrowd eFootball 2022
Password : PESWEB

This version is only compatible with eFootball2022 v0.9.0.0

New Update 11.11:

Password : PESWEB

This version is only compatible with eFootball2022 v0.9.1.0

The program is packed for code protection. it’s safe to use.

eFootball 2022 Custom_Camera_Slider by digitalfoxx (


eFootball 2022 Custom_Camera_Slider [Game Ver]

The slider automatically detects the efootball process and is enabled/disabled.

eFootball2022 Custom_Camera_Slider

EvoTool For eFootball 2022 by lagun-2


Alpha Version Features:

    • Add Players & Transfers (work in progress…)
    • Add Coaches Section
    • Add Stadiums Section
    • Add Balls Section
    • Add Boots Section
    • Add Gloves Section


  • Download the archive
  • Extract the content
  • Run .exe


EvoTool For eFootball 2022

eFootball 2022 Network Disabler


eFootball 2022 Network Disabler by Devil Cold52 is a tool that disables or enables internet control when entering the game for eFootball 2022 soccer simulator.

eFootball 2022 Network Disabler

eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor by Devil Cold52


eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor 3.1 for player.bin
This tool is in beta, big thanks to vadim_95 for Player.bin Decoding.

1: Always backup your file.
2: Tool is using Obfuscator Tool to protect the code. If your antivirus detect the file, it’s false detection.

eFootball 2022 Player Data Editor by Devil Cold52

eFootball 2022 CriPackedFileMaker


eFootball 2022 CriPackedFileMaker (ucas utoc pak) Patch DpFileListGeneratorData is an upcoming tool for eFootball 2022 Free To Play game.

eFootball 2022 CriPackedFileMaker

More news to come, thanks to Bropcgame22.

eFootball™ 2022 Settings App – Run Check Tool


eFootball 2022 Settings app can be used to check if your PC can run the new eFootball 2022 game and also adjust your settings.

Run Check Tool

eFootball 2022 – UE Viewer (Unreal Model Viewer)


eFootball 2022 – UE Viewer (Unreal Model Viewer) is a tool which helps you see what’s inside the new game engine, made for those “who are curious”.

Check the tool and info here.


efootball ue view