1. if you meant “for pes 2011?”,
    for the pes2011,
    by the pes2011,
    of the pes2011.
    only for pes2011!!!

  2. @ rustam. see readme.txt
    @ swayne. sorry about that. well, i haven’t 4:3 monitor. would you tell me how it dosen’t work in 4:3 mode, i could try to fix?

  3. good work marthchyld
    but can you tell me how you can put the third logo in a scorboard like you have do
    sorry for my english

  4. @youssefock. open game2d_01 in unnamed_275 by ggs.
    open unnamed_278 by sb editor 1.3.
    and you’ll find the answer.

  5. pls make espn or something that suits all league ( i hope u know what i mean). this is very nice scoreboard btw, but i’ll wait until u release other kinda scoreboard :)

  6. thank’s man i understand now…but please how can i move the tv logo in unnamed_276..can you tell me in witch offset i have to do change??
    sorry for my english

  7. Hello mart chyld,

    Thx a lot,the best SB i´ve seen around for german Bundesliga until now,but the apperance from the SB itself in the upper right is (on my PC) still not perfect,the Rest is really excellent work.(Used Colors,appearance itself,Layout a.s.o.)
    Because i have no knowledge(ment) about any offset things i cannot help myself in this case.Unfortunately because you(me) cannot change anything with GGS in 275.bin/276.bin/278.bin.
    GGS is not able to display the contents of your files.
    Other SB´s f.e. have the TV-Logo in the 275.bin.
    Another point is that i cannot explain myself why the Layouts of the different SB´s available are so highly different.(f.e.275.bin,the SB Layout itself)That causes Display errors when you change the Graphic files in the bin,especially in the Extra Time,i hope you understand what i mean.
    It would be a perfect Bundesliga SB if you are able to change the TV-Logo to “Skybundesliga LIVE” in illuminating white not all opaque but light transparent; including the correct appearance of the SB itself,which is (we all know) not perfect until now.You are the only “SB-Magician” out there who was able to implement the down right appearing Bundesliga-Logo,wich i highly appreciate.
    I would like to use the 16:9 Version of your fantastic Work.
    Sorry for eventually written mistakes/faults in this message,it´s only “School-English” and the last Day was in 7/1989.
    Golden Regards from Germany


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