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Bundesliga Patch PES 2020 For PS4 and PC by CYPES


Bundesliga PES20 Patch PS4/PC by Custom Your PES (CYPES)

This option file adds 15 teams from German Bundesliga in game with more than 500 players added to the league with video install tutorial provided.

Download Bundesliga Patch PES2020 For PS4

You need to install the last live update of Konami before installing this patch.

This OF does not contain the content of CYPES 1.0. To have all the content, please install CYPES 1.0 and the Bundesliga patch.


PC players, take the D version of the patch. (inside)

After installing the 18 teams, it is necessary to move some of them to the Bundesliga League. Here’s how to do:

1. Go to edit mode > competition format > number of teams, and put “18” for the Bundesliga.

2. Make ” return ” then go to ” Europe ” move with L1 / R1 between each league and move the German teams who are in “other teams (Europe)” in the Bundesliga (click and replace the imaginary team).

Buli League Settings

This version works on both PC (Steam use D vers.) and Playstation 4.

Credits CYPES Team, Panos Paschalis and Angeltorero for kits.


  1. Cant install it.

    loading failed.

    Many Teams of CYPES 1.0 worked (some dont)
    But the Bundesliga dosnt work here and this is sad.
    I have no Idea why.

  2. I downloaded D patch, for PC Steam version.
    Some import of competitions, doesn’t work. Around item 30, it starts to give you errors.

    And Bundesliga patch still shows some fake teams in Bundesliga, like Pes United, etc…
    Some teams are original, some are still fakes.

  3. Works great!! Thanks!

    The trick is to install Cypes Patch first. Load data without checkboxes. Teams and then competition. I have errors by a few competion files but what else.. Then import Bundesliga files and youre done!

    To make it work delete your save files first.

  4. Bundesliga still shows some fictional teams like PES United, I can’t put Bayern Muchen or Leverkusen on Bundesliga

  5. I have a problem with this. All the teams are perfecte, i have the Evo Patch so i don’t install Borussia Dortmund. I have 14 teams work correctly but for some reason the TED file for Red Bull Leipzig does not work. I’d tried everything, even i reinstalled the game and nothing seams to fix the error on RB team. Any clue why this speciffic team doesn’t work?

  6. Bundesliga doesn’t work for me. Is that cause i have evoweb patch? If this is it, what should i do?

  7. Bundesliga doesn’t work for me while imporying. It says import failed. What do i do


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