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BPL 2011 Patch 1.0 by MUFCFan & Radeqq81


pes 2011 BPL 2011 Patch 1.0

BPL 2011 Patch 1.0

– League: Barclays Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Scottish Premier League, Bundesliga, Liga BBVA, nPower Championship, Europe, Others, Others America
Missing teams from the Champions League and some of the European League.
– Addition of new players (about 300)
– Each team is set to formations
– Each team is assigned spots on the map
Added 7 reserve teams – Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur
– Instead of imaginary players in ML
True best young from across the English league
Added callnames for players with BPL, SPL and Championship nPower
– About 90% of the players in the Premiership has its own face, which was NOT made by the editor from the game (the first one has no face, made known. Scan)
Patch works with the patch from Konami DLC 1.03 and 7.00

-Kits for most teams in the game
-New Faces (300)
19 Stadiums BPL original plus 20 from the editor (with flags supporters, etc) and 5 of the original (every team has its stadium-course, for obvious reasons, the stadium is after a few bands). All the stadiums of the grasslands HD ((4096×2048))
– The new stadium training (this is exactly the Upton Park). Soon will come the full version so if we put for normal stadiums Real intros and previev for all stadiums by radeqq81 (also for those of the editor)
-Real Judges
Music after a goal for the best players from the BPL
-Adding new trainers (Wenger, Ferguson, Ancelotti, Mourinho)
Original Video-menu by radeqq81
Ballpack containing 31 balls with the new preview by radeqq81
-New style menu that contains 30 HD wallpapers by radeqq81 and MUFCFan
The original band for four stadiums that BPL radeqq81 (more is not possible), plus gang “common” for the other stadiums
Approximately 300 new Callnames for BPL, SPL and Championship nPower. It works only with the original commentary by John Champion / Jim Beglin.
-Tattoos for players to Premier League radeqq81
-New realistic scoreboard (also in the selector)
New style tunnel before going out to players on the pitch radeqq81
-Realistically fans
-New sponsors in Master League
-Each team has its own corner flag
Selector by radeqq81 and there to choose from:
*24 Scoreboards to choose from (as 4-3 or 16-9)
*8 Scores EPL TV and log replays: Arsenal TV, Canal Plus Sport, Chelsea TV, Man. City TV, TV Fulham, Liverpool TV, Manchester United TV, Eurosport 2 HD)
*2 Log types of teams to choose from (BPL styles or logos of high-quality HD 3D)
*9 Goalkeeping nets
*12 Kinds of icons loading
*3 Types of menu icons
*4 Types of icons positions
*Effect snow, no cursor ball

Download BPL 2011 Patch 1.0 :

Slideshow from the Patch-CLICK

BPL 2011 Patch 1.0 Official Video:

─ Download all parts on your computer
─ Unzip
─ Install
─ Run the game from the desktop icon BPL 2011 Patch 1.0

Important: (for users who do not have DLC Konami patch 7.0 and 1.03)

For Windows XP patch is installed along with the DLC and the 7.0 patch from Konami 1.03 (needed for proper operation.) On other systems, did not check so I do not know if they were having problems starting the game normally be included (no icon BPL 2011 Patch 1.0) then enter the Extra Content and install any available updates


  1. mam taki problem
    gra na wiekszych stadionach przycina sie czy w config mozna tak zrobic aby tak sie nie tlo
    czy muzyka z poprzedniej wersji patcha (rap) jest akrualana do scigniecia poniewaz mi leci muzyka z czystego pes

  2. WOW, your patch looks second to none, hope it’s the one we ‘re looking for!
    I’ll try it out and replay back!
    Thanks for the hard work anywways!

  3. PATCH EXCELLENT! just missing second divisions over … but very good job, Congratulations.

  4. Hey MUFCFan & Radeqq81

    patch looks amazing

    is the emirates stadium in this like properly because ive tried alot of patches and the emirates stadium which is ment to replace stade de somethin doesnt work

  5. it crashes in euro super cup. nice patch best in long time a few small bits to do with it. i like it good stuff

  6. I understand that you are a Man Utd fan but to exaggerate with the overall of the players like Valencia – 95 , Nani – 93 , O`shea – 90 , Van der sar – 95 etc , it`s ridiculous , no offense

  7. Best i have ever seen, just keep going guys. For players who loves Premier League and English football !

  8. this patch is the best patch i ever seen but you have to let the ability of the players like the way it was that would be better and make your patch perfect

  9. nice patch that u hv there..
    i’ve been using ur patch bout one week.
    everything was great, except it crashes in EURO SUPER CUP (ML MODE).
    i’ve been trying it several times with other team in ML MODE. Result is similar, i dunno why but game always crashes in EURO SUPER CUP and goes back to desktop.
    please do sumthing..
    overall, loves ur patch dude….

  10. how do you put in GDB folder?i want to put in new kits and use 3rd kits.plz reply

  11. I have problem with this patch.When i run bpl computer says ,,Program has stopped working,,on windows 7.Can you help me

  12. hey it is showing soe error 11fd and i cant understand the rest because its not in english …
    please help me out guys……..


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