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Bootpack Final by bjoonkim


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I use DirectX Texture Tool and resize all 60 boots by 512×256.
However, the quality of all the boots are great or much better than older version.

– Fix the color of boots and replace some boots instead of older version.

Following the instruction by the steps as:
1) Unrar this rar file
2) Copy all 3 folders (dt0c.img, dtof.img, and dt06.img) and paste into your PES2011 game folder.
3) Make sure copy back-up these 3 folder before installing

Enjoy the game!!

Specially thanks to WECN-team (Master Severus), mcbull67, DK Hernandez, and all other boot makers!!


  1. I’ve unRARd the file n when i tried to copy to my pes folder on ps3 it didnt show up what du i do?

  2. I pasted these 3 folders to kitserver but how to turn their game is not there

  3. Hey I’m using Winrar to extract my files to my Kingson memory stick.
    When I do this successfully then it says in my save data utility that the data has corrupt.
    Have I went wrong?
    Anyone help?
    Desperate for this

  4. which is the file. bin of mercurial nike superfly III – yellow, green, light blue?


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