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Big Patch Xtrem11 Pes-Soccer.fr


* 100% Compatible Online
* All kits for all Teams / selections
* Some europeans Teams with techfit Technologie (Arsenal, MU, Barcelone etc…)
* HD Emblems
* Correct Team name
* Team name & player in small letter (ex: Rooney)
* Correct Colors radars & Supporter for all Teams
* EXCLUSIVE Chant Pack
* Anthems Patch
* New Stadium (which three Pes-Soccer Stadium)
* BallPack Pes-Soccer
* Ligue 1 Ball (Second half of season)
* 32 Menus (Menus Pes-Soccer, Miscellaneous etc…etc…)
* Adboard Pack Pes-Soccer
* New Turfs for all stadium
* New turfs for all Stadium Editor
* Pes-Soccer Turf
* Real Trophy
* Real Trophy Become a Legend
* Real Sponsor Master League
* Scoreboard Pes-Soccer
* New Gloves
* News Referee Kits
* New Faces & Hairs Referee
* 120 new Faces (Bendtner, Chicharito, Sessegnon, Carvalho , Diaby, Squillaci, Cech etc
* Corner Flag Pes-Soccer
* New Pes-Soccer Net
* French FIFA Commentarie
* Copa Libertadores unlock for Exhibition mode
* Exclusive Kit Pes-Soccer United with techfit Technologie


Very simple ! This patch no contains KITSERVER ! Files img were modified.

=> Install Patch 1.03 of KONAMI

=> Install DLC 2.00 of KONAMI

=> Install the big patch Xtrem11 with three exe (part1, part2, part3) {Install all exe not part1}

=> Launch the game & good match…

It is possible that the window of installation stops during a few moments.
We ask you to wait for some minutes and not to cancel the installation, the software continues to turn even if he does not answer.

-> Miscellaneous1
-> Miscellaneous2

Credits : Team Pes-Soccer.fr


  1. i cant open the dlc 2.00withany program ,what do i do? what am i supposed to do basically.doesnt open iwth winzip or rar.do i need to mount it? i have the dvd version

  2. thanks for the addon but i have questions if you dont mind.
    1-can we change language to english
    2-then you i dont understand very well what you mean by these “Install the big patch Xtrem11 with three exe (part1, part2, part3) {Install all exe not part1}”
    3-this is the most heavy patch that i have seen so what does it have so special to be 20x bigger thsn all the others that i have seen?

  3. thank’s for this nice patch.
    i have some request for next patch:
    1-new face (messi-ronaldo-Casillas-rony-Sergio Ramos-Fernando Torres and other players …)
    2-new stadium as (soccr city-delle Alpi-azadi-Azadi Stadium-Emirates Stadium-Stamford Bridge and other stadium in different manner)
    3-new Adboards
    4-new teams as (selected world & europe and other…)
    5-new menu as (ronaldo-drogba-kaka and …)
    6- HD Emblems of all teams
    7- All kits for all Teams / selections
    8-Team name & player in small letter
    10-New Turfs (orginal Turfs for all stadium)
    11-New turfs for Stadium Editor
    12-Real Sponsor Master League
    13-new Scoreboard (orginal Scoreboard)
    14-New Gloves
    15-lgoo as(adidas-nike-puma and …) for create team in master league
    moreover all of particulars previous patchs

  4. my brother ‘, so this is crashing, no team has tansvera deleted partisan, Manchester and a similar repeated several times and it’s pathetic, tell me if such a patch somewhere gresim and so few offers, please explain thanks.

  5. Hello,

    The patchs is in French ! But, you can change this langage ! After the install, go to the img folder and rename dt05_f.img in dt05_e.img or i for italian etc…etc…

    Drago, are you install DLC 2.00 and patch 1.03 of KONAMI before install the patch ?
    Are you install ‘Big Patch Xtrem11.part1.exe’, ‘Big Patch Xtrem11.part2.exe’ and ‘Big Patch Xtrem11.part3.exe’ ?

  6. Thanks, but one of you can give me his file EDIT.bin which is in documents konami pes2011 save please? It makes me crash my pc, I would like to make out a will with other one! thank you (sorry i’m french)

  7. Does All The EPL Kits Are Corrected

    R: YES ! EPL Kits are corrected…

    I Not Install The PES-TV?Cos I Got The ESPN Live

    R: It’s not possible.. but you have possibly to modifie the unnamed_725.bin in dt06.img who contains the logo PES TV….

  8. sto ste glupi ovaj patch kurcu ne valja sto ga skidate pise nema njemacke lige ima obicna izmisljena pes liga bezveze pravo

  9. Παιδιά συγνώμη που θα κάνω ανόητη ερώτηση πρέπει να τα βάλω στον φάκελο με τα αρχεία του προ για να παίξει??

  10. jesamopa, you are install the patch ?xD, MDR…

    Thanos please speak French or English ! Thx

    man,my strips doesn’t work….why? What, install ???

  11. but I have a brother with other PACOM in the past, and what you mean to Langage, and tell me exactly where to send 1-2-3 img fajlove.Hvala advance …

  12. and i’ve been installed The patch and 2.00 and 1.03 patches…..why my strips looks so strangee….??

  13. no goura ! you will install the DLC 2.00, the patch 1.03 and to finish install the patch Xtrem11…

  14. yees….i;ve been instaled patch 1.03 and 2.00 and thne i’ve been instaled the Xtrem 11 patch….everything is okay…but the strips…looks…strange….

  15. “pes edit patch 1.4 and fire patch are better !!!” !!

    MDR,YEAAAAAH YESSSSSSSSSSSS MAN. Why you answered then?…xD, pffff

    “chdan i say to you when i install i put it in the pes2011 files and after do extract??”
    The install extract the img files (dt06.img, dt0c.img etc… in the img folder, saves files in My Document & dt0f.img in the KONAMI/download folder..

    I hope that it reponses has your question? If not it is because I have not the sorry included good!

  16. yea and why u make patch with no changes just kits ?
    and why u make patch when u don”t know to make patch ?

  17. yea and why u make patch with no changes just kits ?

    MDR, Install the patch ! However, All has kit but once you NO !!!!zarb…spec…

  18. Dear CHDAN,
    I don’t have orginal Game, is that necessary to play online, if not how i can get Game ID.

  19. this is a pacth or the whole game??i see like a pes2011 game not
    a patch….can someby tell me what is this???

  20. Its PC and French but you have possibly to change langage !

    In the img folder, dt05_f.img in _e for english , _i for italian etc…etc…

    Orbi, this is a patch…

  21. i’d download all the part.its seem part 1 only function.other file show error..cant extract..waaaaaaaaaaaa..;(

  22. Hey!!!
    What is that!!! This patch has completely change Manchester United’s jersey…WHY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Is there any way to overcome this??? Coz, I can’t play since I cannot feel well when I’m not seeing our real jersey.
    Plz, Help :(

  23. @okami probably not, it’s soon anywau

    @angelo you can make “jersey” look like Hulk if you like! If i like to jerk off watching Victor Valdez to wear Micky Mouse’s gloves….it’s my problem.

    @chdan learn french

    @Team Pes-Soccer.fr
    respect :P

  24. “this patch has bundesliga or not?”

    No !

    “@chdan learn french'”

    MDR, yes yes….xD !…………………………………….

  25. Yo,i can play,recuier some cod to activate…whats that?,i do weriting is write in discription…..:S

  26. Hi, since the DLC yesterday overwrote the stuff in this patch. Is there plans to release a new one?

    I can’t go back to playing with the default strips now.

    Please let me know & thanks for wonderful hard work on this patch it’s awesome.


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