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Big Bird Stadium By Marthchyld [Beta Version]


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hostapic.net hostapic.net

– suwon worldcup stadium (big bird stadium).
– suwon bluewings’ home st.
– this is beta version. i haven’t added light effect yet.
– credits : Ky Kiske (original creator when pes6), anadyr (conversion when pes2010). jenkey1002 ( i used his hd turf source. and he advised me on converting stadium.)
– copy stadium files(BIN) and paste into dt07.img or dt06.img under kitserver img directory.
– it replaces konami stadium.


  1. Marthchyld
    Hello! how to insert the texture of a football field in the model in a blender? please tell me. and why when I bake a texture, they are black?

  2. Marthchyld
    you can make a mini tutorial how to insert the lawn? when I made the stadium. in the game I had a black box with a marking


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