1. Sir, I used the smoke patch with your cpk then all of my players using the same boots (copa mundial, the black one) .. how to fix it?

  2. hey you have my boots in this bootpack and where is the credit?
    please i want from pespacth to blog this user immediately because I will break from uploading my JOBS here

  3. I told him.. but he reply just like that..
    all adidas stellar pack is form your bootspack an nike magista too.. I put in there while I’m post for PES 2016 Boots..

  4. i know

    this texture was created by wens groupe

    i only change the 3d model of them

    i say it again :

    i was say wens name in “README!” file

  5. not just wens.. mine & oxarapesedit has make the texture..
    and the 3d model was mine edit.. it same pic of what I post on pes 2016 boots!!

  6. hi bro, please don’t be made at him … he was trying to do a good thing. i really your work and you have all the credit, he said sorry many times so forgive him and continue your work.. because we need it…

    thanks again for your hard work!!!!

  7. Work like charm with PTE patch 2.1, just make sure this placed last in your load order in dpfilelistgenerator (after pte patch’s .cpk). Just like modding skyrim, it is the same. Great and easy. Mod it until it crashed.

  8. Work like charm with PTE Patch 2.1, just make sure you place this last in your load order in DPFileList Generator (after pte patch’s .cpk obviously). Just like that, nice and easy, like modding skyrim, it is the same, mod it until it crashed.

  9. Hey bro, can you please upload a gold or silver mercurial??? Old or new it doesn’t matter because most of the stuff on here has gotten lame and boring…. I’d appreciate it bro.


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