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Bayern Munich FacePack + MiniFaces by wima_2 For PES 2018 Smoke Patch


Bayern FacePack + Miniface Exported From PS4 and Fixed For PES 18 Smoke Patch

Download Bayern Munched FACEPACK

* Exported 6 faces for Bayern from PS4 and making them work with PES2018 PC version.

– Compatible with Smoke Patch.
– Includes Minifaces

Rafinha, T. Starke, F. Ribery, K. Coman, J. Bernat & S. Ulreich

fileupload mirror

Password: wima_2


  1. Just check the ID if its the same as Smoke patch so you can use it directly.

    If not the same you just need to change the ID according to PTE patch

  2. Wilma can you help I have several face created by me but how can I paste it on pes patch website
    Not able to sign up

  3. I converted the faces for the PTE patch but They become grey. Could anyone help me please? How i can convert without the grey face bug?

  4. This is a well known bug for any face exported from PS4 to pes 18 (pc) & till now no facemaker have found a solution for this bug, so overall you can have them till anyone can find a fix for the movement bug.

  5. WIMA_02 yes but for example, starke has a 4 letter ID and in galaxy patch a 5 letter ID…
    It must be the same number of letters! so its not possible to use this face! Just bernat can be used for galaxypatch! please make it compatible with other patches

  6. No it’s possible & easy
    1- make new folder with 4 letter name ( like “star”) & put sourceimages folder inside it.

    2- open all fmdl & fpk files with HXD tool & search for old ID & replace it with the 4 letter “star”

    make new folder & name it as the new ID you want & put the #win folder inside it.

    Now you have two folders the
    _5 letter which contain the #win
    _4 letter “star” which contain sourceimages

    Now put them directly in real folder & make CPK

    See this video to have clear steps.


  7. No it’s easy & possible.
    Check my comment below & watch the video to know how to change the ID in case of different ID length.


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