1. am a fan of this site from 6 feet and was wondering if you guys accept the partnership?

  2. to install the kit is gray because when the kit is it is porq ta defective or bug and etc …

  3. can somebody answer my bloody question?
    i have only the kit only for the gk and for players a grey kit…

  4. to install kits in png format:
    1- you must download kitserver that include kserv.dll
    2- put it in game direction like this: C:\Program Files\PES 2012\konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\
    3- download GDB forder of each team you like and then insert it in this direction (for example; Arsenal): C:\Program Files\PES 2012\konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver12\GDB\uni\EPL\Arsenal
    4- lastly, you must fix your team’s code in map.txt . write this for Arsnal, in map.txt : 101, “EPL\Arsenal”


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