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Pes-Hellas Patch 2017 Add-On + Fixed Stadiums


PES-Hellas Patch 2017 Add-On and Fixed Stadiums

Download PES Hellas 2017 Fix and Update

First File:
Add-On contains:
– Scoreboards for all competitions
– Trophies for all competitions
– 150+ new stadiums (there are some greek inside them)
– 2 exclusive balls for Greece 2004 and Classic Brasil
– New camera
– New gameplay



PES-HELLAS Patch 2017 All In One

Download PES-HELLAS PATCH 2017 AIO Version

Pes-Hellas Patch contains:
-Real emblems for all competitions
-Full Greek Super League 100%
-Bundes 100%
-Serie A 100%
-Serie B 100%
-La Liga 100%
-La Liga 2 100%

PES-Hellas Patch 2017 v3.00



Download PES-HELLAS PATCH 2017 Update 3.00

Ver 3.00 contains:
– Added 16 new classic teams (Real Madrid,Barcelona, Milan, Manchester United,etc.)
– Added 4 new national teams (Armenia, Belarus, India, Myanmar)
– Added 750+ new faces to all competitions
– Added 3 new greek stadiums (Karaiskaki, Toumba, Apostolos Nikolaidis)

PES-Hellas Patch 2017 Online Version FIX


PES-Hellas Patch 2017 FIX For Online Version

Download PES-Hellas Patch 2017 FIX

This file is for Pes-Hellas Online patch. This file is for Pes-Hellas Online patch (You must first have this, and then download fix file). With this file you can fix the problem with invincible kits.

PES-Hellas Patch 2017 Online version


PES-Hellas Patch 2017 Online Version

Cover Preview

These files are for online gaming with this pes-hellas patch. This patch is recommended only for those who are playing only online.

IMPORTANT: This is not update for Pes-Hellas patch series (ver1.00+ver2.00). This is a separate patch that contains only database+kits+faces. No graphics, stadiums, etc. This patch made with online restrictions.

PES-HELLAS Patch 2017 v2.00 Big FIX


PES-Hellas Patch 2017 2.00 Big FIX Released 1 May ’17

Download PES-Hellas Patch 2017 Update 2.00 FIXED

Fix file contains:
– fixed stadiums white turf (like stade france, emirates, etc.)
– fixed stadium bugs(like anfield, Vincente calderon, etc.)
– added Inter Home Stadium

PES-Hellas Patch 2017 v2.00


PES-Hellas Patch 2017 2.00 Released 25 April ’17

Download PESHellas Update Patch 2.0

This patch contains:
-Fixed bugs from previous versions (White hands, Dortmund Stadiums etc)
-Winter transfers
-24 New european teams (Full Europa and Champions League Teams + Aris)
-10 New mexican teams
-15+ New national teams (Cyprus, Congo DR, Indonesia, Canada, etc.)
-10 New Classic Teams (Chalkidona, Parma, East Germany, etc.)

PES-Hellas Patch 2017 v1.00 Fix 2


PES-HELLAS Patch 2017 v1.00 Fix 2

Download PES-HELLAS Patch 2017 Update 1.00 Fix v2

Fix File Contains:
– Added stadiums view like ps4 before match (Allianz Arena, San Siro, Camp Nou)
– Added Friends Arena Stadium (Europa League final 2017 stadium)
– Fixed Signal Iduna Stadium (Dortmund Stadium)
– Fixed stadiums white turf (like Santiago Bernabeu, Konami,etc.)
– Fixed oaka turf
– Added Millenium Stadium (CL final 2017 stadium)

PES-Hellas Patch 2017 v1.00


PES-HELLAS PATCH 2017 v1.00 (PC) + Fix

Download pes hellas 2017 patch with olympiacos cfp vs asteras tripolis

This patch contains:
-Real emblems for all competitions
-Full greek super league 100%
-Bundes 100%
-Serie A 100%
-Serie b 100%
-La liga 100%
-La liga 2 100%
-liga zon sagres 100%
-Argentina and Chile league 100%
-MLS 100%

Pes-Hellas Patch 2015 ver 2.02 (Final Version)


Pes-Hellas Patch 2015 version 2.02 (The Final Version) 

PES-HELLAS Patch Version 2.02 For PES 2015 is available for download. For install information view readme file. First you MUST have Pes-Hellas patch ver 2.00 and update 2.01. It is compatible with DLC 4.00 and patch 1.03.This update is 2 parts.

1 2 2a 3

Pes-Hellas patch ver 2.02 contains:

– fixed all bugs that update 2.01 had

– 250+ more new faces