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Pes-Hellas patch2018 Special Edition 1.2


Pes-Hellas patch2018 Special Edition V1.2 is available for download(final edition for pes 2018). Install information you will find at readme.txt file. You can download it as parts or as torrent. Before installation you must have pre-installed Special Edition, Special Edition 1.1 + fix.

Preview 1.2

SE 1.2 contains:

– Fixed some faces bugs
– Added more new 3D faces
– Updated emblems for clubs
– Updated Panathinaikos kits to 2018-19 kits

Pes-Hellas Patch2017 update 2018 [02 September]


From the link at the bottom of this post you can download Pes-Hellas patch facepack for pes 2017 and tattoo pack updated. This update also contains updates for some classic rosters, for this reason if you download these files and you have in progress Master League with classic players, you must create a new one(If no there is no problem). You can download it either as parts or as torrent. Installation is same like the whole patch (no like add-on).

Download All Star Classic PES2018 Patch

Update 2018 contains:
-Fixed bug with Day Rainy weather at Emirates Stadium
-Updated faces for all leagues
-Added new faces (7400+ in total)
-New classic players added
-Updated classic rosters

* link coming soon.

PES-Hellas Patch 2017 Add-on2


PES-Hellas Patch 2017 Add-on 2 Released 6 Aug. ’18

Download Classic Juventus and Classic Milan

Add-on2 contains:
– Fixed San Paolo
– Updated Ipurua stadium (Eibar)
– Scoreboards for all competitions (added World Cup scoreboard)
– Trophies for all competitions
– 270+ new stadiums (There are some greek inside them)
– 2 exclusive balls for Greece 2004 and Classic Brasil
– New camera
– New gameplay

Pes-Hellas Editing Team Looking For New Members


Hi guys, Pes-Hellas editing team is looking for members. The link at this post will direct you at our new community to view at which parts we need help.

Every help will be valuable.

– Thanks in advance

Link: http://www.pes-hellas.com/pes-2019/pes-hellas-editing-team-needs-you/

Pes-Hellas Patch 2018 Special Edition 1.1


Update for Pes-Hellas patch2018 Special Edition is available for download. Install information are available at readme.txt.

Preview Hellas 1.1

Special Edition1.1 contains:
– Fixed bug with adboards (now you can play greek superleague at Master League)
– Yoshimori Muto replaced Yuki Muto at Mainz squad
– Fixed bug with AFC champions League players appearances
– Added 3 new free agents (Diogo Luis Santo, Hamza Younes, Javito)
– Added 10+ new faces
– Fixed grey faces (Lucas Lima,Ruben Dias,etc.)
– Fixed bug with faces exported from Ps4 (Katsouranis, Gekas, Giovinco, etc.)

Pes-Hellas Patch 2018 Special Edition


A Special Edition of Pes-Hellas patch 2018 is available for download from the links at the end of this post. You can download it either as torrent or as parts. Install information you will find at Readme.txt file that is in patch files. You don’t need to have another version of Pes-Hellas patch but you need all DLCs (You can find them at pes-hellas blog too).

Download Pes-Hellas Patch 2018 SE

Special Edition contains:
-Added all teams from Cyprus league
-Added OFI and SV Austria Salzburg at other European teams
-Two new classic teams (The Galacticos, Greece 2004)
-6 new stadiums (Old Trafford, Stade de France, etc.)
-A plenty of free agents are waiting for you to sign them at Master League (with their real ID)

PES-HELLAS PATCH 2018 v2.00 (PC) +Fix


Second version of Pes-Hellas patch 2018 is available for download. You can download it either as torrent or as parts (18 parts). After the end of downloading, you must download fix file. Fix file contains fixed some faces. Install information you will find at Readme.txt file that is in patch files. You don’t need to have version 1 but you need DLC 1 and DLC 2.

2.0 Preview

Ver 2.00 contains:
– Winter transfers
– Updated kits for some national teams
– Fixed color radars for a lot of teams
– More minifaces
– More realistic faces
– Added 2 new balls (Copa libertadores 2018 and Champions League final 2018)

PES-HELLAS Patch 2018 v1.00


PES-HELLAS PATCH 2018 Version 1.00 For PES 2018

Download HELLAS 2018 Patch

This patch contains:
-Real emblems for all competitions and names
-Full greek super league 100%

Pes-Hellas Patch For PES 2018 Team Request


Hi mates. I am from Pes-Hellas patch team.

We made patches for pes since 2012. This year we want help for pes 2018. Pes-Hellas doesn’t make only greek patches but our aim is to make PES every year more realistic. We are looking for someone especially for 3D models (stadiums, faces, kits).

If someone want to help us please contact with us here.

Some information for patches: here.

PES-Hellas Patch 6 Season 2016/17


PES-HELLAS PATCH 6 Season 2016-2017

Download PES6 Hellas Patch

PES 6 patch contains:
-all transfers from 2016/17 season
-a lot of new european clubs
-4 new latin america teams+ 1 from asia
-real emblems for all competitions