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I'am a pes fan from it's begining (pes2006) . And i also make patches and mods. Visit my blog www.indiainpes.blogspot.com to download my indian team patch for pes 2013

Indian Team Mod For Pes 2014 by physicist3d


Indian Team Mod/Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 by physicist3d

Overview – Hello Readers After my previous indian team mod for pes 2013 i decided to make this mode again, now for the new and latest pes PES 2014. It will include these following features –


1. Correct and updated high quality all Indian team kits made by myself.


2. Correct and latest squad with correct names for all players. a screenshot of indian team squad –


3. Correct and high quality india tricolour flag. Here is a preview of flags which are created in Pes 2014 logo creator by Jenkey1002 –


India 2013-15 Team Kits For Pes 2014 by physicist 3D


India 2013-15 Team Kits For Pes 2014 by physicist 3D

Download India 2013-15 Team Kits For Pes 2014 by physicist 3D

Hello, Blog Readers, I’am presenting Indian Team kits (2013-15) before you so that you can use it in pes 2013. The Kits are updated and in high quality as you can see the preview of these kits:


Like me, many indian football wants to play as their team in the most populus soccer game PES that is why i created these kits from scratch using templete. I will also release a mod/patch for pes 2014 shortly with correct names and emblems.
So keep a look at my blog www.indiainpes.blogspot.com for updates.

INDIAN team mod/Patch for PES 2013 (Play as India in pes 2013)


Hello, pes users, I’am presenting my mod/patch for pes 2013
which allows you to play the game as indian team.

Download INDIAN team mod/Patch for PES 2013

General Features :

1. Correct and updated team kits made by HenriikeTW for india 2013-15.
2. Correct player names and positions.
3. Correct emblem of India.