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Hard and Easy Gameplay by Parham.8 For PES 17 (Requested)


PES 2017 Hard and Easy Gameplay by Parham.8 (Requested)

Download Hard and Easy Gameplay by Parham.8 For PES17
Requested gameplays:
Easy: makes the game a little easy but doesn’t change the gameplay a lot.
Hard, Normal: Makes game better while not changing the pes 17 gameplay, but only adding some fouls and better reactions.
Hard, Legacy: changes many things in gameplay. (Not recommended for people who enjoy original gameplay.)
Legacy changes: Ball, speed, gk, ai & …
Alternative gameplay: a gameplay for people who like to have a fun arcade pes that has aggression and speed and is not so hard.

PES 2018 Gameplay by Parham.8


PES 2018 Gameplay Patch by Parham.8

Download Gameplay Mod PES2018 PC

Made some tweaks. V.2 has more tweaks. Must be played at -1 speed.

PES 17 Slower Legacy Gameplay (Requested) by Parham.8


PES 2017 Slower Legacy Gameplay (Requested Gameplay)

Download PES17 Slower Legacy Gameplay

Legacy gameplay with slower speed. Tnx 2:00 for assisting.

Only the speed (ball and movement) has been changed from legacy 2.2 as requested.

PES 17 Final Gameplay By Parham.8


PES 2017 Final Gameplay By Parham.8

Download PES17 Final Gameplay By Parham.8

Legacy: Faster Gameplay
Version 4.6: Slower Gameplay

Legacy 2.2 Changes: CPU AI Tweaks (Better Than Version 2.0)
Version 4.6 Changes: Ball Spin (From Version 4.5)

Heavy Ball: Fast Deceleration
Legacy Ball: Slow Deceleration

PES 17 Gameplay Version 4 By Parham.8


PES 2017 Gameplay Version 4 (dt18) By Parham.8

Download PES17 Gameplay v4 By Parham.8

Version 4 Changelog:

– lower game speed (shooting, passing, running)
– judgement
– difficulty

PES 2017 Legacy Gameplay v2 By Parham.8


PES 2017 Legacy Gameplay Version 2 (dt18) By Parham.8

Gameplay pes17

– Referee tweaks
– Running with ball speed tweaks

Alternative version:
– More miss shots

PES 17 Gameplay By Parham.8 (Version 3 Ultimate)


PES 2017 Gameplay By Parham.8 (Version 3 Ultimate)


Version 3 Changelog:

Heavy Ball (optional)
Better Penalty shoots (lower ball speed)
More CPU tackles & fouls
More CPU dribbling
More CPU attacks
Better CPU defending

PES 2017 Legacy Gameplay By Parham.8


PES 2017 Legacy Gameplay By Parham.8

Download PES2017 Legacy Gameplay By Parham.8

Legacy changes:
Ball speed
Running speed
Running with ball speed
Powerful defence
Better GKs
Better AI
difficult through pass and long through pass
More outgoing shots
More fouls
And …

PES 2017 New Gameplay By Parham.8


PES 17 New Gameplay By Parham.8 – this is my new gameplay

Download pes17 gameplay

– Better Pass
– Easy going referees
– Better GKs in front of heading and air balls.