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ForzaMilan.Ro Patch 2013 by Nicu 34


ForzaMilan.Ro Patch 2013 by Nicu 34

This is patch that make your Pro Evolution Soocer game into a “rossonero” one and is created by a romanian.

The best and the most complete “team-fan” patch.
If you are a Milan fan, you must to have it.

This patch is a edit to “PES Edit Patch 2.4”, so contains the features of PesEdit Patch.



imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

or more screenshots here.



* all the Pes Edit features (also, you will have the PESEDIT switcher)
– Leagues: Bundesliga/Liga Argentina, Serie B/Liga Adelante/2.Bundesliga/Ligue 2/D2 League/Npower Championship
– boots
– faces
– balls
– kits
– referees faces and kits
– Scoreboards: Sky Sport/Liga BBVA/Premier League/Copa del Rey/Liga Adelante/BBC
– new “Press Any Key” button
– HD emblems
– smoke during stadium preview
– entrance tunnels sponsors
– manager office Serie A
* ! the patch does not include the new stadiums from PES Edit,

but you can download them from the selector

The rossonero add-ons:

– new faces for almost Milan players
– Allegri face
– Milan corner flag
– Milan ballcursor
– Milan players overall is re-edited (ex. El Shaarawy 72=>84, Boateng 84=>81, Robinho 86=>82 etc.) 
– balls(9 Milan balls named “MilanBall”)
– new rossonero menu (intro background, icons, video and red style instead of blue), also a new main-video from MarcoPato7 instead of CR7
– rossonero chants
– Milan speaker after goal
– Milan Hymn at intro of the stadium
– AC Milan Locker Room
– Milan Press Conference Room
– Milan training kits (Training and FootballLife)
– AC Milan clothes (manager suit and trainer)
– San Siro/Meazza graphics 
– Milan choreographies
– San Siro new adbooards
– Milan emblem at gameplan 
– Milan music in menu (Dami-Rossoneri, Denny La Home-La furia rossonero and 6 more)
– new kits for Milan
– new and more realistic rossonero supporters


– PES Edit patch team
– Enzo 7

PES 2011 Didac Vila Face by Nicu34


You must adjust the head size and to put a new face and hair ID!

Rossonero-Edit Patch 2011 v1.0 by Nicu34


Today I released the firs version of this AC Milan Patch.
This patch is a edit for pes-edit patch!
The name of the patch was changed in Rossonero-Edit Patch.

The patch works only with KONAMI DLC 1.01.

Patch containing:

– all that contains PES Edit Patch, but the menu was changed

Rossonero Patch 2010 v3.0



Rossonero Patch 2010 3.0

This is an AC Milan Patch for PES 2010 made by Milan Fans. This patch work only with KONAMI DLC 1.06 ( you can download from here dt0f). If you want to change the OF version use the [email protected]’s editor without my dt0f ( KONAMI DLC 1.06 ) and if you change it in 1.00, 1.01, 1.02 ~ don’t use my .exe file.

Rossonero Patch 2010 v3.0 Features :


– Winter transfers or actually transfers
– BundesLiga, Serie B, Coca Cola Championship, BundesLiga 2, Liga Adelante, Juniors, Classic Teams
– HD Emblems
– New faces
– New kits
– New bootspack
– New ballpack
– New stadiums preview
– Real emblems and name for teams
– New adboards
– New teams( Steaua, CFR Cluj… )
– You have a new commentary with Piccinini & Serena by NYY
– And many more … :)

A.C. Milan:

– Seven AC Milan Teams:
Best of Milan, Milan Of The Future, Milan 1968-1974, Milan 50-63,
Milan 2001-2007 and Milan 1997-1996
– New players for AC Milan
– New faces for 100 % AC Milan Players ( not 50-63, 68-74 )
– Leonardo face
– Three Milan Balls
– Rossonero Menu
– Scoreboard: Milan Channel
– AC Milan emblem at ballcursor
– Music in menu with AC Milan ( Canto Rossonero, Official Hymn, Rap Version, Rock Version … )
– Milan Songs (Milano siamo noi, Tu sei tutta la mia vita … )
– All Milan players are edited
– Milan training kits
– and many surprises …

Rossonero Patch 2010 v1.0 by Nicu34


It is an AC Milan Patch. It is the first version.


– BundesLiga
– HD Emblems
– Classic Teams Unlocked
– New Faces
– New boots
– New Balls
– Stadiums Preview
– Real emblems and name
– New Intro ( Konami is red and the font is black )
– New scoreboard
– New adboards
– And many more
– Milan Menu
– Sky Sport Scoreboard
– AC Milan Kits Relink ( Aprox. all kits relink )
– Milan Ball ( Adidas Teamgeist Magnus, Teamgeist, Europass is Milan ball)
– New players for Milan ( Zigoni, Strasser … )
– New gloves
– AC Milan Corner Flag ( unnamed_3 in dt07 )
– New net
– Some kits are not corrected ( Steaua, Debreceni, Zurich )

Thanks to:


Reborn Patch 2010 by NiCu34 and Mihai2ro1


Reborn Patch 2010 By NiCu34 & Mihai2ro1


– Bundes Liga
– HD Emblems
– Classic Teams Unlocked
– New Faces
– New boots
– New Balls
– Stadiums New Previews
– Real emblems and name
– New menu
– New Intro ( Konami is red and the font is black )
– Sky Sport Scoreboard
– New adboards
– And many more

Thanks to www.pes-patch.com


– put kitserver in your pes 2010 location
– put folder Konami in My Documents

CHANTS By Mihai2ro1 <– Click to Download.

PlAy AnD EnJoY!!!!!


AC Milan Legends Patch (PES 2009) by Nicu34


AC Milan Romania by Nicu34

– AC Milan Channel
– AC Milan Net
– AC Milan ball ( adidas europass is milan ball)
– a surprise in Other Teams A
– new faces
– chants for some teams
– new kits
– and many more

AC Milan Legends Patch by Nicu34

– contains all ”AC Milan Romania by Nicu34”
– it is an el grande patch edit