1. it should only be a good grass másabb red chairs with a mini image of the El Monumental stadium instead of a poll it would be really good

  2. well congratulations was just not realistic to think the grass is a red chair with a mini-image instead of the pool at El Monumental stadium, i would be really good

  3. the lack of signage is a big part kétoldlat fence or something to the viewer than the Monumental stajust because I want to say a really big fan I am a good pool of stadiumdium say that mediation is very disturbing

  4. Sorry I guess I watched the look on there liszenszelt pes 2010, and there is equally a billboard

  5. ei como faz pra incrementar textura de estadio em um só slot arquivo .bin, eu queria converter o estadio olimpico de torino do pes 2009 KONAMI pra 2012


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