1. look, I’ll be short and to the point: you’ve corrected the parameters of the file unnamed_2534.bin?

    because all other previous versions of anfield road had all the chairs and the crowd back behind the goals were reversed and inverted

    if it is to convert the anfield road pes 2010 pes 2011 and continue to like same the others, so until I can do!!!!

  2. predro548: not a problem with the parameters, is a problem with the replay cameras, are far behind and above, graphical errors that appear are the lamps and support post.

  3. I coverten Anfild form pes 10 and put on El Monumental and the crowd behind the goals was normal, but the lines in the truf was wrong. I realy want Anfield

  4. i have fix the crowd and replace Anfield with Amsterdam arena but the problem is the court (atletic court)witch is black

  5. Hey fermau, I wanna ask U some thing, So please Read this
    I renamed the bin files of yours so as to replace Orione St. but There ‘re some files I don’t know to what numbers I rename?
    These files from unnamed_2103-2107 & unnamed_2389-2394
    My Question ‘s what numbers are files of Orione facing these ones?!

  6. Hello Mido, the files unnamed_2103-2107 to unnamed_2128-2132, and the files unnamed_2389-2394 to unnamed_2419-2423. I had thought up another just above the stage version Orione, it seems to work best on Bristol mary. I hope you serve assistance. Greetings!

  7. And predro458: seem to be very sure that what I say is a lie, but if you want to see for yourself you can do, with any version of anfield stadium, in this case with my conversion, open the file unnamed_505 with the program PES 2011 Ultimate Data Explorer, you will receive 22 files, please remove section unnamed_2 and save the file, you will see that the lamps are no longer in the replays, you can also delete unnamed_0 and unnamed_2 to check further. The problem is the replay camera because it is too close to the overall structure of the stadium. Greetings!


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