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About us

What is the purpose of PES Patch ?

PES-patch.com is a simple “PES Patch indexer”.

We are not making big patches (one of admins is moKaZu) but we help others find some.

We are dedicating our time to find, post and make patches look better in description and images preview here is this site, we are not automated and easy like other sites, all is “done by hand”.
Under “Posted by pes-patch” it’s not a single person (that is just the nickname for site admins).
This is a lot of time consuming, having other projects and a “real life” but …

Behind this site it’s OUR PASSION in PLAYING Pro Evolution Soccer.

All downloads are FREE by selecting “FREE DOWNLOAD” on multiple uploaded hosts.

We don’t sell patches.
We don’t support piracy.

We are NOT the only serious editing site that is not having site adverts and mirrors to links.

Feel free to search for more in other places if you don’t like what you find here…

After all, patchmakers will have :

– another website to promote his creation, get comments, feedbacks and recognition.
– another forum to add by himself the patch he made.

In the end, visitor will have :

– a website to find some PES patches… to edit and play this beautifull game, Pro Evolution Soccer.