1. and can this bootpack go on pacht 1.0? because a instalded some boots on the patch and i coudnt/ play, the game always crashed? tnx :)

  2. so dont try to copy the dt0f_img files in dt0c_img!!
    Rename the boot you will get to the dt0c file!

  3. my pes is ver 1.02 data pack 1.01..so if i understood you i have to copy only files from dt0c and then i can play? sorry again i don’t follow you the best :/ :(

  4. please I want to know how to install these boots for pes 2010
    I know it’s for pes 2011
    but really I want it for pes 2010
    can anyone help me ?

  5. PLS help my version is 1.01 and i do everething u say i it say’s it can’t find something and to reinstall it! PLS help sorry for my bad english :) :'(


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