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51 Stadiums Unlock by Harlock For PES 2016


51 Stadiums Unlocked by Harlock For PES 2016

Hello everyone , I’ve been waiting for this moment when there will be a lot of stadiums. But I was waiting for this from the other most likely from the famous maker Estarlen Silva. But today I had the chance to increase their and represent you. This pack slots 53 of them stadiums 51. So far, 20 of the remaining 31 empty, fill the can makers and even you. It’s just a slots enlarged.

51 Stadiums Unlocked by Harlock (1) 51 Stadiums Unlocked by Harlock (2)
51 Stadiums Unlocked by Harlock (3) 51 Stadiums Unlocked by Harlock (4)

In the future, the full version will have 100 stadiums, maybe less (if they have enough stadiums issued on PES :)) I have many plans for the future. The rest will live will see.

Also there is a bonus: + HD NET converted from Pes 2014.


Credits: KONAMI, Easterlen Silva, Jenkey, CriPackedFIleMaker, NikoLiberty4, Stahuu.


  1. Nice job Harlock :)
    I hope Estarlen Silva will make new BIG PACK with 51 STADIUMS :)

  2. you are the best my friend, thanks for your work!

    eres el mejor mi amigo, gracias por tu trabajo!

  3. en si no trae nuevos estadios, solo trae los huecos nuevos para meter dentro estadios individuales, asi que necesitamos tutos o que alguien meta los principales estadios de españa, inglaterra, italia, francia, alemania, etc hasta tener los 51

  4. mantep nih bro,kayanya yang bikin loading ucl kalo pake tatoo itu pitch stadiumnya ya. mudah mudahan pake ini lancar

  5. its work with PTE 5.1 ? because i generate it, and i have now 5x Camp Nou, end New Stadiums1,2,3 etc. without names… whats the problem?!

  6. I increased the slots stadiums.Repeated stadiums, remove and re-place the new stadiums.

  7. more stadium coming?
    i’ll wait for that and i hope it’ll be perfect.
    nice job.

  8. Bukan bro. Yang bikin tatoo gak work itu face cpk yang berbentrokan dengan tatoo mode.
    Stadium gak ada masalah.

  9. Yeah, Moba already make it.
    Crazy bastard MOBA make it :D
    Great job MOBA.

    The problem is who will make 999 STADIUMS ? :D

  10. para pes 2010 pc subanlo porfaaavorr seria buenisimoooo………………………………………..

  11. How can we add stadiums? I want to try, but I don’t know what I need. Can you make a Tutorial, please?

  12. Bro dia cuma kasih 20 stadium dan 31 slot stadium kosong buat lo tambahin. Sabar aja menanti Stadium buatan Estarlen Silva

  13. I can’t add new stadiums … how should I do it ? .. what’s the stadiums’ ID ?

  14. Sure friend , it´s not possible … , someone got somethingt , but full of errors and duplicates Stadiums … unplayable .. regards


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