1. wallpaper with javier hernandez chicharito isn’t made by you! i made it. and you didn’t ask me for permission. remove it!

  2. petrush:in this collection just is one wallpaper from hernandez and i give it from internet.

  3. petrush you are not the owner of the pictures rather it already has copyrights by its creator. You may use, view & distribute the picture as long as there is no monetary gains. Such if you have distorted the image for your own pleasure yet do not wish anyone to use it then DO NOT PUBLISH ON THE INTERNET KEEP IT TO YOUR SELF. Anything posted off a FREE site is consider FREE FOR ALL. Such let me repeat if you have any monetary gains from this copyrighted image DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY. Please do not take ownership of what is not rightfully your.

  4. lol i view the files

    ronaldo,messi,alves,nanny,drogba,ozil and more are my work but where is the permision ? credits? please dont steal the work of others.

  5. Stop crying about the permission, you are just people, not developers. Fucking cry babies.


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