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2010 FIFA World Cup Commentary Patch for PES 2011 by Merdiso



The Award-Winning “2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa” commentary, formed by Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend, has been ported and optimized for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, allowing football fans to play their favorite matches like never before, in a completely new match-day atmosphere era, with improved scripts responsiveness, all new authenticity, compact Installer, and more.

Key Features:

* Brand New Authenticity: Probably the best commentating team ever met in a football video game, formed by Clive Tyldesley, and joined every match by the expert analyzer, Andy Townsend, is now ready to take the match atmosphere to a new, higher, and more realistic level, in Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.
* Revamped Experience: Discover the new key elements of your favorite game commentary. The improved scripts responsiveness is going to deliver a more complete experience, new inclusions, such as specific “World Cup” speeches, over 250 brand new player callnames and improved tactics samples, being also added, to make sure the gamers will notice a big change from the first match they take part in. Hearing both commentators getting excited in a very natural way, will make gamers feel the moment like never before in the entire PES history.
* Advanced Compatibility: Every fan who owns a PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is able to enjoy the superior quality of the patch, even without having the UK version which includes the original English commentary by default. In addition, the patch is officially Online Compatible, allowing fans to fight for the UEFA Champions League trophy in a much more polished atmosphere.
* Maximum Compression: Not having a very fast Internet Connection doesn’t mean downloading the Installer file will take years or so, as the commentary has been coded and structured not to absorb a big size on your HDD, plus the additional maximum compression process that has been done for the patch installation (.exe) file.
* Free Download: PES gamers can get the entire quality patch package for free.
* Easy-To-Use and Fast Installer
* High-Quality Samples

Additional Information:

* Feedback & Support email: [email protected]
* Author: Merdiso (Romania)
* Version: 1.0


* KONAMI @ Tokyo (Pro Evolution Soccer 2011)
* EA Sports @ Canada (2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Commentary)
* Winning Eleven Next-Gen Team (AFS Explorer)
* Sony Corporation (Sound Forge 10)
* Rinaldo (Sound Master 10)
* Evo-Web Forums (s03_h4nd1 – Commentary Pop-Ups Editing ; Selected BETA Testers)
* PES-Patch
* PES-Edit

© 2010 – All Rights Reserved



1) Download the patch from a mirror located above.
2) When downloading the commentary patch, make a back-up of both dt00_e.img and dt05_e.img files located in your PES 2011/img Folder.
3) Once the downloading has finished, open the “2010 FIFA World Cup – English Commentary Patch” .exe file, choose a few options and let the installer to the rest of the work.
NOTE: The Installer may freeze for a minute, untill the patch installation is complete, so don’t cancel it.
After that, enjoy PES 2011 like never before !
4) If you don’t like the patch, use the “Uninstall” File located in your main PES 2011 Folder, and copy the original Commentary files you have made a back-up to (Step 2) in your PES 2011/img Folder right after that.
Warning !!! If you delete the patch and you don’t add another dt00_e.img and dt05_e.img files in your PES 2011/img folder, the game will crash on startup.


  1. i’ve been long waiting for this commentary. since you have publish it at youtube. thanks a lot merdiso :) :) :)

  2. Sorry for double-comment post: I’ll probably make a English League DLC Pack with additional callnames for PESEdit patch very soon.

  3. bloody awesome!!! feckin feckin feckin feckin feckin awesome :) excuse the language mate but i feckin hate pes comentary with a passion and this is by far the best patch on this site. lofve it. if you can maybe look at updating call names for spl as i use the uk patch as well as the epl your intending to do would also be great but even without that this is astounding work. Christmas came early :)

  4. Really superb patch! One thing though, when you score, he says that you score, like 3 times, but with different words! Otherwise, great patch!

  5. Well, FIFA commentary goal narration is a bit different, I had to edit and mix some samples, cause otherwise the goal commentary would have been much shorter. That’s why you’ll hear things like “Scores.Smartly Taken.It’s In.He’s Done it.” :D

  6. “game on”: Yes, make a back-up of your original commentary (dt00_e & dt05_e, both located in your PES 2011/img folder), and then install my patch. If you don’t like it, copy the back-up-ed original commentary files in PES 2011/img and you’re done.

  7. plz help me, where do i put the img files ???

    is it the konami folder
    pes 2011 folder
    img folder ???
    kitserver ???
    please help as i want to enjoy this gr8 patch. thank you

  8. @HELP….just instally the patch and it will ask u to install into the pes folder…install it in the main folder from where u start the game…dats it…

  9. the patch is really good ..is there any possibilities of ANDY GRAY AND MARTIN TYLER commentin in pes 11 ..they are d best commentators rite now..and we all would be really happy if these 2 come in pes 11 ..can u do that

  10. great great patch but i dont have any callname at all is it normal?
    in the game menu i can hear something like half of them but during a match no callnames
    hope you will help me for this
    and once again thumbs up

  11. harold: There are almost as many callnames as the original commentary had.
    sammy: There is no way to open the FIFA 11 commentary for moment, but I don’t think I’ll ever make a Tyler version, as I’m playing FIFA too. I’d hate to hear the same commentators in both games.

  12. thanks for the reply so in your point of view how come don’t i hear any callname at all even those who were in the original commentary ?

  13. hey i put the 2 img files in my img folder, yet everytime i start pro evo i get the same commentory team with jim beglin :(.

    please tell me what do i do ???

    when i tells me to install i choose my konami/pro evolution 2011 foler. :( please tell me whats wrong??

    i really want to try the comentory out.

  14. hats off mate! great great work! it left me speechless. this version of commentary gives the feel as if a new life has been infused into the game! bravo! kudos! a work of an excellent pedigree!

  15. is LaLiga Callnames player up to date ?,,
    many player like Ozil, Khedira, P.Leon, etc don’t have callnames in the original commentary..is this patch solve the problem?


  16. now all we need is a patch that gets the crowd more excited when you score a goal.
    can you do that too?

  17. Wow
    This is one of the best things..
    a RECOMMENDED download for all people playing PES
    Great work Merdiso
    (Except for the fact that commentator gets over excited after a goal,Though his reaction is instantaneous..unlike the original commentry where the commentator says Goal after months :P)
    For the Critics

    Thanks man and keep up the good work

  18. i have problems, the commentator name isnt changed, but the sound is already replaced by clive and townsend. and merdiso can you make callnames, such as ozil, chamakh,bale, etc

  19. i agree with ashish ..the commentator gets too excited as if the goal is scored in late extra time ..somethin like that ….but its quite refreshin …how about andy gray …..can he be welcomed in pes 11

  20. Max, there are other files responsible for SFX, but only Diego knew how to make a sound patch, because there is no any program that exports without errors all sound files.
    That’s why nobody managed untill now to create a sound patch.

  21. Merdiso, thank you for the prompt response.
    Glad to hear people are working on it.
    It is so silly that such a great game fails
    in the simplest things.
    Keep up with the good work.

  22. hi great work but is it not possible in your next patch for them to say the teams names aswell and when they play in the champions league also mention the name of the competion but otherwise its a great patch and it sure pissed everybody off who has a xbox and ps3 :)

  23. This is a great patch. The only downside merdiso is the absence of a quite a few call names. You say it’s only about 20 missing but there is much more than that in la liga alone. Hope to see future releases with more call names. Keep up the good work.

  24. thanks man for this patch once again
    i solved my problem about callnames fact is callname option in the settings was switched to NONE and when i chose NAME instead of NONE or NUMBER it worked afterwards
    but nevertheless like tony said there are some callnames missing even licensed ones like LAMPARD or WALCOTT
    keep up the good work and hopefully we’ll get some missing callnames from you soon

  25. when start instal say2010 wc commentari patch is not totally installated because of the folowing reason img/dt00.img this file contains invalid data (error21fc) what to do?/// please

  26. I’m gonna reupload it on uploaded, hotfile isn’t working for me at moment.
    Take this: http://uploaded.to/file/9k0o8t
    harold: Both Walcott and Lampard have callnames, but if you pass the ball to them and you shot / cross / pass the ball without making a touch, the commentator won’t trigger their callname.
    I’ll release a DLC pack soon for Premier League, I think.

  27. merdiso, if possible, may know what tools you use to convert the commentary and the name of the files? i want to try it lol

  28. Andy Townsend hardly says anything! Didnt even notice he was there until I had a freekick in the second half.

    Overall I would say that this is a nice addition to the game (mainly due to the default commentary being gash). Sometimes the commentary overlaps (from the same commentator) which is a bit annoying, and the goal commentary is over the top (the first comment should be really excited and then the rest should be slightly toned down).

    Not really too much to complain about, I have an even longer list of complaints about the default one! Good work :D

  29. Hi! All two uploaded content was deleted from the mirrors, can you upload again them, because i really want this great commantaire patch! Thanks!

  30. can someone tel me the actuall root i hav to install it to is it the kitserver or the normal img foler thanks :)

  31. Dear All,
    Can anyone confirm if the “dt00_e.img and dt05_e.img” work with PS3 Version? i placed both but the game is crashing on launch.
    P.S: I have already placed the “French FIFA Commentary” and it’s working fine…

    THX for the help!

  32. this patch isnt that great

    alot of the time there’s silence and there’s delayed commentary (e.g. when they score goals)

    also sometimes it stuffs up (e.g. commentator says he scores and then says it for a second time)

    commentary is also repeated wayyy too much, after only playing for 10 mins i am hearing the same thing over and over again

    i prefer original english pes commentary

  33. can u PLEASE add more variations….
    the comentary is awesome….
    Except that it’d be more fun if there was more….
    also when the goal is cut off due to offside…then the commentator says nothin….
    and there is sooooo many gaps between 1 speech 2 another….
    comentary like EA’s Fifa wud be gr8….

  34. the patch is great…
    thanx for all the FANTASTIC Patches.
    but one thing tho
    can anybody share some light on how to edit the CAMERA Angles
    i’ve been trying since November
    and ive gotten nowhere
    the camera settings tool dont work for me

  35. Hi there – great work Merdiso. I want some help. I m trying to replace a call name.

    I created one as wav,
    converted it to adx,
    inserted it at my patch folder under a folder i created named dt00_e and named the adx as “unnamed_3076.adx” ( david james is the callname i want to replace )

    Run the game but nothing came out..

    I tried importing my callname via AFS and i had a message that i had to regenerate reserved space. I did that randomly ( i don’t know if there is a specific way to do it ) , imported my callname. I could listen to my new callname via AFS explorer but not in game ( in fact all commentary was lost during the matches )

    Sorry for the long message but…any clue please??

  36. merdiso…can u make fifa11 commentary in pes2011??..i really really hope that u could make it…

  37. after playin fifa avidly from 06 to now i will pass on this patch..i am kinda tired of these commentators after hearing it thousands of times (literally)
    good patch though im sure people not accustom to fifa will love it..btw pes 2011 is the first pes ive played and i must say..im lovin it.. many features i prefer to fifa…and trust me i know everythig about fifa..well almost

  38. tell us if you tried it, i’m getting anxious already with this guy joking around, at least he could say smthing not to waste our time..


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