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1st ever replay logos for champions league mode pes 2011 by Dr. Hany


the 1st ever new replay logo for champions league mode pes 2011

after hours of searching finally we could finally determine the bin files
for the replay logo of the champions league mode to solve the lagging
problem some of us experienced in the of replay logo in chamions
league mode which is similar to the famous problem many of u experienced
with the exhibition match replay logo lagging and we could solve it months ago

now for those who still experience such replay logo lag in champions league mode
and for those who want a new replay logo for the champions league mode or
for the champions league matches in the master league , u can easily use any
of these new replay logos for the champions league

copy in dt06.img folder in the kitserver

if u r going to produce another logos for that mode using my mapping of files
or u r going to use those logos in ur patch don’t forget me in the credits

expect more replay logos for other modes later

by Dr. Hany “hany3”


  1. hi Dr.Hany…
    I’m a big fan of yours..your editing is incredible..and CL replay is so awesome..but what about pes 2010 cl replay?? i’d be so grateful if u could help me..by the way..I’m Egyptian from Cairo,Nasr City….el salam 3alekm

  2. this aint the first CL replay log……there was one before…..dont try to get all he credit…

  3. @Eslam , thanks for your kind comment . Unfortunately i don’t have the pes 2010 game . But i assure u that these files can also work with pes 2010 . The problem is as i said in the above post is to know which bin files in pes 2010 responsible for cl replay logos . Once u know them then just rename my files to the correct number and place in kitserver folder and you are done .

  4. sorry agian…unfortunately..it doesn’t work..there is a CL replay logo indeed in pes 2010 bin files…but in your logo there are 2 bin files…in pes 2010 there r 1 bin file…so the game crashes when there is replay…do u mind making a version of this magnificent replay logo for pes 2010 ???
    if u can’t,never mind u were so kind an helpful…thankssssssssssss

  5. u can refer to e v o – w e b so we can solve the problem for u
    as the forum here is currently down for maintenance

  6. pes-patch.com/forum/Thread-1st-ever-replay-logos-for-champions-league-mode-pes-2011

  7. pes-patch forum is back now
    for more discussion u can refer to the original thread in the above post


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