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135 New Faces Update For PES 2021 [ARW]


This is a pack of 135 faces around the web, released between 10-18 october, an update to the +201 face collection for PES 2021 and includes:

133 Faces PES 2021

PES2021 S. Pavlovic by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Facepack VI by jovic1901
PES2021 Aouar & Taarabt by Bebo
PES2021 S. Botman by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Facepack #5 by cYrox & NoVoO
PES2021 P. Gueye by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 W. Faes by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Y. Pele by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 R. Emond by неизвестно/unknown
#PES2021 K. Bamba by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 OM – Release
P. Gueye – Hicho Facemaker
F. Chabrolle – Hicho Facemaker
S. Khaoui – неизвестно/unknown
Y. Pelé – SR
L. Perrin – Shaft
PES2021 M. Chouiar by неизвестно/unknown
#PES2021 J. Panzo by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 J. Maja by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021M. Simakan by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 J. Bellegarde by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 M. Camara by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Charles Abi by eric
PES2021 C. Doucoure by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 J. Lotomba by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 A. Pelmard by неизвестно/unknown
PES2019-2021 Paulo Sousa by alireza
PES2019-2021 Cisse by alireza
PES2019-2021 Oliver Bierhoff by alireza
PES2019-2021 Hasselbaink by alireza
PES2019-2021 Kaladze by alireza
PES2019-2021 van Der Sar by alireza
PES2019-2021 Platini by alireza
PES2019-2021 Zenga by alireza
PES2019-2021 Finidi George by alireza
PES2019-2021 Messi by alireza
PES2019-2021 Santa Cruz by alireza
PES2019-2021 Chilavert by alireza
PES2019-2021 Jürgen Klinsmann by alireza
PES2019-2021 Pagliuca by alireza
PES2019-2021 Shevchenko by alireza
PES2019-2021 Pizzaro by alireza
PES2019-2021 Roy Keane by alireza
PES2019-2021 Laudrup by alireza
PES2019-2021 Miroslav Klose by alireza
PES2020-2021 Gary Neville by alireza
PES2020-2021 Careca by alireza
PES2021 Martins by alireza
PES2021 David Trezeguet by alireza
PES2021 Mini Facepack by YNWA
PES2021 Marc Klok by SR
PES2021 Youssouf Kone by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Tino Kadewere by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Jean Lucas by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Camilo by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Anthony Racioppi by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Gerzino Nyamsi by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Rodrigo Dourado by Lucas
PES2021 Callum Hudson-Odoi by DNB
PES2021 Reece James by DNB
PES2021 Pratama Arhan by SR
PES2021 Jacob Murphy by Rachmad ABs
PES2021 Facepack Atlhetico Paranaense by {?}
PES2021 Mateusz Bogusz by Rachmad ABs
PES2021 Gboho by неизвестно/unknown
PES2021 Ruso Rodríguez by Emaelmate
PES2021 Alan Franco by Emaelmate
PES2021 Andres Chavez by Emaelmate
PES2021 Jack Alan Brown by Rachmad ABs
PES2021 Ilija Spasojević by SR
PES2021 Hamari Traore by Fleishman
PES2021 Jordan Siebatcheu by Fleishman
PES2021 Faitout Maouassa by Fleishman
PES2021 James Lea Siliki by Fleishman
PES2021 Nayef Aguerd by Fleishman
PES2021 Rizky Ridho by SR
PES2021 V. Coufal by SR
PES2021 Benjamin Bourigeaud by eric
PES2021 Mark Gillespie by Rachmad ABs
PES2021 Anatoliy Trubin by Korneev
PES2021 Facepack by Emaelmate
PES2021 Kim Kurniawan by SR
PES2021 Ligue1 Conforama Facepack Vol. 9 by Shaft
PES2021 Liam Delap by Rachmad ABs
PES2021 Dan Burn by Rachmad ABs
PES2021 James Justin by Rachmad ABs
PES2021 Facepack #4 by cYrox & NoVoO
PES2021 Matteo Gabbia v2 by Rachmad ABs
PES2021 Manu Sánchez by SR
PES2021 Gleison Bremer by Rachmad ABs
PES 2021 Enner Valencia and David Silva by DEANDREVIL
PES2021 Vanja Milinković Savić by Rachmad ABs
PES2021 Rennes Mini Facepack #1 by Fleishman
PES2021 Diego Cavalieri by Lucas
PES2021 Sean Klaiber by Rachmad ABs
PES2021 Félix Correia by Rachmad ABs


Extra: PES2017 Tolisso, Malcom and Glik Faces by Hed.

See all screenshots of this pack here on imgur or download them as .rar from sharemods.

To download this 135 pack update click [here] and to see the other +201 faces enter [here]. Our aim is to use original links, as we found them around the web. Enjoy !



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