Home Editing Tools ★ PES 2013 – Money BaL 1.0 ★ by MxSoNiC

★ PES 2013 – Money BaL 1.0 ★ by MxSoNiC


★ PES 2013 – Money BaL 1.0 ★ by MxSoNiC

Tool for PES 2013 – set Money in your BaL File

supported platforms:
1. PC only

features Settings:
1. set Money in BaL Mode

1. installed .NET Framework (at least version 4.0)

how to use:
1. open BLxx.bin
2. change your Money
3. push “accept” and “save” Button

thanks to:
big thanks to neogeo64, Master goldorakiller, Master [email protected] and Master Ariel


  1. And i have a problem . I open my folder where is a ML01 … and i click set money on a max … ok .. but when i enter in a master legue .. i dont have a money :D ?!

  2. IT Doen’t work
    I’ve tried every thing possible
    uninstall the patch
    installed the game again
    nothing happen ..
    !!! money still the same

  3. wtf!! it sure is working but ater that my save file become unuseable, when i load after a few second my pes is auto close.. dont download.. your data will be lost..

  4. 1.OPEN THE ML 1.0
    2.WHILE IN ML CLICK “menu” AND “open …”
    3.GO TO: My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save\BL01/02/03/04
    -select your save game
    BL: Become Legend
    4.change your new money
    5.Click “Accept and Save”
    6.Enjoy the money !


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