PES 2017 Henrikh Mkhitaryan Face by Ozy_96 PESMOD


PES 2017 / 16 Henrikh Mkhitaryan Face by Ozy_96 PESMOD

Download PES2017 H. Mkhitaryan by Ozy_96 PESMOD

PES 2017 Ecuador Facepack by Jonathan Facemaker


PES 2017 Ecuador Face Pack by Jonathan Facemaker

Download PES 2017 Ecuador Facepack by Jonathan FM

PES 2013 Boluspor 2016-17 Kits by Yildiray T


PES 2013 Boluspor Kulübü 2016-2017 Kits by Yildiray T

Download Boluspor 2017 Kits

PES 2013 Tunisia CAN 2017 GDB 2016-17 by Auvergne81


PES 2013 Tunisia CAN 2017 GDB 2016/2017 by Auvergne81

Download PES2013 Tunisia CAN 2017 GDB Kits 16-17 by Auvergne81

PES 2013 Granada 2016-17 Full GDB v2 by Antonelli


PES 2013 Granada 2016-2017 Full GDB Kits v2 by Antonelli

Download Granada 2017 Kits

PES 2013 Adidas X 16 Red Limit Pack by Jayk


PES 2013 Adidas X 16 Red Limit Pack Boots by Jayk

Download Adidas X Red Boots

PES 2017 7th Facepack by WER Facemaker


PES 2016 and PES 2017 7th Face Pack by WER Facemaker

Preview Pack 7

PES 2013 Chapecoense 2016-17 Kits by BK-201


PES 13 Associação Chapecoense de Futebol 16-17 by BK-201

This time I’m here for something special. Everyone knos already the tragic situation the Chapecoense’s fans and family are passing right now. The plane crash who took the life of almost all the players, technical staff and brazilian press staff will be remembered forever in football history, they all will be in the football fans’ hearts.

Chapecoense Kits

This is a little homage from me to all Chape’s players, staff, and all the other people that were on the plane, who are watching us from the sky as the champions they are, now and forever, and also to all the people related to the club. I hope they’ll can find soon resignation. And with this GDB, I want to make all of us remember this team and the amazing things they did before, each time we choose the team on PES.

The GDB includes 2 goalkeeper kits, 2 combinations for home/away kits, and the beautiful Copa Sudamericana kit.

PES 2017 LaLiga Animated Adboards v2 by sonofsam / shrek10


PES 2017 LaLiga Santander Animated Adboards v2

Laliga Adboards by sonofsam69 Adboard Preview

Added compatible versions with PesGalaxy Patch 2017 and PTE Patch 2017 and La Liga 2017 Patch.

PES 2017 Simply G-Style Menu v1.2


PES 2017 G-Style Menu Version 1.2 by G-Style [*Fixed Logos]

Download Simply Menu by GStyle