PES 2016 Face Pack 4 by Andrey_Pol & Gonduras2012


PES 2016 FacePack 4 by Andrey_Pol and Gonduras2012

Download PES2016 FacePack 4 by Andrey Pol Gonduras2012

PES 2016 Euro 2016 Kit (PC/PS4) by MT Games 1991


Euro 2016 Kit Beta MT Games (Mir Mahdi Taba Taba Ei Asl)

Download PES2016 Euro 2016 Kits by MT Games 1991

PES 2013 Asian Face by Amsa – Zhang Yuning (Vitesse)


PES 2013 Zhang Yuning (Vitesse) Face by Facemaker Amsa

Download PES2013 Asian Face by Amsa

Inter 98 Kit For PES 2016 by dartion


Inter Milano 98 Kit For PES 2016 by dartion

Download Inter 1998 Kit PES2016 by dartion

Milan 90 Kit For PES 2016 by @MIKE1ZEROPES


AC Milan 90 Kit For PES 2016 by @MIKE1ZEROPES

Download AC Milan 1990 Kit PES2016 by MIKE1ZEROPES

PES 2013 NSQPatch Update MAR/2016


PES 2013 NSQPatch Update March 2016

Download PES2013 NSQPatch New Update 14 March 2016

Update transfers, lineups, etc to 14/03/16.
Kits updated (clubs and national teams).
+ 2000 new faces.
Boots 2016.
PSD stats for all leagues.
New balls 2016.
Realistic adboards.
Banners for clubs and national teams.
Deleted classic players and teams.
New graphics.
New free players.
New young players.
Scoreboards for UCL and Copa Libertadores.
New fonts.
New referee kits.


Liga Argentina.
Russian Premier League.

PES 2016 Lucas Fernandes Face by Lucas Facemaker


PES 2016 Lucas Fernandes (São Paulo) by Lucas Facemaker

Download PES2016 Lucas Fernandes by Lucas Facemaker

PES 2016 Tattoo Pack 300 + Reset by EModder-Patch


PES 2016 Tattoo Pack 300 + Reset by EModder-Patch

PES 2016 Tattoo Pack 300 and Reset Mod by EModder-Patch

Included Option file + pes2016.exe yang didalamnya udah reset tattoopack 300 by marceu (jadi gk perlu reset satu2 & gk perlu di tmpatch lagi)
Included Option File + pes 2016.exe that includes already reset tattoo pack 300 by marceu (so no need to reset one by one and do not need to be in tmpatch again). 2016 Classic Patch v0.5 by Lagun-2

17 2016 Classic Patch Version 0.5 by Lagun-2

PES-Patch 2016 Classic Patch 0.5 by Lagun-2

Version 0.5 Features :

– New logos teams
– New logos competition
– 20 new teams (Spanish league)
– new kits (thanks to Buffon99 and bayunengk11)
– fix collars by Buffon99
– 7 new coaches (thanks to dirk)
– 7 new nationality coaches
– 32 new faces coaches (thanks to dirk)
– Fix relink the colors of the kits
– Fix kits by Buffon99
– 46 teams with kits (many also have a third kit)
– New sleeves Badges by Buffon99

Arsenal 95 Away Kit For PES 2016 by The PES Factory


Arsenal ’95 Away Kit For PES 2016 by The PES Factory

Download Arsenal 1995 Away Kit PES2016