PES 2013 MiniFacepack PL By Minimiguexcool


PES 2013 Mini FacePack PL By Minimiguexcool

Download PES2013 MiniFacespack By Minimiguexcool

PES 2013 Face Pack by Tuan Son


PES 2013 FacePack by Tuấn Sơn

Download PES2013 Pack With 15 Faces by Tuan Son

PES 2017 International FacePack by Rednik


PES 2017 International Face Pack by Rednik

Preview FacePack1 Preview FacePack2

PES 2017 Stade Orange Vélodrome by S.Elafify


PES 2017 Stade Vélodrome (Marseille) Stadium by S.Elafify

Download PES2017 Orange Vélodrome Stadium Preview France Velodrome

LaLiga Santander 2016 Scoreboard Official PES 2010 By Rachid


LaLiga 2016 Scoreboard Official For PES2010 By Rachid

Download LaLiga Santander Scoreboard Preview Spanish La Liga Scoreboard

PES 2013 19 Teams Stadium Pack For GDB by Sevak


PES 2013 Stadium Pack 19 Teams For GDB by Sevak

Download Stadium Pack In GDB

Fenerbahçe Mini Facepack PES 2017 by GFB1907


PES 2017 Fenerbahçe Mini Face Pack by GFB1907

Download Fenerbahçe SK Mini Facespack PES2017 by GFB1907

Fantasy Kit For PES 2016 and 17 by dj matteo


Fantasy Kit For PES 2016 and 2017 by dj matteo

Sp1derman-Kit-V-png Thorrr Kit

Classic Kit For PES 2017 by martin sati bucek


Classic Kits For PES2017 by martin sati bucek

celtic vintage h 2 napoli dom hist1

PES 2017 PTE Patch 2017 2.0 AIO


PES 2017 PTE Patch 2017 v2.0 – All In One

Download PES2017 PTE Patch 2017 Update 2.0 AIO

– 1. Bundesliga fully licensed (Squads, kits, managers, lineups and tactics)
– 1. Bundesliga players information – All stats are converted from FIFA 17, except the players that featured in PES 16 (although we updated some of them). Accessories and boots updated for all players, all faces edited in-game and some real faces models added. Physical attributes edited (arms length, chest measurement, etc) for all players too, to give a more detailed look, this way, they dont look all the same. We have edited some players celebrations and movements (like free kick) too, more players too be updated in next versions of the patch in this area.
– 1. Bundesliga kits information – Includes 3rd kits, combinations, euro versions and real fonts and numbers
– Updated kits for Porto, Barcelona, Celta de Vigo, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Juventus, Milan, Sassuolo, Bayern Munchen, Schalke, Colombia and more
– Fixed fake players names in Brasileirão
– Added/updated adboards
– Added the aerial view for Camp Nou
– Updated managers for all leagues on the game based on the KONAMI Live Update
– Latest KONAMI Live Update implemented
– Compatible online (Don’t forget to apply the Online Mode in the selector)