Facepack PES 2017 For PES 2016 Vol. 2 by jl9521


Face Pack PES 2017 For PES2016 Vol. 2 by jl9521

Download caras de pes 2017 para 2016 volume 2 by Jl9521

Classic Face v2 For PES 2017 by petar


Classic Face vol. 2 For PES2017 by petar

Download Classic FacePack 2 PES 2017 by petar

Dino Editor 2017 v1.3 by Starvin / Smeagol75


Dino Editor 2017 1.3 by Starvin and Smeagol75

Download Dino Editor 2017 Version 1.3 Preview In-Editor

Fixed problems with com abilities and some others, fixed problem importing csv but still have separator because excel change at his own depending on zone and if u are in other zone than europe must change; I could not fight with excel sorry, is so easy with winhex select all file and replace all coincidences; Save and done.

Team Editor Manager 2017 v2.7.0 by lagun-2


Team Editor Manager 2017 2.7.0 BETA by lagun-2

Download Team Editor Manager 2017

Features Version 2.7:

– add tutorial
– improve the tool
– fix bugs (thanks to CHIKILLI)
– copy/Paste Player Stats from PesStatsDatabase (Global Settings, Ability Settings, Player Skills, COM Playing Styles)
– transfer player in the teams
– all ballspack are supported

PES 2013 Willem II Tilburg 2016-17 Kits by Auvergne81


PES 2013 Willem 2 Tilburg 2016-17 Kits by Auvergne81

Download PES2013 Willem 2 Tillburg 16-17 GDB Kits by Auvergne81

PES 2016 Final PTE Patch 7.1 Unofficial by Leo Tarinha


PES 2016 PTE Patch 7.1 Unofficial (Last Final) by Leo Tarinha

The Patch PTE 7.1 is released on 1/10/2016 as a non official final update for the Full Patch PTE 6.0 for the PES 2016 game. This update 7.1 is created by ” Leo Tarinha” and special thanks to “PTE Patch Team” for the official Patch PTE 6.0.

Patch PTE 7.1 Final

Very Important: This Patch PTE 7.1 is not a full patch , this is only an update for PTE Patch 6. Also you don’t need PTE 7.0 because it is included already, you just need PTE 6.0. So you must first install the Patch PTE 6.0.

These are the new features and updates added in the Patch PTE 7.1 :

Correct Lineups + Formations for most of all clubs.
All New Transfers for most of all clubs.
Tattoos added (by B4byHuey)
White arms and error of appearance fixed.
Wrong or absence of Boots fixed.
New 100 Boots (by Wens).
FIFA 17 Graphic Menu added.
New Logos for Clubs (By Angga_Al).

World Cup For PES 2017 / 2016 by reza9


FIFA World Cup Trophy For PES 2017 and 2016 by reza9

Download World Cup For PES2017 by reza9

Classic Face For PES 2017 by marebatigol


Dudek, Baros, Stankovic Classic Faces by marebatigol

Download Classic FacePack PES2017 by marebatigol Facev2

PES 2016 Facepack v14 by M.Elaraby Facemaker


PES 2016 Face Pack vol. 14 – Al Ahly SC + Zamalek SC


PES 2017 English Commentary Update 3 by predator002


PES 2017 English Commentary Update v3 AIO by predator002

– Player Callnames:
– 148 hidden callnames added to edit mode.
– 10 new callnames added to edit mode.​
– Team Callnames newly created in addition to the Konami licenses. Both added as a license using team ID and as a selectable option in edit mode.

Download PES2017 English Commentary Update 3 by predator002