PES 2017 Stadium Selector 1.0 by TeKo


PES 2017 Stadium Selector v1.0 by TeKo For Demo Version

Download PES2017 Stadium Selector by TeKo For Demo

This is stadium Selector. For now it contains 5 stadiums but if people like the program I can make a program with more than 30 stadiums.

PES 2017 Stadium Upgrade 0.2 by DrDoooMuk


PES 2017 Stadium Upgrade / Premier League version 0.2

New: Added collision meshes to all new adboards.

Download PES2017 Stadium Upgrade Version 0.2 Update by DrDoooMuk

PES 2017 PC Option File v0.5 by Sonjiru


PES 2017 PC Option-File v.05 by Sonjiru Released 20.09.16

PES2017 Logo


– Correct Teamnames
– Correct Logos
– Correct Names for all Nationalplayers
– Correct names for Classic Teams

PES 2017 PS4 Option File v0.2 by WEHK


PES 2017 PS4 All-In-One USB Option File v0.2 by WEHK

v0.2 is out now with ALL REAL SHIRTS for unlicensed clubs and teams!
We are going to release regular updated exported team packs. Of course free of charge!

Download WEHK PES2017 PS4 AIO Pack

Some notable changes:
* Integrated with Live Update released on 15 Sep
* Included Bundesliga players and squads from DFL OF 2017 v2
* Included competition emblems for users to import manually
* Some changes on Manchester City and Real Madrid shirts

Real Club Names and Logos (with callname):
* ALL unlicensed clubs

PES 2017 PS4 All Asia and Oceania National Teams Kits OF


PES 2017 PS4 All Asia and Oceania National Teams Kits OF

* All credit to the respective kit makers!

Slowly but surely, the national teams will all have official kits! This time I present to you the options file for the PS4 which contains all the team kits for the Asian and Oceania national teams.

Download PES2017 PS4 Asia and Oceania National Teams Kits Option File

PES 2017 Santos FC Facepack 1.0 by Tran Ngoc


PES 2017 Santos FC Face Pack v1.0 by Tran Ngoc

Download PES2017 Santos Facespack 1.0 by Tran Ngoc

PES 2017 Pitch by NikosKont


PES 2017 Pitch Mod by NikosKont

Download PES2017 Pitch by NikosKont

This is a convert of “Greener Turf” for PES 2016 by Baris.

PES 2017 Speed Test – The 5 Fastest Players


5 Fastest Players in PES17. Watch Who Is Top. Test With Ball.

Test Preview

Man Utd Fantasy Kit For PES 16 and 17 by ilragno70


Manchester United Fantasy Kit PES2016 and 2017 by ilragno70

Download Manchester Utd Fantasy Kit For PES17 by ilragno70

New Kits 2017 by MT Games 1991


New Kit 2016-17 PES 2017 by Mir Mahdi Taba Taba Ei Asl

Download New PES Kits 2017 by MT Games 1991