* PES 2012 Editing files archive & files list

* PES 2011 Updates and DLC

- PES 2011 official updates and latest DLC (click)
- What is DLC ? Follow this link (click)


- Kitserver 11 Manual (official website)
- Download Kitserver 11.1.0 by Juce (click)

Kitserver 11 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (and PES 2011 DEMO). It is a loader and manager for various modules, where each module is built as a (typically) independent DLL containing logic to enhance the game in particular aspect.

* PES 2011 AFS Map

Download patches and add them in the right folder. See here PES 2011 AFS Map (click)

Download – AFS Explorer 3.7
Download – GGS 7.40

* PES Editing Tutorials (help pages and videos)

How to do it ? See PES Editing Tutorials (click) – browse all pages and you will find any answer.

* FIX For Game Crashes

* first, read carefully the patch installation instruction.

If Game Crashes :

A: example: “The program can’t start because d3dx9_37.dll is missing from your computer.”

d3dx9_37.dll missing, error fix

* Kitserver is compiled with DirectX9 SDK that uses that library. Two ways to fix the problem:

1. Download the DLL from

and put into your Windows system (or system32) folder or into your game folder.

(click the image to see in original size)

Use Google, be smart and fast. Type the error you have in google and you will find the answer:

(click the image to see in original size)

2. Download and install the latest DirectX 9. (download link, mirror)

(click the image to see in original size)

d3dx9_37.dll =
d3dx9_43.dll =
d3dx10_37.dll =
libpng12.dll =

B: Run Game or Selector as administrator

(click the image to see in original size). read more here in this link.

* SAVE Folder

Where are save files for PES 2011 ?

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Win7: \Your PC Username\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

save files for PES 2011

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