On 16.10.2011 added a donate button next to the free download buttons.

The people who would like to donate will click the button and will donate as he want.

Donate to show your appreciation to the patchmaker and support him in future projects.

Any patchmaker (small or popular) will be added to the list or deleted by request.

We don’t track transactions (they are fully anonymous to us and others).

What we need :

The patchmaker that sees in site or posts his work or he’s patch team work MUST send an email to :

donation page on

Subject : Donation

Message : name + donation link + the name of main patch he wants in description (Work)

Note (optionally, yet) :

The best way is that patchmaker will send us the email from the same email in donation link.

Later patchmaker can check the donation page to see if it’s set up correctly and change it at any time.

We sugest patchmaker to check the “Donations For PES Community” page every now and then.

Most well known contributors to PES editing community (patchmakers and coders)

should be at the top of the list but this is not a rule because of some that retire but also

keep in mind the lists might be unordered because of the ones that are added first.


Donations For PES Community

Comments are checked and often moderated here (+ spam antibot system).
If donor wants he can leave a comment saying that he made a donation.
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