PES 2011 Trainers

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Promo Trainer


Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Promo Trainer

Options in Promo: Numpad 4: Max Defense

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Trainer


实况足球2011(Pro Evolution Soccer 2011)全模式训练修改器 (感谢游侠NBA工作组组员依然寂寞原创制作)

* 补丁类型:修改器
* 补丁大小:220KB
* 更新时间:2010-10-1

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2011) Full Model Training Trainer (thanks to Ranger NBA Working Group members are still lonely original production)

Patch Type: Trainer

Instructions: This modification can be implemented ML, BL mode,
Open the game, open the modifier, you can press the hotkey, driving about the training section, you will see a different training …

PS: If the situation is not long capacity, put all the points transferred into 6
If not adjusted to follow my method: modify temporarily closed, press the left arrow, press to 6 so far … OVER!

PES2011 全模式训练修改器.exe

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