PES Professional 2016 v5 Option File by LandonG


PES Professionals Patch 2016 V5 Option File by LandonG

Download Patch v5 OF

EPL Updated.
Some Serie A, LaLiga, and Bundesliga big teams are updated.

Including squad and stats from pestatdatabase and pesmaster (for unregistered player at pesstatdatabase).

PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR v3.00


PES 2017 MjPES Patch BR v3.00 Brasileirão 100% Atualizado

Download PES2017 MjPES Patch BR Update 3

Conteúdo do Patch:
– 50 Bolas
– Brasileirão 100% Atualizado (Nomes, transferências)
– Mais de 100 faces do Brasileiro adicionadas
– Nomes dos times brasileiros CORRIGIDOS.
– Novos uniformes do campeonato Brasileiro adicionados
– Técnicos dos times Brasileiros corridos (Nome e fotos)
– 38 Estádios europeus adicionados
– Transferências europeias atualizadas
– Bugs corrigidos
– Bayern de Munique adicionado 100%
– Novos logos nas seleções
– La Liga 1 e 2 – 100% (Logos e Kits)
– Premier League 1 e 2 100% (Logos e Kits)
– Mais de 25 kits de seleções

Loving This Picture… PES 2017 Cheater Banned!


PES 2017 Cheatera Finally Banned

Report cheaters here at this link. Fields with * are required, fill them out appropriately. Steam forums are on fire with angry cheaters, as this year cheaters hunt is ON.
Losing with 0-1 and in minute 90 try to cheat? You will lose 20+ Euro. No more.

PES 2017 sky SPORT HD TV-Logos by 1002MB


PES 2017 sky SPORT HD TV-Logos by 1002MB

Download PES2017 Sky SPORT HD TV-Logos Patch by 1002MB

Adds logo of sky SPORT HD for all competitions. You can choose between normal logo and Bundesliga logo for “normal” game.

PES 2017 La Liga Patch 1.5 by stanek1983


PES 2017 La Liga Patch v1.5 by stanek1983 Released 22.10 ’16

Download PES2017 La Liga Patch Update 1.5

Changelog Version 1.50:

– Added Selector Offline/Online
– Added Scoreboard Selector
– Added Immortal Stadium Pack
– Corrrected players and team
– Added new faces
– Fix kits Gijon, Real Madrid

PES 2017 Medical Staff Mod by Hawke


PES 2017 Medical Staff Mod (+) by Hawke

Download PES2017 Medical Staff Patch-Mod by Hawke

This mod replaces the generic white tracksuit & black bag medical staff.

PES 2017 LaLiga Scoreboard v1 by Txak


PES 2017 beIN LaLiga Scoreboard v1 by Txak

Preview (beIN LaLiga) Scoreboard made by Txak

PES 2017 Arsenal 2016-2017 Rotating Adboard​ by supalids


PES 2017 Arsenal 2016-17 Rotating Adboards​ by supalids

Download Arsenal 2016-2017 rotating adboard​ Patch 2017 1.10

84 Patch 2017 1.10 Released 18.10.2016

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 1.10

– Stadium bugs fixed
– Ballpack corrected and relinked
– Several kit bugs fixed (Celta Vigo, Russia..)
– Some new national team kits added (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay..)
– More controller switch options (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360)
– 4k enabler added
– Other bugs fixed

21.10: New links and switch update added.

MyPES 2017 Patch v0.4


MyPES 2017 Patch v0.4 Released 19.10.2016

Download MyPES 2017 Patch Update 0.4

Changes in 0.4:
– Real kits for all national teams
– Real kits for all the Portuguese Cup Team
– Real kits for the Championship
– Updated kits for all LaLiga clubs with real numbers and fonts
– Correctly set the color forms of icons radar for all teams
– Real names for all teams, except for the Asian

Team Editor Manager 2017 v2.9.2 BETA by lagun-2


Team Editor Manager 2017 Update v2.9.2 BETA by lagun-2

Download Team Editor Manager 2017

Features version 2.9.2:
– improve the tool
– fix bugs (thanks to marcelohilter, joker5, supalids and smeagol75)
– fix small iusses
– fix import/export
– improved stability
– fix player.bin

PES 2017 Camp Nou Mod by Txak


PES 2017 Camp Nou Mod by Txak

Download Camp Nou Mod PES17

No Crowd Mod For PES 2017 by Hawke


No Crowd Mod For PES 2017 by Hawke

Download No crowd mod PES2017

GRP 2017 Online Patch v1.0 by LeonRT


GRP 2017 Online Patch 1.0 For PES 2017 Released 15.10 ’16

Download GRP 2017 Online version 1.0


– 100% Compatible with ONLINE Mode.
– Real logos & names for all teams.
– Real logos & names for all national teams.
– Real names for all competitions.
– Added HD Pitch
– Added New Selector.


– Premier League (100% Licensed)
– Sky Bet Championship (100% Licensed)
– Serie A TIM (100% Licensed)
– Serie B (100% Licensed)
– Ligue 1 (100% Licensed)
– Ligue 2 (100% Licensed)
– Eredivisie (100% Licensed)
– Liga Zon Sagres (100% Licensed)
– LaLiga (100% Licensed)
– LaLiga 2 (100% Licensed)

EGY Super Patch 2017 v2.0 By MODY 99


EGY Super Patch 2017 v2.0 By MODY 99 Released 15.10. ’16

Download PES 2017 EGY Super Patch 2017 Update 2.0


– Added Complete Bundesliga with correct kits, logos, squads, stats, players 2016/2017.
– Added 7 New clubs for Other Team Europe (Shakhtar Donieck, Fenerbahce SK, Anderlecht RSC
Olympiakos FC, Panathinaikos, Zenit St.Petersburg & Celtic FC).
– Added 2 New African Top Clubs (AL Ahly – Zamalek).
– Added Kits for all the unlicensed National Teams 2017.
– Replaced Many duplicated players in the game.
– Updated and Enhanced Whole Game Atmosphere.
– Real name for all the classic players and fake national teams players.
– Updates all new transfers and formations for all Clubs and Nationals Teams.
– Complete Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Liga NOS, added with correct kits, logos.
– Complete SkyBet Championship, Serie B, La Liga 123, added with correct kits, logos.
– Added and updated some new faces.
– Added More Than 40 new Faces For classic players.

PES 2016 SMoKE Patch Update 8.5.3


PES 2016 SMoKE Patch Update v8.5.3 Released 15.10.2016

Download PES2016 SMoKE Patch Update Version 8.5.3 by Dido Smoke Patchmaker

– updated more kits
– added faces
– various fixes
– includes updates 8.5.1/2

PES 2017 Patch Tuga Vicio v0.3


PES 2017 Patch Tuga Vicio v0.3 Released 11.10 ’16

Download PES 2017 Patch Tuga Vicio Update 0.3 by Tuga2771

Patch Info:

First European Leagues Licensees.
Second Leagues (Just Sky bet have complete kits).
New balls.
Adboards Laliga and Premier League (new).
Replay (Liga NOS).
Referee Kits (League NOS).
Scoreboards (Logo Sport TV 1 HD) League NOS and CL.
Correct logos.
Added about 160 Faces.
Added TeamChants (Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool, Madrid, Barcelona, Sporting, Benfica, Porto, MC, MU …)
Licensed Stadiums for correct Teams (Added 40).
New Maracana and Anoeta
Stadium Names
Team Commentary ( for the teams)
Added badges for all leagues (except Serie B)
Names correct competitions (srt)
Menu Flags (Alemnha, Mexico and Japan)
Immense improved kits.
Fix Some Skins.
Scoreboard Sport TV 1 to the Premier League and others.

PES Space 2017 Patch v1 by Mahmoud Ibrahim


PES Space 2017 Patch v1 by Mahmoud Ibrahim Released 10.10

Download PES Space 2017 Patch Update 1

Compatible With Offline And Online Modes
Update All Leagues (Names, Kits, Logos , Some Coachs and squads)
Adds Bundesliga
Update Many National Teams Kits And Squad
Update All Cups Names And Logos
Correct Many Fake Players
Adds 150 New Face
Adds Badges Kits
Adds Many Balls 16\17
Adds Selector
Switch Offline And Online Mode
Switch 4 Menu Colors
Switch 4 SweetFX
Switch 2 Turfs
Switch Crowed Disabler
Adds 40 Stadiums

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch 9.0 by dido_smoke


PES 2017 SMoKE Patch v9.0 Starter Edition

Download PES2017 SMoKE Patch Version 9.0 by dido_smoke


– correct teams names and logos
– correct leagues names and logos
– correct team kits
– updated transfers
– real referee kits
– new balls

PTE Patch 2017 1.0


[ PES17 ] PTE Patch 2017 1.0 Released 09.10.2016

Download PTE Patch 2017 Version 1.0 For PES 2017

– Premier League fully licensed (Team names, call-names, emblens, kits, managers, sleeve badges, official match ball)
– LaLiga Santander fully licensed (Team names, call-names, emblens, kits, managers, sleeve badges, official match ball)
– Serie A TIM fully licensed (Team names, call-names, emblens, kits, managers, sleeve badges, official match ball)
– Liga NOS fully licensed (Team names, emblens, kits, managers, sleeve badges)
– SkyBET Championship fully licensed (Team names, call-names, emblens, kits, managers, sleeve badges)
– FC Bayern Munchen, Borussia M`Gladbach & VFL Wolfsburg added (Fully licensed with team names, call-names, emblens, kits, managers, squads, lineups, shirt numbers, players faces, players motion, players accessories, players physical attributes)
– Updated managers for all leagues on the game based on the KONAMI Live Updates (all managers with real id, attributes and mini faces)
– Added kits for all national teams
– Correct gameplan icons and radar colors for all unlicensed teams
– Correct logos and names for all leagues, cups & competitions on the game
– Added real fonts and numbers for all LaLiga Santander teams, EPL, EFL, Liga NOS & for CL/EL teams
– Compatible online (with real team names, emblens, kits & managers names)

PES 2017 Apocaze Patch v.1.2.0


Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Apocaze Patch v.1.2.0 From 10.10

Download PES2017 Apocaze Patch v1.2.0

– Ready For 2017 Season !!!
– Corrected Licensed Kits & Badge for ( Premier League, Championships, Ligue1, Ligue2 , Serie A, Serie B, Liga1, Liga2, Liga NOS, 1. Bundesliga )
– Corrected Licensed Leagues Emblems and Logos Season 2016/2017
– Corrected All Leagues National Uniform (Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia)

– UltraHD Turfs & Green Grass
– Fix White Stadium Line
– Remake Audiance Staff for Better Atmosphere
– Add Brand New 38+ Stadium By InMortal (For Stadium)
– Fix Flash Light , Day – Summer Play .
– Add New Adboard & TV Logo (Premier League, La Liga, Champions League,Europa League, Copa Libertadores, more…)

PES 2017 Facepack v2 by Mo Ha


PES 2017 Face Pack v2 by Mo Ha

Download PES2017 Facespack Update vol.2 by Mo Ha

SmilePatch ’13 by SmileModding


PES 2013 SmilePatch ’13 by SmileModding

Download SmilePatch For PES2013

General Features :

Leagues :
1. Premier League
2. Ligue 1
3. Serie A
4. La Liga Santander
5. Bundesliga
7. PTT
8. 2nd Division (Skybet Championship/Segunda Division Spain/Indonesia SC B
9. Other Teams

All New Kits update 2016/2017
– All New Emblems update 2016/2017
– All New transfer update 2016/2017
– All New national team squad update 2016/2017
– All New face update 2016/2017
– All New ball update 2016/2017

PES 2016 Bundes Liga Kits 2016/17 v2 ( Update 25-10-2016 ) by Ggblues


PES 2016 BundesLiga Kits Season 16-17 v2 Update 25-10-2016

Download PES2016 Bundes Liga Kits v2 by Ggblues

What New?

– Fixed Config
– Fixed Unicolor
– All Teams have Third kit
– Added New kit for B. Dortmund & B. Leverkusen

PES 2013 Roda JC 2016/2017 Kits by Auvergne81


PES 2013 Roda JC Kerkrade 2016/2017 Kits by Auvergne81

Download PES2013 Roda JC 2016-2017 Kits by Auvergne81

Fiorentina Retro Kit For PES 2017 by marebatigol


ACF Fiorentina Retro Kits For PES 2017 by marebatigol

Fiorentina kit7 Download Fiorentina Retro Kit PES17 by marebatigol

PES 2017 Mohammad Salah Face by Mayaro Facemaker


PES 2016 / 2017 Mohamed Salah Ghaly by Mayaro Facemaker

Download PES2017 Mohammad Salah From AS Roma Face by Mayaro FM

PES 2016 Egyption League FacePack v8 by Prince Shieka


PES 2016 Egyptian League Face Pack v8 by Prince Shieka

Download PES2016 Egyption League FacesPack Update 8 by Prince Shieka

PES 2016 Bootpack WENS V.6 AIO (Repack) by Geo_Craig90


PES 2016 Boot Pack WENS V.6 AIO Repacked by Geo_Craig90

Download PES2016 Bootpack WENS Update 6 AIO REPACK by Geo_Craig90

This Pack is WENS V.6 Final (AIO). I put a Lot new Boots in this Pack from all makers…