Updated Stats For PES Galaxy 2017 v0.51 by RMB


Updated Stats For Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 0.51 by RMB

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 0.51 Stats Update

Short Introduction:

Hey guys, most of you probably know me from PES 2016 (I hope). Back then I uploaded patches with updated stats for PES 2016. Now I’ve chosen PES Galaxy as a base patch because it’s the most complete patch for PES 2017 until now, probably is the patch I’m going to use this year and next year too if nothing goes wrong. I just update player stats, positions, transfers, line-ups and call-ups to the National Teams, nothing else. All the rest will remain untouched and all the credit for the leagues structure, player faces, kits and more goes to PES Galaxy team, they’ve made a great job and extremely fast. This is compatible with PES Galaxy 0.50 and 0.51, works fine with both. If you’d installed PES Galaxy correctly, you’ll have no problems playing online either.

PES 2017 GFX Mod Final by Chuny


PES 2017 GFX Mod Final Version by Chuny

Download PES2017 GFX Mod 3.0 by Chuny

Inside the PACK you’ll find two options: One for ULTRA HIGH PCs SPECS, which is what I’m using in the screenshots. And one for HIGH/MED PCs, which will give you the same overall feeling but with less sparks and chimes. Shouldn’t make your PES lag at all, unless of course you have a low-end PC, in which case there’s nothing I can do.​

PES 2017 FMODS Details Pack 1.1 by Fruits


PES 2017 FMODS Details Pack v1.1 by Fruits

Download FMODS Details Pack 1.1 Preview FMOD Details Pack

Updated Skin Reflection
Updated Skin Textures [K0H mod adapted by gabe. Thanks mate]
Updated Kits Reflection
Updated Field Lines [These ones are just perfect]
Updated Turf Color [Nailed it]

PES Redux v1 by NikoLiberty4 For PES2017


[PES 2017] PES Redux v1 by NikoLiberty4 Released 24.09.16

Download PES Redux v1

PES Redux is a free mod designed to improve the image quality of PES 2017 on PC.

4K Imgur Album – All Stadiums (WIP). v1 Features (September 24, 2016):

– 6 missing stadiums from PES 2015/16 (Old Trafford, Allianz Arena, Juventus Stadium, Olympiastadion Berlin, Stadion Narodowy and Stade de France)
– All-new turf pattern texture (4096×4096), which improves IQ during close camera situations
– New turf color and lighting for all stadiums, on every time/weather setting
– All-new sky textures (8192×2048) for all stadiums
– Improved stadium and crowd lighting for all grounds, specially in rainy setting
– Improved crowd, made by TiiyoSneijder
– New stadiumboards for Camp Nou and Allianz Arena
– All-new thumbnails for all stadiums

PES17 readySet License Patch 1.0.1 by laim


PES17 readySet License Patch v1.0.1 by laim

Download PES 2017 readySet License 1.0.1 Patch by laim

Full version:
– All missing uniforms for national and european club teams (new season)
– Real names, emblems for all teams and competitions
– Some small improvements for better atmosphere
– All licensed teams will remain original

Lite version:
– All missing uniforms and emblems

PESInternationalPatch 2017 v0.2 Beta


PESInternationalPatch 2017 v0.2 Beta by ramin_cpu


Version 0.2 Beta Features :
– Add New Kit for National Teams
– Correct Many Fake Players
– Add Bundesliga (Kit & Team Logos)
– Add New Pitch
– Add New 16/17 Kit for Some Teams
– Add 50 New Faces

PES 2017 PS4 Option File v0.2 by WEHK


PES 2017 PS4 All-In-One USB Option File v0.2 by WEHK

v0.2 is out now with ALL REAL SHIRTS for unlicensed clubs and teams!
We are going to release regular updated exported team packs. Of course free of charge!

Download WEHK PES2017 PS4 AIO Pack

Some notable changes:
* Integrated with Live Update released on 15 Sep
* Included Bundesliga players and squads from DFL OF 2017 v2
* Included competition emblems for users to import manually
* Some changes on Manchester City and Real Madrid shirts

Real Club Names and Logos (with callname):
* ALL unlicensed clubs

PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017 v2.5 by Cristiano92


PES 2017 PS4 DFL Option File 2017 v2.5 by Cristiano92

– FULL BUNDESLIGA (emblems, kits, complete squads,manager, stadiums)
– FULL EPL, CHAMPIONSHIP, LA LIGA, SERIE B, LIGA NOS (emblems, kits, squads)
– Corrected AMERICAN NT Teams (complete squad and kits)

DFL OF PES17 PS4 Version 2.5


– current lineups in the Bundesliga
– manager updated and added images
– added many new faces for Bundesliga teams
– many duplicate players removed
– added Serie B Jerseys (thx to erzo77s exports)
– North and South American national teams edited (names, shirts etcthx to erzo77)
– added missing jerseys in the FL Championship
– corrects errors in team, stadium and players names
– added Rostov, Ludogorez, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce
– added some missing players
– corrects missing jersey at CL teams

Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 0.51 Update


Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 v0.51 Update Released 20.09.16

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 0.51 FIXED Version

– Fix online gaming (remember to click the online button before playing online)

– Completely licensed Premier League, Championship, Serie A, Serie B, Liga NOS, LA Liga and LA Liga 2
– Kits for all club- and nationalteams (16/17 Kits for Premier League, LA Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A)
– Bayern München with correct Kits and squad added
– All other Bundesliga teams with correct Logos, Kits and ingameplayers
– Fake players of the national teams corrected
– Faces for Bayern, Dortmund, Leverkusen and Schalke added
– Switch incl. DPFileList Editor

MyPES 2017 Patch v0.3


MyPES 2017 Patch v0.3 by mypes-game.ru – released 20.09

Download PES2017 PC MyPES 2017 Patch 0.3 by mypesgame Preview MyPES 2017 Patch v0.3

Changes in 0.3:
– Fixed a bug with close from the game when you select the second Celta de Vigo kit
– Real kits for all teams from Europe and Argentina
– Real names for the teams of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Bosnia, Hungary and Poland

PES 2017 Graphics Ultra Settings Saphira v2.1 by raull127


Graphics Ultra Settings Saphira V2.1 Reshade / SweetFx

Download PES2017 Reshader 2.1

HBAO Ambient Oclusion.
SMAA Anti Aliasing.
Adjusting brightness and shadows.
Gamma adjustment, exposure, saturation and white.
intelligent saturation.
Simulation of colors.
Add Maps and color palettes.

Update 2.1 Features.
Simplified installation.
Performance increase.
Green color in turf increased.
HBAO tweeks, certain shadows and black tones more smooth.
Now there is no Mediator.

PES 2017 Bundesliga Kits Pack-1 PC & PS4


PES 2017 Bundesliga Kits Pack-1 PC and PS4 by klashman69

Download Bundersliga KitsPack 1

Hamburger SV, Hertha Berlin, FC Ingolstadt 04, RB Leipzig, SC Freiburg, TSV Hoffenheim and Werder Bremen.

Arsenal 03-04 Kit For PES 2017 by marebatigol


Arsenal FC 2003-04 Kit For PES 2017 by marebatigol

Preview Arsenal 03-04 Home Kit Preview Arsenal 03-04 Away Kit
Preview Arsenal 03-04 Goalkeeper Kit

PES 2017 CR Flamengo Facepack 1.0 by Tran Ngoc


PES 2017 CR Flamengo Face Pack v1.0 by Tran Ngoc


PES 2017 PS4 Kits Pack 1 PC & PS4


PES 2017 PS4 Kits Pack v1 PC and PS4 by klashman69

KitsPack v1

FC Barcelona SUPERPACK!, Burnley, Juventus, Leicester City, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Watford.

PES 2013 Kasimpasaspor 2016/2017 by Auvergne81


PES 2013 Kasimpasaspor S.K. 2016-2017 Kits by Auvergne81

Download PES2013 Kasimpasaspor GDB Kits 16-17 by Auvergne81

PES 2017 Barcelona World Club Champions SUPERPACK! PC & PS4


PES 2017 FC Barcelona WC Champions Superpack PC and PS4

Download Barcelona by Klasman

PES 2017 Higuain and Dybala StartingScreen by Leo05


PES 2017 Higuain and Dybala (Juventus) Startscreen by Leo05


Arsenal 06 Kit For PES 2017 and 16 by marebatigol


Arsenal 2006 Kit For PES 2017 and 2016 by marebatigol

Arsenal Home Red Kit Arsenal Away Yellow Kit