Patch 2017 v1.12 Released 24th Nov. 2016

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 Update 1.12

– Updates to newest datapack 2.00
– Online compatible
– New minifaces by 1002MB added

mega zippyshare

– All fake teams corrected with correct names and logos
– Full Bundes with correct Kits and squad added
– The 5 missing CL Teams (Rostov, Copenhagen, Celtic, Ludogorets, Legia) with correct Kits and squad added
– New 16/17 kits for all european teams and all national teams
– Many new third kits added
– About 1400 new or updated faces added
– Fake players in Brasileiro Série A corrected and transfers updated
– Correct international starters
– New switch (Gameplay switch, Faces switch, Controller switch, SweetFX switch, Visual packs switch, DPFilelist editor completely reworked)
– Stadium pack added (40 stadiums in total)
– Ballpack added
– Adboardpack added
– Fake players of the national teams corrected

Patchteam: Hajnal30, Borusse92, PantelG7 and Volun.

Credits: See credits.txt inside download​. Patch 2017 1.12 is an update only, so Patch 1.00, 1.10 and 1.11 has to be installed before! Links inside.

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    • I have same problem with you, Bro.. works properly on my pc only 1.00 and 1.10
      1.11 made my PES2017.exe broken. I reinstalled it all.. :P

      Last nite, I tried to marathon install 1.11 then 1.12 … and.. its not work and broken as before (_ _”)
      I hope Pes Galaxy admins hear our cry, yea.. :D

      • Well with this problem description we know that you only own the pirated game which will not be supported by us.

        Even if we wanted to, Konami released 2 DLCs since 1.00. That´s why we are making those updates. And for those DLCs no crack is available.

        So just be so kind and buy the game. Everything will work after that.

        • @Borusse92 well it’s not so cheap for us it costs like 1 month of salary for me … so it’s not that easy for me .. wish it was cheap i will sure buy it :/

      • hehe..ya mate. This is the first PES where I am using PES Galaxy patch. I earlier used mainly Smoke and once PTE & TugaVicio. Although the size of PESGalaxy patches is 3 times more than others. (1.00+1.10) are 15Gb on hard disk after installation !!

    • Здравей пускай си песа от иконкта на декстопа която ти е ако не става сложи на ново крака на cpy в директорията и така.

    • Patch 2017 1.12 is an update only, so Patch 1.00, 1.10 and 1.11 has to be installed before! Links inside.

      Aca dice que tenes que tener todas las versiones anteriores instaladas.
      a mi me funciono asi:
      Instale el juego y lo updetee al ultimo data pack.
      instale el patch 1.00
      instale el patch 1.10
      instale el patch 1.11
      instale este patch.

      durante el juego hay que tener live updates desactivados para que se pueda ver lo incluido en el patch.

      • So what ?? Oh yea PESGalaxy m0r0n$ will not help people who have pirated game…. Pffttt !!

        And FYI v1.11 causes problems with some people who have brought the legitimate version via Steam. What do you say for that ??

        • so they r making game for legit version, u got pirate and u r craing4 that’d ? game cost $1 on steam if u know where to search little boy.

          • Game is for 1$ ?? Do you hear yourself ?? Do you know how stupid that sounds, dumb@$$ ??

            And FYI I would pay for a complete game, but as usual KONAMI screws over PC fans by bad graphics (compared to XboX and PS versions) and no support for PC users.

            Everything that is in the game is due to these patches, why should I pay for original game which brings nothing ??

  1. before installing 1.11 save in other place pes2017.exe then install 1.11 and 1.12 then replace the new pes 2017.exe with the one you saved, it works

  2. before installing 1.11 you must save your pes2017.exe in some place the install 1.11 and 1.12 then replace the new pes2017.exe with the one you saved

  3. I have lost my custom files (option file…) with this update.

    He perdido mis archivos editados (archivo de opciones) con esta actualización.

  4. Great job guys!In next update please make DP1 and DP2 Konami faces compatible when we choose ‘new and updated faces’ in selector because now they’re not.Also i know it’s not your fault but these pitch lines are just pathetic and ruining the whole experience of your wonderfull visual reality effort.This great patch deserves a much better pitch.I hope you can insert an option in selector so we can choose other pitches with realistic thin lines like nikoliberty’s which is very good but also keep the 40 stadiums because now it’s impossible to keep them and change the pitch.Estarlen’s fault because he made his stadium cpk with this terrible pitch AIO.Anyway thanks for all your efforts and your patch is the best!

    • I don’t use the stadiums. The Live broadcast camera sometimes has blockages, and the pitch lines are too bright. The bright white colour is the problem. They should be dull and faded. White lines shouldn’t mean white lines, literally. Off-white/Dirty white is what’s needed.

      Still good work, thought. Smoke Patch, PeSGalaxy and Laim for life!! YYeeaAAAhhooooooo!!!!!

      • The problem is that they are unrealistic very white as you say and also very fat and big.They must be much thinner and less white to look good.Now they seem like you’re playing a PS1 game lol so bad!Also the grass is very long if you look close in replay you’ll see.Doesn’t this guy who make this ‘pitch’ ever watch real football on tv?In which real stadium did he see so big lines?It’s a shame because the stadiums are good but with this tragic pitch it’s unplayable.It looks like cartoon looney tunes or something lol.I really hope it can be sorted out.

  5. solution game freeze.
    extract “dt80_200E_win.cpk” using CRI File Maker. in ‘common’ file, delete the ‘match’ folder. then, compile back to cpk file. DONE.

    • hi
      i do that with the new faces.cpk beacuse some of the players original konami faces better than the patch, like suso or g. gomez,emre mor,dembele.
      i find the players id, and delete the players who i wanted konami faces, and create a new cpk.
      it was good at first, but in edit when i get certain player itt simple freeze the screen, the music still playing in the background, but it seems the game cant show that player face.
      do you have any idea what can i do, or whats wrong whit my cpk?
      thanks for the answer.

      • my opinion, you extract new faces.cpk and in that folder delete face you don’t want it then compile back to cpk file.

        • that is exactly what i did.than i tried extract the konami update, and take the faces cpk files and replace in the original new faces.cpk. but the same issues. certain player like pasalic freeze the game. which is funny because i dont messing with his face.

  6. I have v1.11 and I uploaded datapack 2 from Steam. And I uploaded v1.12 and I selected only new faces. And ı saw some player have old faces. For example: Emre Mor, O. Dembele etc. Is Thıs bug? I want to corrected this problem.

    • This here is just an update of our old files to make it compatible to the new DLC as soon as possible.
      New Faces an other news things will follow in the near future.

    • download CRI File System_RB, Extract dt80_200E_win
      Go to common-match-constant and delete constant_stadium.bin and constant_stadiumReserve.bin.
      Now Open the extracted file, click Build CPK file.
      Copy the new cpk file “dt80_200E_win.cpk” To the game directory (Download subfolder)


  7. They returned the mistakes in the stadiums, example: Sanchez Pizjuan stadium, etc. I am disappointed because I had edited several faces and surely I will have to do everything again.

  8. Crash on loads budesliga faces timo horn for koln , baba schalke etc need to check over them or even delete them out of your cpk 100% game crashes …Not Good

  9. ..buenos dias :
    Miren el juego cuesta solo 44.53 euros por steam compren el puto juego, no sean tontos jugar pirata eso es de niños…colaboren a konami para que así el juego lo mejor gráficamente……por la culpa de los piratas nuestro juego tiene pocos graficos para PC…….


    • Qué estupidez más grande, han pirateado el juego no solo el PC, sino que en consolas también. El asunto es que siempre van a dejar de lado a los que descargan el juego de Steam para que compremos consolas, simplemente es negocio esto, y a causa de esa razón Konami no merece ni un centavo por lo que nos está brindando.

    • Konami es deshonestidad el precio de 44.53 Euros es para tener la mismo port de PS4 e no esta basura.
      Pirateado? Si! E muy bien merecido!

  10. This is the thing from what I could gather. For people using the pirated version the patch will work until version 1.10. This is because the pirated version at least the one that I know of doesn’t have any of the data packs. The versions of the last patches 1.11 and 1.12 are compatible only with the latest data packs installed that is why you keep having issues just install the patch until version 1.10 and it will work.
    what I’m trying to see is if there is a way of installing the data packs manually and then install the latest patches.

    Any help would bee appreciated.

  11. Guys the La Liga sleeve badge is wrong.It has only the letters without the white background.Look at Barca kit sleeve badge and you’ll know what i mean.It must have the white background and then on top of that the letters.And Leicester don’t have the gold champions sleeve badge but the normal one.Also the Serie A sleeve badge on Fiorentina kit is in wrong position take a look at it.And the commentator says Torino for Juve,just Manchester for United and City etc. I know this is fixable because other patch has it correct but i overall prefer your great patch.I hope you can fix those things for your next version and a big thank you for all your work!

  12. Also some minor fixes you can do to make the game even more realistic.These faults are konami’s but it would be nice if you fix them so we don’t have to edit them again everytime after an update.Lemina nationality must be Gabon not French.Mustafi arsenal strong foot must be right foot.Janssen tottenham must be left.Miangue from inter must be left.Pickford sunderland must be left.Chilwell leicester must be left.

  13. This patch dont work on pirate version for sure. I think u must wait for version 2.00 or above. 100% working patch on pirated version is PES Professionals Patch 2017 v1. Have a nice day

    VISIT MY CHANNEL: https: // V = j42bM42mJu4

  15. When i edit commentary name of bayern munich players like lahm, ribery, x. alonso, and others, their faces and characteristics turns completly diferent! Help plz :C

    VISITAR MI CANAL: https: // V = j42bM42mJu4

  17. I open the PESGalaxy Switch, when i click on PLAY OFFLINE…. Game not start and go to the Steam App, and can’t play game. Help me!!1

  18. Bro , i had change shoes phillip lamm and rebery , but when update the face them become fake , do u have any idea to undo

  19. I cant play online with this patch. Doesnt find any game and if i try to join a lobby it shows an error.

    If i remove the patch, i can perfectly play online

  20. Only errors I have produced since I installed PES galaxy I can not open the game and when I try to enter “THE SAVED DATA ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION” and I do not see the T-shirts with PTE-PATCH does not happen the same thing. :(

  21. Why is Lewandowski called dummy? :@ and there are players in free agents with overalls around 90 need to sort that bud not good when you start a new ML

  22. can any one who installed pesgalaxy patch 1.12 play a game on estadio cornella el prat Barcelona because it is blocked for me . when I get in a game on this stadium it shows the team logos and just keep loading in the bottom left . how do I fix this ?

  23. add some scoreboard (mediaset premium, sky, Bein), New stadium pack (all present have too big lines, is not good), Classic team (Nationals or biggest team like Sacchi’s Milan)

  24. I have a question, if you have a pirate Pes 2017, does the version 1.12 work?
    I installed the 1.00 but I don´t know if those updates are going to work… thanks!!