PES 2017 Player Data Editor 0.1.0 By Devil Cold52

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General Info:

1- Player Edit
2- Team Edit
3- Language Settings
4- Teamcolor Edit

Player Edit:

-Player Name
-Player ID
-Kit Name
-Player Style
-Player Age
-Player Height And Weight
-Player Abilities
-Player Positions (Playable and Registered)
-Player Skils
-COM Playing Styles (When On The Ball)
-Player Motion (Dribbling, Kick Motion, Goal Celebration and etc.)
-Stronger Foot
-Injury Resistance
-Weak Foot Usage / Weak Foot Accuracy
-Player Import
-Player Export
-Player Transfer

Team Edit:

-Team ID
-Team Nationality
-Team Name
-Team Short Name
-Team coach ID (Write Coach’s ID To Change Coach of Team)

Coach Edit:

-Coach ID
-Coach Name
-Coach preview ID
-Team color Edit (Teamcolor.bin is needed)

yandex mirror

Teamcolor.bin file is located in dt10_win.cpk
in next version, there will be more features
Programed By Devil Cold52

Usage Video : click here.


Author: DevilCold52

Special Thanks: TeKo, Fatih Kuyucak, Mustafa U., Smeagol75, Rasuna, Onur Yilmaz, Tunabrain4cc.

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  1. Thanks, at last the classic editor of PES , we apreciate the efforts of you the programmers of Turkey, Russia, Egypt, etc I mean of all the world that makes PES the best community of Videogame World on Modding.

    I have a doubt Why the mini face change to one empty gray player silloette when we edit a player appereance? Exist a form to avoid this and put a miniface for every player edited in internal Editor ?

  2. Hey. My Window Defender suddenly found malware in the folder and it delete/remove some files and I cant run the editor. What happen?

    // false alarme IF it’s the tool. add to exceptions.