PES 2017 La Liga Patch 2.00 by stanek1983 [11.11 ’16]

Download PES2017 La Liga Patch 2.00 by stanek1983

New 2.00 Features:
– Added Chinese SuperLeague (teams names, kits, emblems)
– Added Liga MX (teams names, kits, emblems)
– Added New Scoreboard LaLiga, Bundesliga, SkySports
– Added new faces
– Fix Logo Ludogorets
– Fix Kits Real Oviedo, Serbia, Gijon
– Added 3rd kits from missing clubs
– Added Chantspack by Various
– Added Fmods 17 Enhancements Overhaul v2.1
– Fixed Adboards (LaLiga, SerieA) by DrDoooMuk and Txak


– Compatibile with last LIVE UPDATE KONAMI
– You must delete EDIT000000.bin in save
– Copy and paste all files from folder game “download”
– Copy and paste EDIT000000 from main documents “save”
– Run “LaLiga Patch selector” from administrator
– Run game Online (only MyClub)/Offline (Master League, BAL)
– Apply LiveUpdate (Menu – Extra in Game)
– Tested Only Original Steam Game


Credits: Mustafa U & Devil Cold 52, Zlac, CRI Middleware Co., Ltd, Baris, sxsxsx, Txak, Smeagol75, Fruits, facemaker and kitsmakers.

Please Don’t Copy My Files to use and create your own patch. Players, transfers update when released EDIT0000. bin editor.

Stadium, chants, face this is not my create. Mistake and bugs send to the autor.


laliga (1) laliga (2)
laliga (3) laliga (4)
laliga (5) laliga (6)
laliga (7) laliga (8)
laliga (9) laliga (10)

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    • Is this without other versions(1.5,1.51…)?Can I install this without other versions of your patches?And can YOU do a tutorial how to install IT?I am not good at computers:)

  1. I found a friend bug in an offline friendly match.

    Estadium San Paolo Napoli playing napoles-liverpool stays before the match starts, he gets blocked and the match does not start, he keeps the charge ring going round.

    Check it out because this happens and when you can get a fix

  2. stanek1983
    I found a friend bug in an offline friendly match.

    Estadium San Paolo Napoli playing offline napoles-liverpool stays before the match starts, he gets blocked and the match does not start, he keeps the charge ring going round.

    Check it out because this happens and when you can get a fix.

    What I said before happens offline, do not spend the same online

    • 1download v2 addon by Inmortal + fix 1
      2copy to download in the Game directory
      3sync it using dpfilelist
      4run the Game

  3. stanek1983
    Fruits commented in his forum that immortal stadiums are not compatible with his mods
    It is possible that the bug I mentioned is the reason
    Check it out because the stages of immortal are not compatible with fruits and many problems

  4. Hi guys!!! Your patch is great! I really liked the adboards, the kits and how complete it is. The only thing I deleted was the loud fans. It would be great if you could include the chants , but not being so loud. Anyway, great patch!!! Thanks

  5. Has the bug where the Everton or Liverpool goalkeeper and an outfield player switch positions? It was there in the previous patch.

  6. No trae las ligas que dice, la liga MX no trae un solo jugador real igual que la Super Liga de China donde solo hay 2 equipos reales el resto con jugadores falsos apesar de que dice que estan añadidas en la descripción del parche, no se menciona pero todas las selecciones africanas y de centro y norte america que tambien estan con jugadores FAKE, agradezco el parche pero deberías mencionar el estado real del parche en la descripción no poner cosas que no tiene para engañar a la gente.

    • Creo que lo que debes hacer es leer mejor bro… en ningun momento dice que estan las alineaciones (squads) solamente habla de los emblemas, uniformes y nombre del equipo … supongo que en una futura actualizacion tambien ya vendran los jugadores reales… yo tambien espero que salga ese update ya que hacen un trabajo bestial aun en la edicion de jugadores.

  7. I installed 1.5 version.All ok,names,faces,team etc.Yesterday upgraded a 2.0,but after this Pes is back to the original version,without no change.Where is the error?

    • I´m in the same situation… Any help here? Thanks by the way for all your effort nad we expect next updates with the squads of the liga mx completed…

  8. Hola. En mi caso pude descomprimir los archivos con total normalidad. El parche me funciona perfectamente. Cambié los estadios y tuve que cambiar los adboards ya que me saltaba error al elegir a la Roma. Pienso que sería por los adboards vinculados a ese equipo porque al cambiarlos, el error no apareció más. Lo demás creo que está muy bueno para las ligas que utilizo en mi caso para jugar

    • ya pude descomprimir ahora el detalle es que cuando quiero abrir el pes me abre el steam pero solo para comprarlo no me lo ejecuta sabes que se hace ahi?

  9. Występują prolemy z meczami ligi mistrzów w master league. Nie wczytuje meczu w lidze mistrzów na stadionie napoli a po meczu też zawiesza się gra. pozdrawiam

  10. next version fixed:
    stadium Napoli, new stadium pack Donyavia
    new adboards, scoreoboard PL, new faces, kits, minifaces, delete Fmod, because this mod crash game.

  11. Stanek when you are going to fix other europe teams players shirt numbers, like Zenit, plzen and all others?? And fake players liga mx and China? And will u add stadium names for at least European teams?

      • Not font but correct players shirt numbers, for example Dzuyba has 22 Number, not 16. I made all correct numbers for other Europa teams. Also I made all stadiums names for at least all teams in your patch. I can send it to you so you could add my OF with correct stadiums names and correct shirt numbers to your patch. Do you want it?

  12. I think this is very good.I have original Pes 2017,but I dont know to install this very good-looking Patch.Can someone make tutorial or Just explain me???:)