Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Apocaze Ultimate Patch Ver.2.0.0


– Compatible with Data Pack 2 (DLC2)
– Compatible with Online Mode
– Compatible with v.1.03.00 File Version v.1.3.0

– Ready For 2017 Season !
– Licensed Kits/Jersey & Badge for Ligue1, Ligue2, Serie A, Serie B, La Liga Santander, La Liga 1|2|3, Liga NOS ,Bundesliga, Serie A Brazil, Argentina Primer Division , Chilean League, MLS, **J1 League Japan
– Licensed Leagues Emblems & Logos Season 2016/2017
– Leagues National Uniform (Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia)

– UHD Turfs & Green Grass
– Remake Audiance Staff for Better Atmosphere
– Add Animated Coach
– Add Brand New 41 Stadium By InMortal + New Stadium Preview (For Stadium)
– Fix Stadium Sky, Day & Night even when Summer or Winter condition
– Add New Adboard (La Liga, Champions League,Europa League, more..)

– Add Brand New 51 Official Ball For New Season 2016/2017 (Ligue1, Serie A, LaLiga, LigaNos, Bundesliga, MLS, J1 Japan)
– Add New 11 Gloves Season 2016/2017
– Add Over 100 Boots Updated Season 2016/2017

– License Manager For European Teams , Argentina, Chile Teams
– Remake New Player Stats And Realistic Overral Rating
– Update 300 Face
– Update Lot of Minifaces

#CHANGELOG Ver.2.0.0
– New Apocaze Selector v.
– License Team Callname for some Team
– License Bundesliga
– New Kits & Emblem Update For MLS
– New Emblem & 4 Kits Update For J1 League
– New Minifaces
– New Manager Faces
– FIX Master League Crash after Round – 4 match

** Note : For MLS & J1 League Japan Stats, Formation, And Overal Ratings Stil Fake, Next Option File will come later . :)

– DLC 2
– v.1.3.0

This Apocaze-Patch was Copyright by Author, so if you want to share this patch to another or personal website, include the the original download link. Please Respect!


If you have Some problem when installing or in the game contact me on
Facebook : Apocaze Team – Mod & Patch
Website :
Instagram : apocazepatch
Gmail :

1. Download all files and extract it with winrar.
2. Put in : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\download (PES17 Directory)
3. Copy EDIT file in Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save.

**info :

* apocaze_1mainpatch.cpk = KITS,BALLS
* apocaze_2mainsymbol = EMBLEM,GLOVES,BOOTS
* apocaze_3mainstadium.cpk = STADIUMs
* apocaze_4mainface.cpk = FACE, MINIFACE
* apocaze_5mainpitch.cpk = ADBOARDS, PITCH, TURF, AUDIANCE
* apocaze_6mainsound.cpk = NT ANTHEM
* apocaze_offlinemode.cpk = OFFLINE MODE
* apocaSze_online.cpk = ONLINE MODE (CHECK WHEN NEEDED)


All Credit :
Muhammad Jana, Donyavia Graphics, Yogi’s, Zack Asce, B4byHuey, Fathurrohman Alief, GgBlues, DrDoooMuk, Txax, 1002MB, juniorsantos021, PantelG7, InMortal, FastEagle, Various, Sarjono, CroNos, Tisera09, Lagun-2, Hajnal30, Volun, Estarlen Silva , PesScreen, Mustafa U, Baris, sxsxsx, Txak,, Fruits, Devil Cold 52, Zlac, CRI Middleware, And Special Thanks For PES INDONESIA COMMUNITY

Please Report : Link Dead/Bugs/Removed/Other
Please make a Credit
Respect Our Work!!
Apocaze Team – Mod & Patch

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  1. Okay bro..
    I know this problem , white grass bug in konami stadium, how yo solve it? opendpfilelist generator then uncheck apocaze5_mainpitch.cpk .

  2. ini face pemain yg di scan dan asli dari konami ga dirubah kan gan? takutnya ada face asli kayak ben yedder, ousmane dembele, yg dari konami di timpa sama face dari patch

  3. Hello.
    Is it possible to install two patches on pes 2017?
    for example:
    Professional already have installed.
    And now I want to install Apocaze …
    Can I do it without deleting Professional?

    • Yes.

      I have this patch installed, but since there are only 16 stadiums, I have removed stadium.cpk and added Stadium Pack by donyavia; pitch has a ridiculous bug so removed pitch.cpk and added FMODS by FRUITS and Adboards, Replay etc. from other patches and created custom DpFileList.bin and it works!

  4. The Patch is not that great, 3/5 stars to be honest, really.

    GOOD: New Soundtrack introduced, much better than PES’ original soundtrack. Data Pack v1 and v2 properly implemented.

    OK: Juventus 3rd kit is missing. Despite patch owner saying Bundesliga is 100% I still see minifaces of Bayern Munich players (Martinez, Alonso, now Rafinha) are missing. Dybala’s face and that of many players is very artificial, the naturalness of the faces of all players is MUCH MUCH better in PTE Patch.

    Transfers are still not 100% (Juventus still has Mattiello, Mandragora, Moise Kean, Paolo de Ceglie). Option to change Home Ground for Chelsea is disabled. Manchester City is still called “Manchester” instead of “Manchester City”.

    BAD: Only 16 Stadiums are available (there are no 40 stadiums like Apocaze stated). Ridiculous bug due to which pitch becomes white. Only 32 Balls available (not 51 like Apocaze stated) in the Patch.

    Very disappointed. Now waiting for fully-updated PTE v3.0 patch.

  5. For offline game its a good patch, but I can’t play online. When I’m about to find a partner, I got an error message and the game quits. (And I automaticly loss the game) I turned off the live update but still not working online. Can You help me? Thank U!

  6. amigo el juego no abre bueno en realidad abre pero cuando voy a lado editar busco jugadores me desconecta rapidament y no esta el bayer de munich en el juego

  7. hey … the gamespeed is 0 but the game is faster after the patch.. the players shoot and every thing is faster the game play i feel it turned into pes 2013 or somthing like that it’s really bad why it’s happened??

  8. For you all guys , still have any crazy bug . Please follow my instruction :
    1. Download my new option file : check in my web ,then copy to your pes data
    2. Download Dpfilist v.1.8 (NO-DLC & DLC1)
    3 .Configurate DpFilelist (DLC1)
    4. For homegroung,colour fix,Mls&j1league. I’m sorry this will be updated
    5. 16 stadium & 31 balls are bulshit, lot of apocaze patch user , have no problem
    6. Enable&Disable Crowds work in OFFLINE