All New Official Konami Legends In cpk File

PES Legends

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  1. ID LIST:
    RONALDO 4923
    XAVI 2551
    PUYOL 4912
    RIVALDO 4886
    DECO 3552
    F. DE BOER 3507
    MARADONA 856
    REIZIGER 5080
    VAN BOMMEL 4281
    KLUIVERT 7657
    R. DE BOER 6652
    BAIA 5447
    P. COCU 1225
    H. LARSSON 37733
    J. R. RIQUELME 38132
    LITMANEN 37056
    HENRY 37344
    OVERMARS 6664
    HAGI 32310
    DAVIDS 103212
    LINEKER 3176

  2. After i install, where i can find them? I mean if theyre hidden- not unlocked- theyll be somewhere in free agents (findable by their overall rating for example?) if i use for face their real id from pesmaster? I know i can use any other player to replace face with cpk, but i want to have these legend players with stats made by Konami and i dont want to mess up game. btw. im using your other classic faces, awesome job man!!!

  3. Used it on pes 16, Ronaldinho doesn’t have hair! Litmanen doesn’t have face, only eyes and mouth!

    How do i fix Ronaldinho?
    Please reply

    • Dany, look, man.
      If you are using my tutorial you should be alright, the thing is, istead of dt36_win.cpk extract files from new data pack (thats where new legends are).
      I put this files in the descreption box.
      Or you could just find players using a(if you are using same button settings as me) after adding player for the team, then you will be able searching them by name.
      I might have put here names instead of numbers, many people find it difficult to find them on pes master by id.
      Im sure you have these players somewhere in the game, now the trick is to find them.
      So, pes master, id number, and you have names.

  4. or just change id number (I presume you know how if you watched my tutorial) for players you do have, in pas league or something like that, what is useless league

  5. It doesn’t work for me but I think that the fail is in DpFileList Generator. I tried add another files to the game but always the game begin with a black screen, so I can’t add any file. Can you help me? Thanks bro

  6. Guys, Edit Players, Others, Free Players
    Everybody have this, right?
    Muminek can you put FIGO from pes 2016 in cpk?
    Thank you a lot for you work bro.

    • I posted another facepack on this site. It contains Figo and other legends mostly unofficial.
      You can check out my channel where I post mods I use, faces, kits, gameplay etc.